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Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting January/February 2020

Packed with patterns and designs, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting puts great quilting tips and patterns with easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, photos, and full-size patterns right at quilters' thimble-wearing fingertips! Master quilters Marianne Fons and Liz Porter guide you to quilting success with insider secrets and tips, fabulous quilting projects with step-by-step instructions, and lots of big, beautiful photos to inspire you.

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from the staff

As 2020 dawns—a year that existed in our minds as ‘The Future’ since we were small children—we at Love of Quilting decided to take a look backward, at who we’ve been as quilters. We have a rich heritage, filled with stories and styles, that are worth remembering, re-telling, and re-inventing. To that end, our Trunk Show feature focuses on an extraordinary quilt. Started in the early 1900s by a Potawatomi healer, this ancestral quilt was re-discovered in a box of scraps, and was completed to create a multi-generational treasure. We’re also introducing a new running feature to the magazine, called Then & Now. Written by preeminent quilt historian Barbara Brackman, this article will explore the trends that defined a specific era, and compare them to the way we quilt now. The patterns in…

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READY BIAS Ready Bias offers 8 and 12-yard rolls of precut bias binding, in 50 different colors of Kona Cotton Solids. Whether binding a quilt or finishing a garment, Ready Bias takes the work out of cutting and piecing binding strips to finish your projects.When you are looking to cut down on binding time, pick up a roll of Ready Bias! GO! CLASSIC 2" ALPHABET UPPERCASE SET DIE A timeless serif font, used as full words or monogrammed initials, is a wonderful touch to a quilted gift. Eliminate the frustration of trying to cut out letters by hand by instead using AccuQuilt’s GO! Classic 2" Alphabet Uppercase Set Die.This die also includes a download for three embroidery stitches to appliqué the letters, so the creative options are endless. NATASHA TOTE BAG PATTERN The…

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sew many tips

LUGGAGE LOCATOR Affixing a fabric identifier to the handle of carrying cases and totes helps to instantly identify them at quilting retreats. This also works great for spotting your luggage on the airport carousel. Evelyn Campeau Fort Kent, AB IN WORKING ORDER Sometimes my organized pieces become disorganized. I purchased alphabet beads and pin them to my strips to keep them in the correct order. Tanya Thompson Milford, MI TOUCH AND GO With the dry weather and lots of static electricity, I pin a lint roller sheet to the side of my pin cushion. When little thread bits stick to my hands, I just touch the sheet and the thread will stick to it. Kim Encinias Trinidad, CO FOR GOOD MEASURE To measure longer lengths of material—or a quilt for the borders, I use a binder clip to hold my…

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sew & tell

I made Red Between the Lines from the Love of Quilting January/February 2017 issue. I saw Marianne Fons on Love of Quilting TV; she gave great instructions and the magazine had very good directions, making this quilt a breeze! I have been quilting for many years and your TV series and magazine keep me inspired. Sarah Thompson Beaverton, OR My wife Hannah made Cactus Blooms from Love of Quilting January/February 2017. Hannah loves quilting. We have had a difficult time this past year. I was involved in a car accident and was temporarily disabled for about a year. She took care of me every day. She is strong, but I know this year has been hard for her. Even with all of those things going on, she still made time to quilt. Andrew…

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FINISHED SIZE: 56¾ " x 72½ " FINISHED BLOCKS: 12 (10") blocks MATERIALS Fabric yardage assumes 42" usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. ► 1⅜ yards light blue batik for blocks ► ⅞ yard white batik for blocks ► 3⅛ yards black batik for blocks, setting triangles, border 2, and binding ► 1⅛ yards medium blue batik for sashes and border 1 ► 4 yards backing fabric ► 65" x 81" batting Fabric: Selected from several collections from Batik by Mirah CUTTING Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Border strips are exact length needed. You may want to cut them longer to allow for piecing variations. = cut in half once diagonally = cut in half twice diagonally FROM LIGHT BLUE BATIK, CUT: • 5 strips 5¾ "-wide, subcut: • 27 squares 5¾ " (A) • 6 strips 2½ "-wide, subcut: • 90 squares 2½ " (C) FROM WHITE…

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wild thing

FINISHED SIZE: 31" x 31" FINISHED BLOCKS: 9 (9") blocks MATERIALS Fabric yardage assumes 42" usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. ► 8 animal/floral panels for blocks ► ⅝ yard black solid for blocks, sashes, and border ► ½ yard black floral for binding ► Template material ► 1⅛ yards backing fabric ► 35" x 35" batting Fabric: Peace in the Forest by Helz Cuppleditch for Henry Glass Fabrics CUTTING Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Patterns for templates are included. Border strips are exact length needed. You may want to cut them longer to allow for piecing variations. = cut in half once diagonally FROM ANIMAL/FLORAL PANELS: • Refer to Mirror Images in Sew Easy Lessons. Layer and align panels and cut: • 9 sets of 8 matching A’s FROM BLACK SOLID, CUT: • 2 strips 2⅝ "-wide, subcut: • 18 squares 2⅝ " cut to make…