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the people behind our foundation sponsors are parents too. they also understand the crazy journey of life with kids. so, what’s the best bit of parenting advice they’ve ever received?

CLAIRE COOPER-KOVAC LOVE MAE MUM TO GIGI (2) I was told everything was a phase and when you’re deep in a moment that you think will break you–whether it's sleeping, feeding, tantrums or moods to remember it will pass. And that wine would also assist in this area. ADRIANA ESPERALBA BOBO CHOSES MUM TO TEO (7) + MOMO (3) To be in contact and respect the natural. Going on an excursion or camping in the mountain is an adventure as well as an opportunity for children to learn things. I remember when I was little I would spend hours with my brothers building huts and playing with whatever we could find in the woods–leaves, pinecones or trunks. Children have so much imagination and the liberty they play with is thrilling; they see a spoon in…

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smartsy artsy kids

I travelled through the gallery, excitedly parking the pram before each painting so my baby could get a good, long look at the glowing Mexican colour schemes, the luminous skulls and Frida’s beautiful, stern face. What did he make of it? No idea. But, like me, he was mesmerised. If you’ve ever been to an art exhibition with a child, you’ll know the play-space potential of a large venue brimming with sensory stimulation. Art galleries beckon to children with all manner of tempting colours, crazy patterns, irresistible textures and mind-boggling shapes. But what’s actually in this for kids, other than a romp past curious things? And, if art does hold possibilities beyond play, how can we help our children make the most of it? “Art relates to everything and anything,” says Tamsin Cull,…

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ten artsy picture books for kids

Frida Jonah Winter & Ana Juan Camille and the Sunflowers Laurence Anholt Cézanne and the Apple Boy Laurence Anholt Andy Warhol’s Colors Susan Goldman Rubin The Katie books James Mayhew The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau Michelle Markel & Amanda Hall Mr Gauguin’s Heart Marie-Danielle Croteau & Isabelle Arsenault Linnea in Monet’s Garden Christina Björk & Lena Anderson The Cat and the Bird: A Children’s Book Inspired by Paul Klee Géraldine Elschner & Peggy Nille Matisse Dance for Joy Susan Goldman Rubin…

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rock that museum, kid

What is @rockthatmuseumkid about? The feed is all about kids and art. I believe in exposing children to art at an early age and teaching them that museums are fun. Many parents stay away from museums because of horror stories about angry museum guards, vandalized artworks or they simply don't see the point. With @rockthatmuseumkid, I try to give parents a very simple goal - take your kid to a museum and snap a photo of them in front of an artwork you like. Why did you start @ rockthatmuseumkid? I’ve always loved art. I grew up five minutes from the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen and we went there often. I have two little girls and I’ve taken them to museums and galleries since they were…

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snack attack

ALMOND + HONEY CAKES • 100g / 3.5oz almond meal• 70g / 2.5oz plain flour• 3/4 cup egg whites, at room temperature• 200g / 7oz white sugar• 1 tbsp honey, slightly warm• 75g / 2.7oz unsalted butter, melted and cooled 1. Preheat the oven to 220˚C / 425˚F / Gas Mark 7. 2. Grease and flour your mini cake tin. 3. Whisk together the almond meal and flour until combined. 4. In an electric mixer on medium speed, whisk the egg whites. When the whites turn foamy, start to add the sugar slowly, over about 5 minutes. The whites should be glossy. 5. Sift the flour mixture over the eggs in 3 portions. Gently fold in flour before adding more. 6. Fold in the honey, then the butter. The batter should be glossy, light and smooth. 7. Cover…

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sushi is easy

SUSHI BALLS • 350g / 13.5oz sushi rice• 80ml / 2.7 fl oz rice vinegar• 2 tbsp caster sugar• pinch of salt• 1/2 cup black sesame seeds, toasted• 100g smoked salmon, finely chopped• 1 cucumber, finely chopped• 2 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise 1. Rinse the rice really well under cold water. 2. Drain thoroughly and put into a large saucepan with 750ml / 1.5pt of water. 3. Bring to the boil and then simmer for about 25 minutes, or until nearly all the water has been absorbed. 4. Remove from the heat, cover with a lid and allow to stand for 10 minutes. 5. Combine vinegar, sugar and salt in a small jug and stir until sugar dissolves. 6. Spread rice on a large tray and sprinkle with sugar and vinegar. Cut through rice with a spatula to…