Lunch Lady Magazine Issue 8

Lunch Lady is a quarterly keepsake full of meaningful content, inspiring family stories, easy DIY, stacks of recipes plus funny relatable opinion pieces about the ups and downs of raising children. It's a magazine where parenting is not taken too seriously but a balanced approach to family life is.

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David Clapin Our brand story starts in 1865 when Robert Harper started a trading company in his own name, specialising in tea, spices and flour. In 1891 he trademarked his business along with a drawing of a lighthouse with the word ‘Lighthouse’ written above it. Then in the early 1900s Robert Harper & Co. modernised the lighthouse symbol and gave it the name ‘Empire Flour’. It remained this way for over 100 years. In 2002 the company was bought by Anchor Foods and returned to Western Australia. Almost instantly the word Empire was replaced with ‘Lighthouse’, inspired by the original trademarked logo. The Lighthouse symbol was first chosen as a metaphor for guidance and trust, 151 years later this still remains true.…

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tiger tribe

Anthony Green Our name has simple origins. From the beginning our business has focused on creating products that excite children’s imaginations and tap into creative minds. It was important to find a name that embodied these ideals; one that parents and kids would have an immediate connection with. The tiger is such a vivid, dynamic and inspiring animal. It seemed the perfect choice. And here in Australia we often affectionately refer to kids as little tigers, so the double meaning was there too. And we’re all looking for our tribe - a collective or group filled with like-minded folk. A place where we belong.…

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Kylie Zerbst Obus is the German word for Trolley Bus–the idea being that by wearing Obus, women of all ages could come onboard for an adventure. In my early twenties after studying and teaching design I took my first trip overseas to India and it changed my life. For someone who had barely travelled out of Victoria spending three months in India totally blew my mind. It changed the way I thought about things, the people around me, and how I wanted to spend my days. I decided I’d like to work in a more tactile way, to create things to wear, and that’s when Obus was born. All these years later Obus is still on the road and travel has remained the central inspiration behind the way we work and…

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Sarah Fitzgerald The name Rainebeau is a combination of two of our children’s names, who are also great friends. We love the symbolism behind rainbows–they signify positivity, happiness, individuality and fun, which is what we’re all about and what our lunchboxes are all about! We believe in the nutrition philosophy eat a rainbow because the vibrant colours in fruit and vegetables contain powerful health promoting nutrients. And we like to think our lunchbox design makes it easy to give children a rainbow for lunch every day.…

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honeybee wrap

Sherrie Adams Our HoneyBee wraps are made from 100% organic cotton fabric, natural beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil and tree resin, so the name HoneyBee Wrap for our brand made sense. This collection of ingredients creates a flexible wrap that can be used over and over again. As a mother I was constantly looking for ways to reduce waste in our family and reduce the environmental impact we have on the earth. HoneyBee wrap was born from questioning how people stored food before plastic. I’m so happy to be able to provide a natural alternative to plastic for you and your family that is safe, non-toxic, eco friendly and compostable. The honeybee plays such a vital role on our planet but is currently in worldwide decline. To give bees a helping…

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flow hive

Cedar Anderson We invented a new way to harvest honey straight from a beehive, without disturbing the bees. You can watch the honey flow right from the hive and straight into the jar as the bees go about their business. There’s something really fascinating about watching honey flow, it’s still one of our favourite things to do. Beekeepers also talk about honey and nectar flows, meaning the times of year when lots of flowers are blooming and the bees are busy foraging. So the name Flow just seemed a natural fit. Over the last couple of years as thousands of people started keeping bees with our Flow system the name has taken on extra meaning for us. Because the flow on effect from these new beekeepers is amazing–we’ve heard from people…