Macworld December 2020

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hot stuff

KYVOL CYBOVAC E31 This hybrid robot vacuum and mop impresses with its multiple cleaning modes, smart navigation and mapping, and a powerful suction. Using the physical remote or the Kyvol companion app, you can activate the various cleaning modes, start and stop cleanings, manually direct the vacuum, and send it to the dock to recharge. Between the vacuum’s mapping and its plethora of built-in sensors, it maneuvers expertly around walls and furniture. —MICHAEL ANSALDO REMARKABLE 2 Want a tablet to replace notebooks and printed documents but you prefer the feel of paper? You can make the transition with the reMarkable 2, which is essentially a large E Ink tablet that presents a focused and tuned experience. The surface of the display has just enough texture to offer friction and tactile feedback. An online…

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epic versus apple? i’m rooting for the users

You’ve probably seen the stories: it’s an epic (eye-rolling pun intended) war between two technology giants. In this corner is Apple, accused of being a greedy colossus using its tight-fisted control over its platforms to stifle innovation and ruin consumer choice. In the other corner, Epic Games, accused of posing as the victim of a controversy it manufactured in the name of keeping more cash for itself. Who do you back? Choose your side! The thing is, I don’t really back all the actions of either party in this kerfuffle. Instead, I’m squarely on the side of the people who use technology. Let’s leave aside the tech giants. What are the outcomes that would most benefit regular users? EASIER TO BUY STUFF There’s no doubt about it. Apple’s restrictions on in-app purchases for…

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houdahgeo 6: mac geotagging app now plays nice with apple photos

No matter how many cameras get added to future iPhones, Apple is unlikely to ever match the quality of images captured by a true single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. With the market for point-and-shoot cameras demolished, smartphones have been deemed good enough for most, while enthusiasts and pros will always hold out for optical image sensors and interchangeable lenses. One downside is that most affordable digital SLRs ship without built-in GPS, making it more of a headache than it should be to add accurate geolocation metadata to photos taken with such cameras. HoudahGeo is a Mac app for adding, editing, or removing GPS metadata from digital photos, including those taken with DSLR cameras that lack the ability to capture latitude, longitude, and altitude data on their own. This can be done manually by…

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apple watch series 6 review: still a rhapsody, now in blue

There are plenty of decent smartwatch options out there, including Apple’s own SE, but the Apple Watch Series 6 is the only real choice in smartwatches. You might not need all of the things it does right now, but if you’re going to spend a few hundred bucks on a smartwatch, it pays to future-proof your wrist. I’ve been testing quite a few watches and bands recently—the Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch SE, Fossil Carlyle Gen 5, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, even the Amazon Halo band—and the Apple Watch Series 6 is the undisputed leader of the pack. Yes, you’re paying more for a Series 6 than any of those devices, but the extra money is so well spent you’re better off waiting for a sale to buy one rather than settling…

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andover audio pm-50 planar magnetic headphone: audiophile sound, tolerable price tag

Andover Audio’s PM-50 headphone is one of the few but growing number of headphone models built around ultra high-resolution planar magnetic drivers (50mm, in this case). This $500 over-the-ear, open-backed model does a fine job of distracting and diverting the listener—at least for a while—from the isolation and boredom that comes with enforced social distancing. New and favorite music and movies seem vividly alive, present, and more in your face with these entertainers balancing on your head. The PM-50 have a clarity, airiness, and spatial positioning skill set so precise and three-dimensional I can close my eyes and feel like I’m in the recording studio, club, or concert hall with the performers. PLANAR MAGNETIC EXPLAINED Planar magnetic headphones (and their close relation, electrostatic headphones) have been around for more than four decades, courting…

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how to use keynote’s new play slideshow in window feature with videoconferencing services

Keynote is designed best for presenters to work across two screens. One is typically a projector or large monitor; the other, a laptop screen or computer screen in front of the presenter. Keynote fills that second screen with a variety of presenter’s tools, like notes, thumbnails of the previous and next slides, and a time-elapsed clock. In the new world of always-online meetings, whether professional or social club, you might have frequently been frustrated, even if you have two monitors at home. Full-screen app mode in macOS in general doesn’t interact well with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other videoconferencing tools, because you typically must stay in the app that’s gone full screen to keep it working in that fashion. In particular, Keynote is tricky. In Zoom, for instance, you have…