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i really want to buy a crazy-fast m1 macbook pro. here’s why i’m not

The reviews for the new M1 MacBooks are here (see pages 72 and 86) and they’re spectacular. They’re not just faster than the previous Intel machines, they’re among the fastest Apple laptops ever made, with some tests besting even the flagship 16-inch MacBook Pro. And I really, really want one. I’ve made no secret of my intention to hold off on buying a new Mac until Apple started using its own silicon inside, and the day finally arrived. The Apple Store was down, the event clock was ticking down, and I was ready to buy my first new MacBook in nearly a decade. Except I’m not. At least not yet, anyway. While there’s a lot to like about the speed and battery life claims in the new M1 chip in the MacBook…

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owc envoy pro ex usb-c: a fast, vast, and tough external ssd

The Envoy Pro EX USB-C is one of those products that actually lives up to the “Pro” in its moniker. Available in up to 4TB, it has twice the capacity of the current competition, and also just happens to be a hair faster. The pièce de résistance is IP67 (Ingress Protection) certification, meaning the drive can survive 30 minutes under 3.3 feet of water. That’s sweet, though we don’t recommend you put that to the test. USB-C USB Type-C, or USB-C (same thing, new name), is a physical connector employed by both Thunderbolt 3 and USB. It’s not indicative of the protocol being used, which in this case is SuperSpeed USB 10gbps (nee USB 3.x Gen 2). The Thunderbolt 3 Envoy Pro EX uses a USB-C connector, if you get my drift. You’ll…

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mac 911

HOW TO MAKE SURE THE PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON WORKS ON YOUR MAC At one point in macOS history, if you had a Play/Pause button on your keyboard, it kept “focus” on whatever the last music app you used was. Then Apple broadened that to include anything with a music player. You could be in iTunes and use the keyboard to pause playback, then switch to YouTube in a browser, press play, and the keyboard would help you play and pause there, too. Or at least most of the time. In my experience and that of many people who post about it, the last music player isn’t always tracked well. That’s especially the case if you close a window in a browser that had a video or audio player in it, and then press…

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need a portrait screen on your mac? rotate your display

I remember visiting a college in 1985 (readers, I’m that ancient), and seeing the height of glamor and magic: a portrait-orientation CRT screen that was part of a typesetting system. Because type was composed in “galleys,” long runs of relatively narrow columns, someone entering copy could more easily see a long run of text this way. Computers have come a long way, but this orientation remains the same. You may wind up with a lot of tasks that are better suited for a long vertical, like long runs of text that you’re writing, lots of lengthy menus or a huge array of palettes, or material that stacks well in wide rectangles from top to bottom for reference, like resized windows. Long ago, you had to rely on drivers or third-party software to…

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how to share your iphone’s mobile connection by tethering or hotspot

Apple might not make a MacBook that has an LTE chip inside it yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t deliver Wi-Fi to your laptop when you need it. As long as you have an iPhone handy, you can easily and securely share your connection with your MacBook or iPad in a pinch. If your Apple devices are signed into the same iCloud account, connecting is as easy as choosing your iPhone’s name in the Wi-Fi list. Click on the Wi-Fi symbol in the status bar or head to the Wi-Fi settings on your iPad, and you’ll see a Personal Hotspot section. Tap the name of your iPhone and voila, you’ll be connected without needing to enter a password. If you’re using a POC or a Chromebook or sharing to someone else’s…

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1more dual driver anc pro wireless: this in-ear headphone has a split personality

I’m a big fan of 1More in-ear headphones (IEHs). The company’s Stylish True Wireless is my go-to IEH for the gym and walks around the neighborhood, and I gave the Triple Driver IEH a rating of 5—the only such rating I’ve given to date—in my review of three wired models from 1More. So, it should come as no surprise that I was excited to review 1More’s latest offering, the Dual Driver ANC Pro wireless IEH. Its form factor is similar to several of the company’s models but different than the other wireless IEHs I’ve tried. I really like the form factor, but sound quality is most important, and the Dual Driver ANC Pro is something of a split personality in that regard. FEATURES The Dual Driver ANC Pro consists of a flexible, silicone-covered…