Macworld February 2021

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how apple can power up automation on its platforms

The great joy of technology is in what it can do for us—especially those tasks that we don’t want to spend our own precious time on. Over the last few years, Apple has taken strides to bring automation capabilities to iOS in a variety of forms, including HomeKit and, more recently, Shortcuts. But, as good as those options are, there are still places where they fall short of what we could have. Certainly, there are third-party offerings that can help bridge the divide, but given what Apple has already built into its operating system, it seems like a few improvements could go a long way to making its innate automation more capable right out of the box. Recently, I’ve been spending more time exploring the powers of Apple’s automation features, and while…

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need to disable activation lock on an iphone or ipad? here are the 3 apple-connected options to do so.

Apple added Activation Lock several years ago to its iPhones as a theft deterrent, partly at the request of users and partly because law enforcement insisted it would reduce the incentive for grab-and-run theft. The idea was that even if an iPhone were stolen and wiped, the device would refuse to allow a new installation without the Apple ID and password for the account that originally registered it being available to unlock it. Activation Lock is turned on by enabling Find My in Settings → account name → iCloud. Disabling Find My requires the same Apple ID login that turned it on. It’s now also available on an iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and any Mac with the T2 security chip that enables Touch ID and other features. On a Mac,…

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tripp lite smartpro line-interactive sine wave ups (smc1000t): highend ups, relatively lowend price

The Tripp Lite SmartPro SMC1000T packs all the best features needed for high-performance and gaming PCs into one heavy, well-designed uninterruptible power supply (UPS). With the ability to support up to 650 watts of attached gear, that should suffice for nearly the most tricked-out system. If your system adds up to a more modest 325W, the battery-backup and power-conditioning system can run for nearly 15 minutes; even at full load, it can keep devices energized for a whopping five minutes. Tripp Lite offers management software only for Windows (and it requires Java), but the hardware supports macOS’s built-in UPS tools. Plug in the SMC1000T via USB, and with either the Windows software or using macOS’s Energy Saver preference pane, you can configure under what terms you want your device to shift…

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seven ways ios 14 will help protect your privacy

With each yearly major update of iOS, Apple tightens the screws on apps and services that seek to violate your privacy in order to turn a buck. This year is no different, with several very visible new features to help you better understand and control how your data is accessed. With iOS 13, Apple introduced major changes to location tracking, Safari tracking protections, and the Sign In With Apple feature, among others. You might think your iPhone and iPad already do a great job of protecting your personal data, but there’s apparently plenty more Apple can do, because the privacy features of iOS 14 are numerous and substantial (they’re duplicated in iPadOS 14, too). Here are the highlights. 1. MIC AND CAMERA ACCESS LIGHTS Any time an app accesses your microphone, a little…

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ipad air (2020) review: still the best ipad for most people

Last spring, Apple revived the iPad Air branding after letting it lie dormant for several years. The 2019 iPad Air was a great compromise between the affordability of the standard iPad and the performance and features of the far more expensive iPad Pro. The new 2020 model continues in that tradition. It’s more expensive than the 2019 version, but incorporates more of the Pro’s features and design and offers a substantial leap in performance. With a starting price of $599, it’s not quite the bargain the 2019 Air was at $499, especially when you start tacking on accessories like the Apple Pencil or Magic Keyboard. Still, it’s a better buy than the iPad Pro for most people and a big step up from the standard iPad. TAKING CUES FROM iPAD PRO As with the…

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sol republic soundtrack pro anc: good-enough features and performance for the price

Lifestyle audio maker SOL Republic has released a new headphone model as part of its Soundtrack series. The $200 Soundtrack Pro ANC is an over-the-ear wireless headphone with active noise-cancelling technology and Bluetooth 5.0 on board. The Soundtrack Pro ANC (a similar model without ANC is also available at Amazon for $170) comes in three colors: black, gray, and champagne. The acoustically transparent colored fabric covering the drivers changes depending on which headphone color you choose. My review pair happened to be black. GENEROUS BATTERY LIFE Like its recent competition, the Soundtrack Pro ANC delivers enough battery to last more than a full day. Its 500mAh battery is rated to deliver 32 hours of wireless playback. Thanks to rapid charging technology, you’ll get a full charge in about 3.5 hours. You can charge the…