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NANOLEAF ESSENTIALS LIGHTSTRIP Nanoleaf’s Essentials Lightstrip is a smart LED light strip that is well designed and reasonably priced. This bright, 80-inch light strip benefits from easy setup, Nanoleaf’s sleek mobile app, and compatibility with Apple HomeKit. The Lightstrip’s white light can be tuned from a warm 2,700 Kelvin to a cool 6,500 Kelvin. The Lightstrip can also glow in up to 16 million colors, but only in a single color at a time. It also requires a Thread-compliant border router like Apple’s HomePod mini for use of its most advanced features.—BEN PATTERSON iCLEVER BTH13 HEADPHONES Available in pink or blue, the iClever BTH13 are designed so that the maximum volume would not exceed what’s appropriate for fresh, undamaged young ears—you can limit the peak volume to 74dB, 85dB, or 94dB. The cushioning,…

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how to use the wi-fi button in the ios control center to deal with weak networks

The Control Center’s networking pane can help you deal with a weak Wi-Fi network connection by taking advantage of its temporary and “soft” nature. You may have a place inside your house or outside where your iPhone or iPad claims it can still connect to your Wi-Fi network, but in practice throughput is low or the connection stalls entirely. This might also happen if you join an overloaded public network or if you simply want to use a 20 to 50 Mbps 4G LTE connection that’s available when the local Wi-Fi is much slower. In Settings → Wi-Fi, you have the option to turn Wi-Fi off, which effectively disables the Wi-Fi radio. But swipe to reveal Control Center and then tap Wi-Fi, and the button’s blue background color in the Wi-Fi…

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how to get your out-of-warranty iphone 11 display fixed for free

The iPhone 11 is still a fantastic phone, so we understand if you’re going to hold onto it for a little longer. And now you have a little extra peace of mind: Apple has launched a new repair program that will effectively extend the warranty of your display by an extra year. The iPhone 11 Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issue covers iPhone 11 models manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 and covers displays that “may stop responding to touch due to an issue with the display module.” The issue does not extend to the Pro models. Apple has launched a support site that includes a serial number checker to see if your phone is one of the affected devices. If it’s eligible, you can contact Apple to get the…

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windows 10 on new m1 macs: what you can do (virtualization, sorta) and can’t (boot camp)

There’s no doubt that Apple’s new M1 Macs have shaken up the marketplace with its low power consumption and fantastic performance—even with nonnative Mac apps, surprisingly. But users who want to run Windows on the Mac are officially and natively left out in the cold. Admittedly, those of us who run Windows on a Mac are a distinct minority. I run Windows 10 quite a bit on my iMac for professional reasons (and sharper small fonts), and the M1 Mac’s lack of Boot Camp support seemed to be a nonstarter for me. And after witnessing the M1’s scintillating performance in the testing for this article, I was not happy about it in the least. Fortunately, the situation is far from hopeless. Thanks to Parallels, the venerable Apple virtual machine software company, the…

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how to check your intel and m1 mac’s ssd health using terminal

If you have a newer Mac, it likely uses a speedy solid-state drive to store files, apps, music, videos, and other important stuff. But there’s one thing you may not know about SSDs: They wear out over time. Since the SSD is such a vital part of your Mac, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on its health. While it usually takes a really long time to wear out an SSD—likely far longer than you’ll keep your Mac—problems can arise. Most recently, users started noticing that new M1 Macs and some Intel-based ones are showing advanced wear after just a few months of use, a troubling sign that could cause drives to burn out years before expected. So even if you have a brand-new M1 Mac, you might want to check…

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how to merge two macos accounts into one

If you have two macOS accounts on a single machine and want to merge them into one, macOS doesn’t offer a simple way to carry this out, but it’s nevertheless not very difficult. While you can mess around with file and folder permissions, my suggestion is to kill multiple birds with one stone by archiving and deleting the unwanted account. BEFORE MIGRATING Confirm there’s nothing in the old account you need to access from there to export. Contacts, reminders, calendars, notes, and Safari bookmarks. These five kinds of data can be tricky to deal with if iCloud sync is off in the macOS account you’re getting rid of and you have just the raw data available in your consolidated macOS account. Instead, follow the directions in this article about deleting your Apple ID,…