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Man Magnum March 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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perfection from the past

THE PASSING OF Bruce Highman (obituary in Magnum February 2019) reminded me how people I’ve never met influenced my life and helped to shape my perceptions an decisions. Bruce’s work was one such inflnce, as were the writings of Brian Marsh, Ruark and many others. I’m not a firearm collector; almost every rifle I own has been a practical choice based on professional hunting requirements, mostly with ultimate reliability in mind, and this has resulted in my owning a battery of rifles with controlled-feed Mauser Model 98 actions. These are extremely reliable, but I should add that, if a standard-length Mauser 98 action is modified for use with longer, magnum length cartridges, the work must be done by an expert gunsmith – more on this later. I do appreciate the beauty of…

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Scope Shims Regarding Hilton Hamann’s article on his unprecedented success with a .22LR over long range (Magnum February 2019), Hilton refers to the need to ‘shim’ the rear of the scope in order to increase its elevation. He opted to use cardboard, in the form of a business card, which I imagine is a test/ temporary solution. I have successfully made permanent shims by cutting up soft drink cans. The shape, if cut correctly, already follows the correct curvature of your rings and the alloy is so soft that it can be trimmed into shape with an ordinary pair of scissors. Another option, which is my favourite, is to use photographic negatives. This material is easy to work with and won’t harm your scope. If additional height is required, simply use a…

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killed by a bushpig

I SAT LISTENING to the man discussing the hippo’s ‘doubtful’ reputation as a dangerous animal and the ‘myth’ of the bushbuck’s aggression, and smiled to myself, taking a long swallow of beer. The he said, “And have you ever heard of a bushpig killing a man? I ask you...” At that point I could not help but join the conversation. “I have a friend in St Lucia who is recovering, minus a leg, from an attack by a hippo. One tusk went deep inside his rectum. He is a tough and brave man who is incredibly lucky to have survived. Another pal has a broken jaw from a collision with a bushbuck. And I lost a ranger to a bushpig sow. She ripped open his femoral artery and he literally bled…

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the beretta apx pistol

FOUNDED IN 1526, the Italian firm of Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta SpA is the old st, privately-owned firearms manufacturer. Their first semi-auto pistol, the Modello 1915, was designed at the request of the Italian army during the Gr at War and led to an extensive line of blowback-operated pocket pistols. Beretta’s first locked-breech pistol, the Modello 1951 chambered in 9mm Parabellum, was released in 1957 and, like its predecessors, was adopted by a number of military and police forces. It served as the inspiration for the Model 92 which was adopted by the US armed forces. In both 9mm and .40, it has become one of the most popular military and police pistols in the world today. In 1992, the Denel Corporation obtained a licence from Beretta allowing their subsidiary Vektor…

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hunting on a budget

SHOOTING AND HUNTING has become quite expensive, but getting started with the basic kit is relatively affordable. With hunting season looming it is now time to get your kit ready, and for those anting to start out in the sport we’ll look at some lower priced options. Of course, you’ll need a rifle, and there are many budget-priced choices. Various well-known manufacturers such as Ruger, Howa, Savage, Marlin, Sabatti and Remington offer hunting rifles in most popular calibres for less than R10 000; I even found some advertised online for less than R8 000. Among the models I have tested are the Ruger American, Savage Axis, Howa 1500, Sabatti Rover and the Remington 783. All are excellent rifles, all lightweight, fitted with synthetic stocks and accurate enough for almost all local hunting…

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jag in duitsland

IN SEPTEMBER 2014 het ek en my vrou Lizette vir twee weke by twee Duitse gesinne gekuier, mense wat dieselfde passie as ek deel, boerdery en jag. Die eerste was Jurgen en Juta Böhm wat in Messdorf, sowat 200km wes van Berlyn, op sowat 800ha boer. ’n Ged e is grond wat Juta geërf het. Die familie het die grond na die tweede wêreldoorlog verloor, maar na die val van die Berlynse muur weer teruggekry. Hulle het ’n melkery met bio-gas, waarmee krag opgewek word, as neweproduk. Hulle verdien meer met die koeie se mis as met die melk! Jurgen rig ook karperde en hul bestuurders af. In Duitsland moet jy ’n lisensie hê om ’n perdekar te dryf. In Duitsland word die gebiede rondom dorpe en stede op tender deur die…