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letter from the editor

IF YOU WORK AT a magazine, there’s a phrase that inevitably gets tossed around about now: “New year, new you.” I hate it. Sure, I get the impulse. And I know that people actually do tend to take stock after the holidays. But on January 1, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the same guy who fell asleep on the couch long before the ball dropped in Times Square. Or, more accurately, the same guy with a headache courtesy of a few too many IPAs. Well, a funny thing happened after I summarily dismissed any notion of a new year and a new you. I got an offer I couldn’t refuse: The good people at Nike reached out to see if I wanted some help jumpstarting my fitness regimen. (Clearly…

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‘I’ve surfed for many years and have seen firsthand the territorial behavior of the Lunada Bay Boys described in ‘Gang War on the Shore.’ It’s unfortunate that these surfers have decided that this precious resource belongs to them. My experience with these types is they are not exactly a crew you’d ever want to grab a beer with.” —MICHAEL SEBAHAR CARLSBAD, CA WAR ON DRUGS I want to commend Jon DeLena and his team of DEA agents [“The War at Home,” by Paul Solotaroff, November 2017]. Being the father of an addict,I can tell you that arrest and incarceration are not always the answer. Arresting an addict can ruin employment prospects with larger companies and government agencies. It’s important that we start devoting more funds to addiction education and rehabilitation. KEN LUTHY RIVIERA BEACH, FL As someone…

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sky high

NEARLY 3,000 FEET IN THE AIR, with few precautionary measures beyond a seat belt, climber and photographer Renan Ozturk—seen here behind pilot Chris Dahl-Bredine—captured Utah’s unmistakable Monument Valley in October of last year. The pair flew over the valley with four cameras in tow, including a Sony A7R III attached to a mount on the wing of their ultralight, recording every second of their flight—though the images are serene, the expedition was not without its dangers. “You’re facing 60-mile-per-hour winds,” says Ozturk, who flew multiple trips through the area, “and dropping anything in front of the propeller can bring the glider down.” The flights were part of a campaign to document nearby Bears Ears National Monument, 1.35 million acres of unspoiled public lands that have become a political flash point because…

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war and piste in iraq

HIGH UP IN IRAQ’S Zagros Mountains, on the country’s northern border, six of us hike slowly into the growing light of day. As we walk in silence, each of us focused on the narrow beam of light from our headlamp, I decide to lighten the mood. “Come on,” I say to Robin Brown and Matthew “Griff” Griffin, two Iraq War vets following me up the icy slope. “All we have to worry about is losing a limb or two.” It’s cold, but it’s not frostbite or avalanches that have us concerned—at least not at the moment. A saw-toothed ridgeline to our east was sporadically topped with glimmering lights, each marking the location of an Iranian border-defense tower. It’s a stark physical reminder that these mountains are littered with land mines left over…

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west texas’ swing

MARFA, THAT MODISH art colony in the desert, has reached zeitgeist status as a must-visit destination for hipsters and art lovers looking for an extra dose ofinspiration. But there’s much more to do in West Texas than get in touch with your inner artiste. For the intrepid nature lover, there’s Big Bend National Park and its ancient limestone canyons. For the cosmically inclined, there’s the impossibly dark night sky. And for those who just want to take in the stark landscape from the front seat of a car, the towns of Alpine, Marathon, and Balmorhea form a constellation of sorts, with highways between that capture the spirit of the desert—as you fly by at 80 miles per hour. “Where we are in Texas is very particular,” says Rocky Barnette, owner of…

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marfa musts

WHERE TO STAY Each of the 24 rooms at the 1950s-era motel THUNDERBIRD, which was updated in 2004 into a modish neon-lit hotel (complete with a courtyard that feels like a desert-themed conservatory) has curated LP collections and record players. But for glorious kitsch, opt for the luxe tepee camp EL COSMICO, situated on 21 acres outside of town. WHERE TO GET INSPIRED Requisite stops on the culture tour are the JUDD FOUNDATION, the main studio of the man who made Marfa an art destination; BALLROOM MARFA, a contemporary arts space in an old dance hall; and the AYN FOUNDATION, which houses the permanent exhibit of Andy Warhol’s Last Supper. For author readings and other high-minded events, head to MARFA BOOK COMPANY.…