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letter from the editor

ONE DAY LAST year, I was all alone and pedaling an old beat-up beach cruiser down a sandy road on the barely inhabited Caribbean island of South Caicos. There was nothing around but some scrubby bushes and more sand. A few months later, I was on skis, chasing after my kids down a slope at Heavenly Resort, near Lake Tahoe. Snow was coming down hard, whipping in my face, and I could barely see, but I could hear their laughter as I tightened my turns in a failed effort to keep up. More recently, I was flipping through overstuffed milk crates in a hole-in-the-wall record shop in Cape Town. Strange pop music I’d never heard before was spinning on a turntable as I perused hundreds of unrecognizable albums. In each of…

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field notes

Feedback I enjoyed “Solitary Man” (December 2018) about Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. The story did a good job of addressing both his struggles and his talents as a songwriter. I’m not a big Wilco fan, but I found myself pulling for this middle-aged guy who’s sorting out his past and looking to the future. More musician profiles like this would be great. MIKE CANNING OAK PARK, IL HONOR GUARD I have the honor of training men and women from U.S. special-operations units. As such, I was offended by your calling Jason Momoa an “American Badass” in your December cover story. Each day, people put their lives on the line for us. Those are American badasses. Jason Momoa is just another actor. LINDY SISK SPRING BRANCH, TX BEER AND A JEER I’m a new subscriber, and what drew me to MJ…

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on the white track

ABOVE THE SNOW-BLANKETED barrens of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, about 2,700 miles due south of Cape Town, looms a 9,600-foot peak called Ulvetanna. Translation: the wolf’s tooth. The name’s fitting. It’s one of six jagged, bare-granite peaks that form the Fen-riskjeften massif—together resembling a nearly complete set of fangs. A Norwegian team first summitted the peak, via the west face, in 1994. But during a recent 17-day expedition to the region with a group of fellow American climbers, legendary mountaineer and Antarctica veteran Conrad Anker (left) and photographer Jimmy Chin sought to blaze a new route up the northwest buttress. Unsurprisingly, with–20-degree daily highs on the notoriously rigorous mountain, the ascent proved no easy task. “I just remember thinking that I probably wouldn’t be able to do this route with…

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surviving behind enemy lines

FRENCHMAN Coulee, in central Washington, is one of those places you visit and think, “How the hell does anything survive out here?” Desert canyons and low mesas cut through the rocky landscape. Wind whips sand eddies up off the dunes. It hardly ever rains. And a series of sheer basalt cliffs, although popular with climbers, makes traveling overland a nightmare. Of course, if you’re looking to test someone’s ability to stay alive for six days in the wilderness with few resources—natural or otherwise—Frenchman is a pretty good place to do it. Which is exactly what the Air Force was doing there last summer with 31 trainees—all dressed in orange and white nylon togas. “You have five minutes!” barks Matt Voss, the instructor in charge. The airmen rush to put the finishing touches on…

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giving up the gas

THREE INCHES of wet snow covers the highway as Greg Hill points his electric Chevy Bolt toward the summit of Rogers Pass, deep in British Columbia. It’s late March, and the sky is dumping powder on the peaks around Revelstoke, which means that the skiing should be excellent high on the Asulkan Glacier, a two-hour hike from the road we’re on. Normally the Bolt is full of Hill’s buddies, hence its nickname, the Electric Taxi. But no one else could make it today, so there’s less weight anchoring the tiny, two-wheel-drive hatchback to the slushy asphalt. I expect it to struggle in the slop, but the car holds its line, silently cruising through the blizzard. Hill, who is 43 and one of North America’s most accomplished backcountry skiers, leased the Bolt in…

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wings over america

EVERYONE LOVES wings, but so often they disappoint. That’s be cause they’re underfried and oversauced—rubbery, wrinkly, and barely worth eating. Fortunately, the perfectly crispy chicken wing is pretty simple to pull off. First, sub rice flour for the all-purpose flour, which will create a powerful, paper-thin force field of crunch around each piece. Then fry them in clean, neutral oil like peanut, and monitor the temperature with a deep-fry thermometer. Turn the page for our ultimate foolproof wing recipe. You’ll also find two sauces and a rub to satisfy any craving. And speaking of sauce: Use it sparingly, lest you kill the crunch you just spent all that time cultivating. ULTIMATE CRISPY CHICKEN WINGS Serves 6 to 8 1 quart peanut oil1 cup white rice flour2 tbsp salt, plus more to taste1 tbsp…