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letter from the editor

I WAS REMINDED recently of the morning I woke up freezing cold in a field surrounded by buffalo. My best friend Chris and I were reminiscing about the time we took off from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and headed to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Along with our roommate Russ and Chris’brother Brad, we loaded up a red Ford Escort and headed west. I didn’t have very much to pack. At that point in my life, still in college, I hadn’t been on many outdoor adventures. I do have a clear memory of carefully packing a bag of camera gear and hitting an Army-Navy store on the way out of town for a pair of cargo pants. That was the extent of my prep for an indeterminate number of days…

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field notes

Feedback I’m a 66-year-old grandmother and one of the female readers Greg Emmanuel mentions in his latest editor’s letter (January 2019). Despite the name, I’ve really never thought of MJ as a men’s magazine—more like one for adventurous people, regardless of gender, who like to eat, drink, travel, and stay healthy. Keep up the great work. M.J. BROWN ELLICOTTVILLE, NY Correction In “The Great White North” (December 2018), we misstated that Banff is located in British Columbia, Canada. It’s in Alberta. We regret the error. MAN UP I was disappointed to read Greg Emmanuel’s latest editor’s letter—not because he chose to run a story about inspirational women but for his apologizing for having historically featured men in a men’s magazine. I enjoyed “The New Adventure Icons,” but I subscribed to MJ because I was hungry for a…

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ride and shine

QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND ON THE BACK SIDE of Coronet Peak—a popular ski area outside Queenstown, New Zealand, that tops out at 3,894 feet—a rocky spear juts from the scrub grass. The spot has become a hub for the local mountain-bike scene, and it was here at sunrise, on a January morning, that photographer Tyler Roemer captured Carson Storch, a professional American freerider, pulling off a 360 spin. The jump was impressive, no doubt; but for Storch, it was about more than just thrills. He’d ventured to New Zealand to pay tribute to Kelly McGarry, a former teammate, who had died from cardiac arrest a year earlier, at age 33, while out freeriding trails. For years, the two had traveled and competed around the world together, and McGarry—perhaps best known for having…

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a city reborn

THE CAPTAIN’S voice came over the loudspeaker. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is forbidden to bring plastic bags into Rwanda,” he said, before instructing us to transfer whatever contents we might be harboring in the offending receptacles and ditching them before our plane touched down. It was just after 7 p.m. as we approached Kigali, the capital of the tiny East African country, and the announcement was as surprising as the view outside my window: Descending into the “Land of a Thousand Hills” felt like being lowered into a dark cauldron illuminated by a trillion tiny fireflies. I can’t remember a more enchanting arrival on any continent. Rwanda may have the misfortune of being known for a single horrific event—the 1994 genocide still hangs over everything here—but braided into the ambient heartbreak…

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4 days in kigali

WHERE TO STAY On the lushly landscaped compound that houses Heaven Hotel and its fancier sister, The Retreat, you’ll find two saltwater pools, a spa, rooms done up in local art and mosquito netting, and fantastic food (from $130 and $345). The year-old Radisson Blu, located downtown, is less romantic but offers light-drenched rooms and killer buffet breakfasts (from $202). WHERE TO EAT Repub Lounge serves dishes from across the continent and live jazz on Thursdays. Poivre Noir specializes in French/Belgian fare like salmon brandade, Nile perch with capers, and the city’s best burger. With its swimming pool, fried snacks, and pounding beat, Pili Pili is all about the party. DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT… …Grabbing lunch at the Hôtel des Mille Collines, setting for the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda, and sunset cocktails-with-a-view on the roof of…

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the last great polar first

ON DEC. 31, 2018, Col in O’Brady kept to himself at the New Year’s Eve party at Antarctica’s Union Glacier Camp, a seasonal enclave for polar tourists and expedition members. Revelers babbled around. He said little, though, still overwhelmed. “After being alone for so long,” he says, “everything is a lot.” O’Brady, 33, had just completed the first solo, unsupported, and unaided crossing of Antarctica. No kites or dogs to tow him, no food stashed along the way—just a man, his 375-pound sled, and 932 miles of frigid nothingness. Like most firsts, it was once deemed impossible, which is exactly why O’Brady decided to attempt the feat. O’Brady is a man in perpetual motion. He has been since an accident in 2008, when he was laid up in a hospital with second-…