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letter from the editor

I‘M NOT GOING TO say the salsa was life-changing, but it was pretty close. For a New Year’s Eve dinner party, my wife’s instructions were “keep it simple.” She knows when I cook for a crowd, I usually feel the need to fire up the smoker, marinate a piece of meat for a fortnight, or do an all-day braise. (Sometimes all of the above.) This time the plan was to relax and actually hang out with our guests. My “simple” plan was a make-your-own carnitas taco bar. The pork was actually easy (thanks to the pressure cooker), and that left just some basic sides: tortillas, fresh cilantro, limes, cojito cheese—and salsa. When it comes to store-bought salsa, there are plenty of options, and many of them are pretty good, but on…

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field notes

Feedback HEAD TRIP Jocelyn C. Zuckerman’s story “A City Reborn” (March 2019) on the Rwandan capital of Kigali was eye-opening and amazing. I felt like I was a passenger in a tour bus as I read about her journey. In my head, I started planning my own trip to the city, which would no doubt take up lots of space on my camera. But even if I never make it there in person, I feel like I’ve already visited. Thanks for the story. GREG RICKABAUGH FORT MILL, SC QUALITY CHECK In February’s Last Word, William H. Macy was asked what human qualities he despised. He replied: “Dishonesty. Self-delusion. Lack of character. President Trump is sort of my touchstone for the qualities I do not like.” After Macy’s alleged involvement in the recent college-admissions bribery scandal, he…

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get to the point

DISPATCHES FROM A WILD WORLD THREE HUNDRED MILES OFF the southeast coast of Africa sits Madagascar, a 226,700-squaremile island nation famous for its rare flora and fauna—about 90 percent of which exists nowhere else in the world. Less well-known is the fact that the island is also home to one-of-a-kind rock formations, including the world’s largest stone forest, a 300-square-mile expanse of vertical spikes that tower 300 feet in the air. The jagged peaks are located in the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, a remote spot that takes a 10-hour, 120-mile journey down dirt roads to reach. The word tsingy, as the limestone spires are known locally, is derived from a Malagasy word meaning “to walk on tiptoes” or “where one cannot walk barefoot.” Which is fitting, says the Dutch photographer…

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copenhagen’s latest revival

SEVENTEEN FLOORS up, the elevator dings and I step out onto the top floor of a 1960sera concrete grain silo in northern Copenhagen. It’s a structure that towers above just about everything else in this low-rise city, and one that should have been demolished years ago amid a rush to find new real estate in the burgeoning Danish capital. Instead, the silo underwent a radical facelift in 2017 and came out the other end a sleek, 38-unit luxury apartment building. A steel exterior wraps around the concrete core, and angular balconies protrude at regular intervals, like a Tetris game come to life. The 17th floor, encased in floor-to-ceiling windows, houses Restaurant Silo, where I’ve come to dine. Each of the tables has a pair of binoculars alongside the salt and pepper…

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four days in copenhagen

WHERE TO STAY Soak in the postindustrial vibe of the old Carlsberg brewery complex at Hotel Ottilia (from $160). If you want to be closer to the action, the new Scandic Kødbyen (from $116) is in the center of the bar-filled Meatpacking District. WHERE TO EAT AND DRINK For sophistication without attitude try Amass, where multicourse degustation menus play out in a cavernous space blasting hip-hop. To learn the meaning of the Danish concept of hygge, lunch on fresh fish and natural wines at cozy La Banchina. Broaden & Build opened this January with 22 taps of craft brews and a gourmet snack menu, which includes the unforgettable “AFC” fried chicken. Taste test the future of alcohol at Empirical Spirits. DON’T LEAVE WITHOUTÉ …skiing down the urban slope CopenHill and scrambling back up on its…

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trial by fire

EVERY MORNING, Jos h Wadley turns on a citizens band radio and rattles off a pitch: “Get to Exit 87 Barbecue. Breakfast, lunch, dinner; half rack, full rack, or pork plate; pocket change, loose change, no change, IOU—we’ll feed you. I’m the Barbecue Man at Exit 87, here till I die with a smoker by my side. Have mercy.” The sun hasn’t risen yet when Wadley, a convicted felon turned barbecue pitmaster, recites the spiel one January morning. He’s the owner of the I-40 Exit 87 BBQ Stand in Jackson, Tennessee, a town of 66,600 people between Memphis and Nashville. Situated on an asphalt parking lot near Interstate 40, the stand looks primitive compared with the neon-lit truck stops and mega gas stations that surround it: It’s just a retrofitted cargo…