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UPDATE What Happened to Cody Dial? In the March 2015 story “Lost in the Jungle,” we profiled adventurer Roman Dial’s search for his 27-year-old son, Cody, who went missing in the jungles of Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park. The search turned up dead-end trails and conflicting leads but no sign of Cody. Months later, while filming Missing Dial, a six-part series for the National Geographic Channel that debuted May 22, investigators discovered his backpack, new witnesses, and a shocking confession. Follow MensJournal.com/cody for the latest on the case. DRINK Your New Go-To Summer Cocktail MEZCAL MIXER Ingredients • Kosher salt • Mezcal • Juice of 1 grapefruit • Juice of 1 lemon • Juice of 1 lime • Grapefruit soda Fill glass with ice, then add, in order, a heavy pinch of kosher salt; 3 shots of mezcal; and the juices of 1…

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IT’S A BOY. NOW WHAT? Chris Norris, thanks for putting into words what I have been feeling for the past seven years [“Oh, Boy”]. As a former sensitive boy from the ’80s now raising an equally sensitive boy in a new era, it’s nice to have validation for the frustration I feel toward society’s mixed message about being a man. REED CAMPBELL OMAHA When raising a son, don’t overthink it. Ignore media experts. Show him what you liked to do when you were a kid. Be a hard-ass when you need to be. Bail him out of jail once but never again. I have two sons: One’s a struggling artist, the other’s a tough-guy forester. I’m proud of them, and I make sure to always tell them. JOHN MCNICHOLAS SANTA CRUZ, CA LINKLATER’S AMBITION Great profile of Richard…

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great arch of china

IN 201 1 , SPANISH CLIMBER Dani Andrada put the grand limestone arches of China’s remote Getu Valley on the climbing map when he became the first person to climb an exceptionally difficult floor-to-ceiling route of this monstrous 700-footwide cave. Since then, top climbers from around the world have ventured to the region to establish new lines of their own, though none of them has been able to conquer Andrada’s original one. But in April, Brazilian climber Felipe Camargo arrived with American Alex Honnold, ready to try. But they’d have to wait: “First we had to work on repairing the route for five days before we could even attempt it,” says Camargo. “All of the bolts, protections, and ropes needed work because it hadn’t been climbed for five years.” Photographer…

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smoky mountains national park

THERE’S NO getting past it: The Smokies are popular. It’s the nation’s most touristed park, with about 10 million visitors annually. But for good reason. At 522,000 acres, it’s a massive hardwood wilderness with rippling mountain views and a seemingly endless labyrinth of creeks and waterfalls to explore — all only a few hours from some of the Southeast’s biggest metro areas. The key is getting away from the gawkers by veering toward the park’s less-traveled corners, like its northeastern border, home to some of the Appalachians’ more technical whitewater. “There are some for-real, no-joke Class V runs,” says Charles Conner, of the NantahalaOutdoor Center. For more casual paddlers, the nearby Sinks has Class II and III rapids. As for the park’s renowned hiking, seek out the more strenuous climbs,…

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the beer drinker’s guide to summer wine

1 GO AHEAD AND CHILL THAT RED The biggest misperception when it comes to wine is that only whites and rosés get chilled. It’s why so many drinkers gravitate toward Rieslings, pinot grigios, and chardonnays when the temps swell — a cold wine is just so much more refreshing in the heat. But lighter reds, specifically those with less than 14 percent alcohol (like many Riojas, pinot noirs, and Beaujolais), are often better when cooled slightly, too. “I’ve never met a winemaker who would encourage you to drink wine at room temperature,” Patrick Cappiello says. Chilling wine heightens its complexity and refreshment, balancing sweeter notes and enhancing crispness. To reach proper temperature on a red in any season — 55 to 60 degrees, a winery’s cellar temperature — pull the bottle…

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a taste of island soul

BIG, CHILLED RUBY CUBES of tuna, drizzled with a sheen of soy sauce and sesame oil, and f lecked with green onions and shards of macadamia nuts: Such are the pleasures of poke. Considered Hawaii’s soul food, poke (which means “piece” in native Hawaiian) was originally made by fishermen who snacked on the cutoffs of their catches after seasoning them with salt, seaweed, and kukui — an island nut so fatty it can burn like a candle. But like the islands themselves, poke is astonishingly diverse, incorporating flavors from Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and even the mainland U.S. Maybe because it’s so delicious and so infinitely variable, poke is having a moment — with poke restaurants, poke bars, and poke trucks blanketing the West Coast and quickly heading east. But you…