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TRAVEL The 25 Best Beaches in America DRINK Craft Beer for the Long Haul Brewers have figured out how to make delicious lower-alcohol, lower-calorie beer. Here are five “light beers” to drink all day long. 1. Founders All Day IPA2. Peak Organic Fresh Cut Pilsner3. Ballast Point Even Keel4. New Glarus Spotted Cow5. Dogfish Head Festina Pêche GEAR LAB What We’re Testing Fuji Jari Gravel Bike This might be the most versatile bike you can buy. The stable frame, thick tires, and disc brakes are built to tour, bikepack, hit the trails, cruise roads, and, of course, devour some gravel ($2,949). ON INSTAGRAM The glacial waters of Idaho’s Priest Lake draw all sorts — deer, bald eagles, moose, and canoers. For an overnight, take a tent on Upper Priest Lake Trail 302 through grizzly country to Trapper Creek Campground. DANITA DELIMONT/ALAMY…

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“As for the Terminator? I’ll start believing what Schwarzenegger is preaching once I see him posing in a Prius instead of a Bugatti.” IN THE WEEDS Colby Buzzell’s story [“The Last Harvest”] provides insight into the impact that Proposition 64 could have on marijuana cultivators like Eric, the grower in the story. While Eric exemplifies almost every negative stereotype associated with cannabis growers — the spraying of hazardous pesticides, the shady and volatile business practices — his fears, and the fears of all small-time California marijuana growers, are valid ones. The passing of this sort of legislation will ultimately allow more corporate entities to thrive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all growers like Eric will be driven out of business by corporate giants. I’d like to believe that in the long…

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against the grains

THE SULTANATE OF OMAN has to be the world’s most unlikely destination for the adrenaline set, sandwiched as it is between the futuristic playground of Dubai and the old world of war-torn Yemen, and dominated by the sprawling sands of the Arabian peninsula. But Oman’s rugged coast has become an unexpected draw for surfers and cyclists alike, who come for its untouched beaches, gravel trails, and jagged mountain peaks, some as high as 9,000 feet. Most thrill seekers tend to avoid the desert that accounts for 82 percent of this nation. On a recent trip, Swiss photographer Martin Bissig and his travel companions planned to skip it, but instead stumbled upon an adventure that had nothing to do with vertical gains or speed runs. “We had all the wrong gear,”…

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all day, all night adventure land

SAIL TO SKI IN NORWAY Swooping massifs, soaring fjords, Viking-era villages — it should come as no surprise that Norway’s Lofoten Islands, above the Arctic Circle, is the land that, legend has it, inspired Mordor. There’s a highway that traverses the 120-mile archipelago, making summer road trips a popular pastime. But there’s a better way to experience the Lofotens: by sea. Last spring, I met Emil Engebrigtsen, owner of SailNorway, for a five-day ski-and-sail trip in the islands beginning in Svolvaer, an Arctic town of 4,500. Emil, who traded a job in Beijing for rubber boots in Norway, is a hardcore believer in do-it-yourself adventures. “Comfort doesn’t make you happy,” he told me. “It makes you fat and lazy.” To that end, eight of us shared his stripped-down, 38-foot yacht, the Palandar.…

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climbing’s boy wonder

EVERY SUPERHERO deserves an origin story. Kai Lightner, the 17-year-old indoor-climbing phenom, has a beauty. Lightner was six, walking around his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina, with his mother. He spotted a flagpole, 50 feet tall, and quickly slipped away and started climbing. “I was at the top, hanging from the little ball where the flag was flying,” he recalls. “And I yelled out, ‘Look, Mom, I did it!’ ” Before Connie Lightner could register the proper horror, a woman walked by, wrote down the address of a climbing gym, and handed it over. “She said it would be a good activity for a kid to get into,” Lightner says, “so I could climb without killing myself.” By the time he was seven, Lightner was competing in his first national youth championships against…

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jake tapper

SEAL OF APPROVAL GADGETRY I have this new regimen where I drink two protein shakes every day, so I keep this Nutri Ninja blender at work and it’s not one of these giant blenders you have in your kitchen. It’s just cool — small, sleek, very 21st century. You can drink right out of the glass. It fits in a lunch box, and I can bring it on the road. APP LiveAuctioneers lets you participate in auctions going on all over the world. I stick to the collectibles because I collect posters of failed presidential candidates. Every inch of my office is covered with them. The oldest one I have is of Henry Clay, from 1844 . . . my wife is not so into this app, or the posters. SPIRITS I’ve cut…