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Great to see John Prine [“The Ballad of John Prine”] in the April issue. He’s one of the last great American musical storytellers, who found his own sweet spot between folk and country. And anyone who can rhyme “child actor” with “wind chill factor” gets a big thumbs-up in my book. Here’s hoping his health stays well enough for more tours and new LPs. JOEL HASKARD ST. PAUL HIT JOB After reading “The Boss Strikes Back” [February 2018], I am a little disappointed. It’s obvious that you know nothing about this subject or organized crime. If you did, you would not have given this dirtbag—and that’s being kind—a platform to express his views. As a retired detective familiar with this individual, I know your magazine should not have given him any attention at all.…

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letter from the editor

IT’S INCREDIBLE how many milestones in life are tied to an epic road trip. I can remember that first taste of real freedom, driving with pals from my hometown in New Jersey to Saratoga Springs, New York, for a Lollapalooza concert. (We slept in a church parking lot.) And that ultimate guys’ spring break trip from Michigan to New Orleans, when manic caffeine-fueled nighttime miles had us all convinced the car’s stereo was possessed by demons. Or when my now wife and I hit the road for Chicago with no plan and no idea if we even really liked each other. More recently, we took the kids to hidden beaches along the Rhode Island coast, stopping at every single ice cream stand—in between fighting for control of the radio. (Spoiler…

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man in the moon

OUTSIDE ST. GEORGE, Utah, at the edge of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve—a public wilderness teeming with Gila monsters, Mojave Desert tortoises, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes—there’s a 52-acre red-rock expanse known as Pioneer Park. It was here, in the mid-1800s, that Mormon settlers sought shelter from the heat, relaxing in the shade of the cliffs. And it was here, one November evening more recently, that photographer Amy Osness captured her 19-year-old son, Ethan, biking the trails by moonlight. To get the photo, “I had to anticipate where the sun was setting at the same time the moon was rising,” says Osness, who also mountain bikes. A month prior, she’d missed a chance at a similar photo, during another full moon. “I was too close,” she says. “I realized that I…

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dublin days

THIS IS VERY important before we go farther,” says Shane O’Doherty, one thick-soled boot perched on the trailhead. “When we’re on the mountain, we switch on our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sense of touch—and leave the future and the past where they belong for the next five hours.” O’Doherty is a guide in Howth who specializes in safaris that crisscross the cliffs, beaches, ancient woods, and cloudy meadows of this Viking enclave turned fishing village a half-hour north of Dublin. But his advice, offered to hikers on the ascent of a craggy peak called Muck Rock, could apply to all of Dublin. The Irish capital and its surroundings deftly weave the past (storybook architecture, cinematic views, fascinating history) and future (booming tech sector, a restaurant culture catching up to London)…

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the new frontier

YOU’RE GOING to want to watch this,” Taylor Sheridan says. “This is gonna be interesting.” It’s a cold winter day in the snowy Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana, and Sheridan—the screenwriter of Sicario and Hell or High Water and writer-director of Wind River—is on the set of Yellowstone, the action-drama series he’s writing and directing, premiering this month on Paramount Network. For this scene, a character played by actress Kelly Reilly (True Detective) is about to get on a horse for the first time in years—not since a childhood tragedy scared her off when she was 14. It doesn’t help that the horse she’s chosen to ride, Pistol, is the wildest and least-broken one in the stable. And according to the script, it’s going to throw her. Well, not her, exactly. Sheridan…

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the raw deal

THE NEXT TIME you get your hands on a truly excellent piece of fish, remember these three words: Less is more. That’s the ethos of crudo—literally, Italian for “raw.” Serving fresh fish with few frills “really lets the product shine,” says Peter Juusola, a partner at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co., a restaurant and fish market in Brooklyn. Home cooks tend to shy from raw seafood. But there’s no reason to fear crudo (not to be confused with its South American cousin, ceviche, in which the fish is “cooked” in the acidity of fresh citrus.) You just need to follow a couple of simple rules. First and foremost: Find a trustworthy fishmonger. “Ask for the freshest, best stuff they have,” Juusola says. “And tell them what you plan to do with…