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STYLE Rugged Watch Review Tudor’s Pelagos LHD diver’s watch is the kind Jacques Cousteau would have worn, were he left-handed. New luminescent markings, waterproofing that goes to 1,640 feet, and a helium escape valve for saturation dives cap the new release. DRINKS BEER, IN SPIRIT Shoulder seasons demand a drink that bends beyond the winter, spring, or summer staples — like the Tom Mix Wash, a tasty beer cocktail from Brooklyn’s Quarter Bar. • 1 oz rye whiskey (like Old Overholt) • 1 oz spicy ginger beer • 8 oz pilsner beer (we suggest Victory’s crisp Prima Pils) Stir whiskey and ginger beer over ice; strain and top with pilsner beer. Garnish with mint leaves. GEAR LAB What We’re Testing The S-Works is both fat and, at 23 pounds, light, so it’s an equally solid choice in mud or gravel…

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“You never know what the Simpson Desert will throw at you. We’ve seen flood, fire, sandstorms, and everything in between. But it’s a beautiful place that you can’t fully appreciate from an air-conditioned 4WD.” IS FOOTBALL FOR KIDS? In sports, as in life, risk is inevitable no matter what you’re doing. But after reading “Game Over?” [by Daniel Duane], I have to wonder why more parents aren’t choosing an alternative to football, where devastating neurological injuries, like what happened to young Brogan in this story, are far too common. When even pros like Brett Favre and Troy Aikman are hesitant to sign up their own kids for fear of head trauma, you’ve got to ask yourself if the risk is worth it. ANDERS GEIPEL NEW YORK CITY While I understand DeAndre Levy’s views on…

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coast to coast in 42 days

IN 1980, FRANK GIANNINO JR. ran across the U.S. in 46 days. Since then, dozens have tried and failed to beat that record — three attempts in 2016 alone. Then came 29-year-old Nebraskan Pete Kostelnick, who decided to take a data-fueled approach. Using Google Maps, he devised the shortest route that would avoid most high mountain passes. Once on the road, he and his crew carried GPS trackers to make sure they were on the correct route. His sister even drove ahead to scope out potential hazards. “We had our routine down in the second week,” says Kostelnick. “A lot of people are less consistent when they do runs and not as scientific as we were.” Here’s how he topped a record that once seemed unbeatable. A RECORD DIET Breakfast was instant…

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a mountaineer’s gear gamble

IT’S SHORTLY BEFORE midnight, at around 10,000 feet on Mount Rainier, when a shooting star rips across the sky so close you can almost hear it sizzle. Groggy climbers are fidgeting with headlamps and harnesses on the edge of Cowlitz Glacier. Above us, 4,000 vertical feet of steep, icy terrain separates the huts at this way station, Camp Muir, from the 14,411-foot summit of Washington’s highest peak — and Peter Whittaker, co-owner of the guiding service Rainier Mountaineering Inc. (RMI), knows every inch of them. The son of mountaineer Lou Whittaker, who formed RMI in 1969 (and nephew of Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mount Everest, in 1963), Peter Whittaker has been climbing this peak since his father dragged him up it in a frigid whiteout when he…

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sock and awe

THERE WAS A TIME when striped socks were considered bold, even frivolous. But as pant cuffs get higher and higher, upstart companies — even some online-only brands — are responding with a kaleidoscope of sharp looks. The fresh takes go beyond just color: Performance fabrics and fit-conscious construction mean they’re more comfortable and sweat-wicking, too. 1 Pair of Thieves PoT’s do-it-all socks work with Air Jordans or Bruno Maglis. Fashion-forward looks meet a moisture-wicking fabric mixed with comfy cotton. 2 Richer Poorer This SoCal brand features a more laid-back aesthetic and lots of varieties. A lightweight wool blend is our choice for thick-soled ankle boots. 3 Nice Laundry Ready for a sock-drawer makeover? Mix and match a custom box from over 100 designs — and then send your ratty tubes back to be recycled. 4 Stance This official…

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the italian hero

Italian Soul Alfa Romeo’s parent company is auto giant Fiat Chrysler, so you might expect a modest project like the Giulia to borrow a powerplant from one of its other brands. But mille grazie to the suits in Turin for letting Alfa develop its own. The top-tier Quadrifoglio model ($72,000) packs an all-aluminum, 505-horsepower, 2.9-liter bi-turbo V6. The lower-specced Ti model ($39,995) gets a two-liter turbo-four that yields 280 horsepower. Both have an eight-speed automatic that could make you forgive them for not offering a manual. Quick Reactions Perhaps the most energizing, responsive four-door on the road. In comparison with its German competition, the Giulia feels more reactive and direct, the result of its race-car-like steering ratio (11.8:1). Even micro-movements at the wheel alter the car’s course. Also invigorating? Its rigid chassis and…