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letter from the editor

IT’S TIME TO PULL back the curtain. Show you how the sausage is made. (Although in the case of this issue, we’re making meatballs, see page 22.) It may not be a total shock for you to learn, but this magazine was put to bed well before you picked it up. I won’t bore you with production schedules and distribution lag—blah, blah, blah—but the key piece of information here is that this special spring-themed Men’s Journal was born during what weather prognosticators gleefully called a bomb cyclone. If you’re not a devotee of the Weather Channel, let me make this irony plain: It was a freakishly and painfully cold start to the winter here in New York City. While we got to test our slush boots and down layers—and rock a…

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“Rock climbers from around the world visit Bears Ears National Monument and the surrounding area to experience adventure, beauty, and a unique cultural history, as Renan Ozturk has shown. This landscape offers a climbing experience unlike any other, where history mingles with vibrant red sandstone and stunning fissures. Reducing its size would be an incredibly unpopular decision.” —BRADY ROBINSON, ACCESS FUND, BOULDER, CO PEACE OF MIND I just finished reading “War and Piste in Iraq” [by Max Lowe, January 2018] and was enthralled. I signed my life away in 1986 at Tennessee Tech University ROTC and patrolled through the mountains between Iraq and Iran, eventually retiring in 2016. I have suffered from PTSD and fought through mine with faith and friends. I still look forward to hiking that area again soon. Thank you…

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under the lights

DEVIL’S SPRING SYSTEM LOCATED ALONG THE SOUTHEASTERN region of the Santa Fe River in High Springs, Florida, lies 30,000 feet of cavernous passageways known as the Devil’s Spring System, an aquatic retreat for seasoned divers made up of three springs: the Ear, the Eye, and its 50-foot-long head, the Little Devil. From 25 feet below the surface of the Devil’s Ear, the foremost entrance where the system and the river meet, photographer Anai Colyer captured her fellow divers, Yanet Salgado, Matthew Fraser, Chris Henson, and Danny Henson, using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. The river produces a noticeable reddish-brown tint, the result of decaying vegetation that combines with the clear waters of the spring to create a Technicolor backdrop of blue, green, red, and yellow hues. “When I was at the…

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argentina’s route 66

MARTIN MIGUEL de Güemes International Airport, located at the foothills of the Argentine Andes, is a very long name for a very small airport. The place is so modest you might confuse it for a bus station, if not for the duty-free shops selling vodka by the gallon. When I arrived, there was almost nobody there, unless you count a few stray dogs and my driver, Juan, a sturdy cowboy leaning against his truck, chewing on the kind of coca leaves that are ground up to make cocaine. “Is that safe?” I asked in broken Spanish as he threw my bags into the truck’s cab. He shrugged. “You wouldn’t say, ‘I’m not going to eat grapes because it’ll make me drunk.’” He had a point. And so when he offered me…

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surf bum luxury

Como Uma Canggu BALI, INDONESIA Indo, as dedicated surfers call this part of the world, has been a haven for sun and wave seekers since the 1970s. But few of the country’s islands have reached beachcomber zeitgeist like Bali, with its white sands and warm waters. This month, the volcanic outpost gets its newest hotel, the Como Uma Canggu, a 55-room resort set directly on Echo Beach, home to one of the best surf breaks in the country. The hotel comes complete with an organic juice bar (for rehydrating after beach lounging) and 12 three-bedroom penthouses each equipped with a rooftop patio and an infinity pool. Even better, it’s set in the still mostly undiscovered village of Canggu, a mash-up of Tulum and Brooklyn dropped down in the middle of the Indian…

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lighting the way

THE HOME OF Michael Luendo, on a small plot of land in rural Kenya, 30 miles from the Ugandan border, is attached to the church where he preaches, next to the field where he farms. The homestead is awash in sunlight and alive with squawking roosters and baaing goats. Luendo’s floor is swept dirt, his roof corrugated tin. He and his wife, along with eight children, live without running water or municipal electricity. These are luxuries they’ve never known. So it’s somewhat startling to see an LED bulb, set in a shiny blue housing, hanging from one of the home’s exposed ceiling beams. “I use the light to study my bible in the evening,” says Luendo, speaking Swahili and gesturing with pride. “And my kids use one in the next room…