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25TH ANNIVERSARY Men’s Journal’s Greatest Hits Jim Harrison’s requiem for the natural world; P.J. O’Rourke’s 1998 dispatch from India; Tom Brokaw’s exploration of Patagonia with Yvon Chouinard in 2007 — you can now find our most epic stories online at mensjournal.com/best-of-the-mag. DIY Spring Bike Maintenance 1. Wash your bike. Soap and water prevent rust and corrosion, adding years of life to your wheels. 2. Clean your chain. Wipe it after each ride, and use a brush and degreaser at least once a year. 3. Use lube. Pick up a lube like Tri-Flow. Add one drop per link, and wipe away excess — it actually attracts grime. 4. Look for wear. Check the grooves on brake pads and tires. If they’re worn out, replace them. GEAR LAB What We’re Testing New Balance 1400v5 The all-new mesh-upper version for this superlightweight, neutral-cushioned shoe is a game changer.…

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“Even though the vast majority of people I deal with as a police officer are decent, I have dealt with several who have committed acts that are heinous and barbaric and defy all sense of humanity.” UNCONTROLLED SUBSTANCES My first thought while reading the story about illegal supplements in the March issue [“Jacked,” by Gordy Megroz] was how shockingly easy it is for anybody to get past the FDA. These two founders of Blackstone Labs don’t exactly come across as the brightest businessmen, and yet it was pretty easy for them to outmatch an FDA that employs just 25 people in its dietary-supplement division. Shame on these guys for being snake-oil salesman, but who could expect such instant results from powders and pills without some seriously scary side effects? If it sounds…

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frozen in time

EACH SUMMER, expert divers and novices alike venture to Lake Huron to explore the inlets around Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula, where centuries’ worth of shipwrecks are scattered throughout the waters — the remains of an era when the lakes were congested trade routes. But for certain shipwreck aficionados, it’s actually the colder months that are the optimal time to dive here. “You’ll almost never see a wooden shipwreck in waters so shallow that the ice on the surface of the water can be seen from below,” says Jerzy Kowalczuk, who has photographed in places as far away as Africa and Eastern Europe. “You might find a scene like this in Norway or Scotland, but it’s rare in North America. The cold water and ice preserved this ship in such good shape.”…

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finders keepers

ON A LATE MORNING in August 2014, a scorcher in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Dr. Jonathan Bourne and a few of his hiking buddies plied the switchbacks of California’s Glacier Divide, having just bolted past two alpine lakes, not even stopping for as much as a sip. The group was competing in the annual Sierra Challenge, a 10-day quest to tag 10 of the most remote peaks in the Sierra. It took 58-year-old Bourne, an anesthesiologist in nearby Mammoth Lakes, only a few hours to reach a 12,900-foot summit, ahead of everyone but one. For much of his adult life, Bourne had fashioned himself as something of an amateur archaeologist. His obsession with collecting began in 1991, around the time that two hikers in the Alps found a frozen mummy that…

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seal of approval

ACCORDING TO Guy Ritchie SPIRITS: Right now I’m into Mortlach 16 [single malt]. It’s fucking good. I have a discerning palate, and I quite like a sweeter whiskey like this. I’m a big Scotch drinker. It gets very expensive very quickly, but the truth is you don’t drink shit whiskey if you’ve got any self-respect. CUTLERY: I do a lot of knife-porning on Instagram. Last month I stumbled across Blok Knives and ordered a whole set, and I’m impressed. They’re carbon steel. Good handles. Not lazy. Knives become infinitely more interesting when you’re into cooking meat. TRANSPORT: I recently rode an electric bike for the first time, a Haibike XDuro FatSix, and it’s fucking genius — the perfect balance between some form of exercise and artificial assistance. They’re quiet, and if you reach a…

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sayonara, colonel

ALL OVER TOKYO, gastropubs called izakayas cook up Japan’s favorite drinking food: the fiercely flavored fried chicken known as karaage. “The classic karaage joint is an old hole-in-the-wall under the train tracks,” says Sylvan Mishima-Brackett, chef-owner of San Francisco’s Izakaya Rintaro. “You go late at night, and the karaage is salty sweet and piping hot.” Born in Japan and raised in California, Mishima-Brackett worked at Chez Panisse before opening Rintaro, where the karaage instantly became a bestseller. And it’s not that hard to make at home. “Think of it in terms of four steps that build flavor and texture,” Mishima-Brackett says. First, a quick seasoning with salt and sugar; then a marinade spiked with ginger and garlic; a roll in potato starch for a crispy crust; and finally a splash…