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It’s all a matter of perspective, of course, but your story “15 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the NFL” [September 2018] didn’t convince me. With the many more stoppages and commercials these last few years, it’s hard to watch! I’ll take commercial-free Premier League soccer any day. BRIAN DONAHUE BILLINGS, MT Longtime NFL fans like me have left the game because we no longer enjoy it. These protests are just icing on the grievance-news-cycle cake that Americans have shoved in their faces 24/7, and I’m tired of it. I’m not mad—I just love my country and respect the police a whole hell of a lot more than I do the NFL. MIKE MARKETELLO HOLLISTER, CA COVER UP Regardless of Rachel Maddow’s suspicions about the reason Karen McDougal was featured in the September issue of…

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letter from the editor

IT’S HARD to shake the memory of that time my 9-year-old son and I got kicked out of a Mets game at Citi Field in Queens. Before I rehash the gory details, it’s important that you know a few preliminary truths: 1) I love baseball. 1a) I love the New York Mets (apologies accepted). 2) I thought I was a cool dad. 3) I seriously effed up. The night started in amazing fashion. Thanks to a work connection, we found ourselves on the field before the game. My son got to high-five a few of his heroes, watch them take batting practice up close and personal, and even got a few baseballs. We were in heaven. An hour or so later, we were back on Earth watching the Mets get pummeled by…

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up in the air

MONTE BRENTO, in northern Italy, looms 5,000 feet above the Sarca Valley, and it was here, last September, that photographer Sebastian Wahlhuetter, skydiver Fred Hai degger, and their team had convened. The goal: a 4,000-foot, 10-second BASE jump. The trouble: Cruddy conditions had forced them to retreat down the mountain on the day of their first attempted ascent. Even had they made it up, “you couldn’t see down, because of the fog,” Wahlhuetter recalls. “So you can’t jump.” But Haidegger, the primary jumper, was undeterred. Brento is one of Europe’s premier BASE-jumping spots. From March to November, about 150 people leap off each day, according to an area outfitter, and it’s said that every BASE jumper comes here eventually. Still, the dangers are real: Jumpers reach speeds of 150 miles per hour…

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taking the low road

THE NOVELIST Pat Conroy once summarized the Lowcountry and its legendary allure—which has captivated everyone from conquistadores and colonists to cultural lions such as Edgar Allan Poe—as a place that “can rise up and steal your soul with a moment so magical it seems like an exorcism.” Today, the region continues to live up to its near-mythical hype, with white-sand beaches, backwoods cypress forests, antebellum architecture, and enough comfort-food joints in between to fill a lifetime. Its anchor cities, Charleston and Savannah, draw visitors from around the globe, and you can easily make a four-day excursion in each, and perhaps have. Yet taken together, they showcase the best of what the Lowcountry has on tap—and can bookend an adventurous, 100-odd-mile afternoon road trip, filled with wild landscapes, offbeat pit stops,…

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breaking point

A FEW HOURS after the 6 a.m. head count at the Arizona State Prison Complex, inmate Anthony Garrison stands outside a corral, eyeing the dozen or so mustangs that pace inside. A two-year-old horse erupts past, its black coat slick with sweat, and slams its frame against the fence; Garrison jumps back. Months, or even weeks, ago, nearly all the horses here were living wild on the rangelands of the West, until the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) captured them, as part of a herd roundup, and trucked them here, to Florence, Arizona, an hour outside Phoenix. Garrison, a burly 38-year-old guy with a shaved head, studies the black horse carefully. Eight years into an 11-year drug sentence, he’s one of two dozen inmates who, over the next few months, will…

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rethink the feast

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American meal, and there’s value in respecting the OGs: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans. But it’s also the original immigrants meal—a fact we decided to celebrate by asking four restaurateurs, all immigrants or from immigrant families, how they channel their culinary identities through the traditional feast. Your Thanksgiving is about to get a lot more interesting. And if cranky uncle whoever complains, just remind him: This is America. LEMONGRASS-RUBBED TURKEY WITH STICKY RICE STUFFING Ham with Chinese hot mustard and dinner rolls with scallion butter were two of the dishes you’d find on Bryant Ng’s parents’ Thanksgiving table. “They were inspired by traditional Thanksgiving but always had some Chinese or Singaporean influence,” says Ng, who co-owns Cassia, in Los Angeles. Here, he re-creates the centerpiece…