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TRAVEL Extend Your Summer “The trail quiets down, it’s cooler and drier, and you don’t have the scout troops you have in July. It’s the best time to go.”— PHIL PEPIN, OWNER OF 100 MILE WILDERNESS ADVENTURES, ON SEPTEMBER IN MAINE GROOMING Short-Beard Maintenance • Slim it Set your beard trimmer to 1 or 2 at the neck, and fade your way up from there. • Or stick to stubble If you ditch your beard for a shadow, make sure to keep your cheeks clean and maintain your neck. • Exfoliate For a truly clean, itch-free face, buy a toothbrush, dip it in a beard cleanser, and get deep. • And moisturize Use beard oil daily to soften the beard and keep your skin from drying out. GEAR LAB What We’re Testing This legendary Nissan gets an upgrade in 2017: more horsepower (565), a quieter…

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+ “I imagine that with all those travel miles in dangerous places, these surfers probably started feeling comfortable, stopped worrying, and let their guard down. It never happens intentionally.” MONSTERS ON THE FLY Oliver White’s project in Guyana [“Casting for Giants,” by Paul Kvinta] is an example of how anglers and outdoor enthusiasts can make a huge difference on both a social and an economic level. While a quest for large, exotic jungle fish may have been what brought him to Guyana in the first place, his appreciation for the places that fishing takes us has now created something much larger and more significant: a nonprofit that’s generating money for communities this far off the grid and making a difference in peoples’ lives. Having fished with Oliver for many years, I can…

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in plain sight

SINCE MAN FIRST BEGAN photographing beast, getting a shot like this meant standing still for as long as possible in a makeshift encampment called a hide — essentially a hole dug in the ground, with open air-slots to point a camera through — battling heat, insects, and tedium. Those hardships are a thing of the past at a South African private game reserve called Zimanga, where hides have gotten a 21st-century upgrade. “You’re behind glass in office chairs with tripods set up. There’s a kitchen, bathroom, bunk beds, air-conditioning, and WiFi. And the animals have no idea,” says Australian photographer Alison Langevad, who was the first to test the new hide when she stayed for two nights in April. The hide, which costs $1,100 per person for a four-night stay,…

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drug war on the high seas

THE THWAP, THWAP, THWAP of a rotor’s blades is the first indication that the smugglers are screwed. Out in the Pacific, 200 miles southwest of Guatemala, three Ecuadorean men look up to see an orange helicopter locked onto their 35-foot boat. If successful, their weeklong drug run would have netted each of them a year’s income. Instead, they now start heaving $25 million worth of cocaine overboard. “Typical Ecuadorean-style panga,” Lieutenant Commander James Terrell announced when the boat was first spotted that morning. “There’s no reason for it to be in that area.” When Terrell got word of the panga — a narrow, high-speed boat that’s often 40 feet long — from a plane monitoring the area, the seas were too rough to launch the helicopter and interceptor boats. So the U.S.…

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alaska’s wildest, weirdest frontier

NEAR AN OVAL BAY JUST a few miles from an abandoned McDonald’s, salmon are crossing a road. Twenty or 30 humped-out pinks flop into the dirt and then onto the tundra for no apparent reason. Maybe they made a wrong turn, missing their spawning stream. Or maybe they’re the betas, squeezed out of the water by stronger fish. The bay in front of us roilswith fins. You could walk across them. They’re all pink salmon, which many Alaskans see fit only for dogs, but I have a perfectly good smoker at home. After four or five casts into the water, I breakmy rod trying to reach down for a fat, ocean-fresh fish. My girlfriend, fishing nearby, chivalrously offers hers. After four or five more casts, that rod, too, is in shards.…

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national day of adventure

ON FRIDAY, October 14, we will remind all of you of your God-given right to ditch out of work to raft, hike, learn how to surf, or take a motorcycle tour — basically to do any fun, outdoors thing youVe been putting off. It's a skip day for adults, and here are 14 of the best single-day adventures that will turn your sick day into a sick! day. LEARN A NEW SKILL You’re never too old — or too busy — to pick up a new pastime. FLY-FISHING SNAKE RIVER, WYOMING As rewarding as climbing the Grand Teton is landing a trout on a fly rod in the river just beneath it. With the masterful instructors at Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School (jhflyfishingschool.com) you can learn to match the hatch and cast with precision to…