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TRAVEL Last-Minute Summer Vacations Whether it’s renting a houseboat on Lake Powell (pictured) or bumming around the Bahamas, you still have time to catch the summer fun. FITNESS Strong Without Squats Squats build core, back, and leg strength. But if you hate them, try these instead. 1. Dumbbell Step-Ups Holding a weight in each hand, step on and off a box. 2. Hill Sprints Find a steep, 50-yard- long hill and sprint up at 95 percent effort, walk down to recover. Repeat six times. 3. Trap Bar Dead Lift Grab the handles of a trap bar for this dead lift variant. 4. Hip Bridges Lie on your back with a weighted bar on your lap and drive hips into the air, then lower slowly. GEAR LAB What We’re Testing DJI Spark This high-flying camera can transmit video for up to 1.2 miles…

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Too many people think that rescuing is the only ethical way. In the end, there are people who love dogs and people who exploit them. You can f ind both types on either end of the breeder-rescue spectrum.” GRIZZLY WARS I read “The Grizzly Man’s Last Stand” by Rick Bass with great interest. While it was a fascinating personal profile, it fell short on facts and the realities of management of apex predators. The facts: Grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem surpassed every recovery goal under the federal Endangered Species Act. The population has exceeded the delisting threshold by 40 percent and has remained stable and above recovery goals for nearly a decade while also tripling its occupied range. The delisting of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly bear should be celebrated…

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a straight line to the abyss

SURFERS HAVE OAHU’S North Shore. Mountaineers have Everest. For slackliners, there are few more iconic sites than Taft Point, 2,000 feet above Yosemite Valley, a location made famous by the late climber and BASE jumper Dean Potter, who once walked a line here with no protection. “For slackliners, it’s a bucket-list item,” says photographer Travis Burke. “I’ve always wanted to do it.” In late May, Burke connected with his buddy Ryan Robinson, a professional slackliner, to rig up the line at Taft. Delayed by snow on the trail — unusual for this time of year — the pair had to rush up the mountain to beat the setting sun. “As soon as it was rigged, Ryan was like, ‘You’re up,’ ” says Burke. “He wanted me to go first. The…

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steve earle

SEAL OF APPROVAL READS Nick Tosches blows my mind. In the Hand of Dante is one of my favorite books. They think they’ve run across a copy of The Divine Comedy in Dante’s handwriting, and Tosches makes himself a character and wants to authenticate it. I love the idea of taking something true and extrapolating it into fiction. TELEVISION I’m an HBO and Showtime guy. I saw every episode of Girls. Somebody finally got the Williamsburg hipster thing right; I trip over them all the time. The writing was great — funny but also kind of tragic. I loved when it ended that she didn’t tie up all the loose ends, because that’s not real. FISHING I’ve been fly-fishing for 20 years. It’s a recovery thing. I don’t do it regularly, but I…

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peavy’s new pitch

IT WAS A SHELLING that lasted the whole season. Jake Peavy, a journeyman fastballer for the San Francisco Giants, was greeted in the early part of the 2016 season with the news that he’d been bilked out of $15 million by a financial adviser. As the summer wore on, meetings with lawyers outnumbered strikeouts, depositions overshadowed wins, and Peavy’s ERA soared to a career high of 5.54. His season was cut short when he stepped on a pair of scissors, forcing the two-time World Series winner to sit out the postseason, too. He returned home only to be served with divorce papers. Undoubtedly, it was a very bad year for Jake Peavy, but you wouldn’t know it by the party he hosted in early December. Seventy friends and family trekked out…

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luxe utility vehicles

WE AMERICANS are living in a particularly polarized moment, but there are a few things we can at least agree on: Papa John Schnatter is a pizza-making god; professional video gamers are athletes; and Maroon 5 belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. OK, we’re clearly joking, but what we can get on board for: You should buy an SUV. The debate is over, and sport-utes have won. They now make up 53 percent of the market. The biggest chunk of those are in the so-called B segment: your two-row, five-seat midsizers — sometimes called crossovers — which are nearly a quarter of all new vehicles sold. The competition is the most interesting among the luxury brands. High-end carmakers are using lighter mixed-material subframes that improve performance and fuel…