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Thanks for introducing us to the wild, almost unbelievable life of John Arthur [July 2018]. His gripping story was a reminder that truth is almost always stranger than fiction, and that we don’t need movies to create heroes with amazing stories. They’re everywhere—maybe even running your local gym. GOOD HEAD The fish-collar story [“Hot Around the Collar,” by Adam Erace, July 2018] got me hungry for grilled seafood for sure. While you’re talking about collars, why not heads? Salmon heads can be deboned easily, and there’s good meat in there. If you’re adventurous, you can do heads Asian style in broth with noodles, and pick around the bones. Not as gross as it sounds, and the price is right. ANDY TURNER IRVINE, CA JOSH BY GOSH I was impressed by the Josh Brolin story [“The…

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letter from the editor

ASPIRATIONAL. It’s a word that gets bandied A about in this off ice a lot. I mean, we love the adventure, travel, fashion, and gear we feature each month. But realistically, some of it’s, well, a bit out of reach. As much as I want to jet to Sri Lanka for a coastal safari (page 22) or pair a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona (page 34) with my J.Crew button-down, let’s just stop for a moment and acknowledge how rarefied and hard to obtain those experiences are. This does not bother me a bit. There’s an escapist quality to all entertainment, and as much as I love our advice—for the record, I’m drinking a tonic-based cocktail right now inspired by this month’s drinks column (page 23)—I also love looking at and…

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the best view in town

FORGET HIGH-RISES. The greatest place to take in Hong Kong’s skyline is not at the top of one of its 1,300 skyscrapers but in the hills north of town, at Lion Rock mountain. Located five miles from the city’s downtown center, the mountain, at 1,624 feet, is far shorter than Hong Kong’s 3,140-foot Tai Mo Shan or the 3,064-foot Lantau Peak. But Lion Rock’s proximity to and sweeping views of town have made it a favorite climbing spot, as photographer Kwong Man Chak can attest. He has scaled the mountain at least a dozen times, but one ascent last January was unlike the rest. Kwong, who specializes in cityscape photography, usually gets to the mountaintop at nightfall, to snap photos after dark. But after a two-hour climb that KOWLOON, HONG…

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here’s the catch

COREY HARRIS wasn’t concerned about the storm. The captain of Rhonda Denise, a 77-foot commercial trawler, he’d been stuck in port all week, as two nor’easters, in early March, slammed the New England coast back-to-back. Now a third brewed offshore. But Harris saw an opportunity. “We’ll thread the needle between the storms,” he told me over the phone. We’d catch as much squid as possible, then haul ass back to port before the next system hit. Bring seasickness medicine, he added. “It’ll be rough—but worth it.” On the Thursday of our departure, the Port of Galilee, in Point Judith, Rhode Island, was full of boats but empty of people. If you’ve eaten calamari at a seafood shack or a little red-sauce joint, odds are it crossed the dock here in Point…

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baja beyond the beach

THERE WAS NO WAY we were on the right route. The climb to the top of Picacho del Diablo, the highest mountain on the Baja California peninsula, wasn’t supposed to be technical. But steep pink-white granite, featureless and hundreds of feet high, surrounded us. One of my climbing partners, Austin Waisanen, was heeding none of my warnings. “The route to the summit is off to the left!” he called down. “Up across those—slabs!” The wind drowned out whatever he said after that. “No!” I yelled. But the hyperfit 24-year-old hurled himself upward, leaping from a house-size boulder. We were lost somewhere in the 170,000-acre Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park, in northern Baja, three days into a five-day backpack. We’d been climbing since morning, and the white noon sun glared at…

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the coastal safari

LEOPARDS. Elephants. Water buffalo. These aren’t the animals you typically associate with a beach retreat, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Sri Lanka’s Wild Coast Tented Lodge, on the edge of Yala National Park. The 378-square-mile preserve, in the southeast corner of the island nation, consists of lowland dry scrub abutting a long stretch of coastline with swaying palm trees. The combination of marine, freshwater, and woodland habitats means there’s an impressive diversity of wildlife, including spotted deer, sloth bears, and over 200 bird species. And Wild Coast, which opened last fall, is in the middle of it all. The resort consists of 28 private suites, called Cocoons—four of which have their own plunge pools—plus a spa and a bamboo dining pavilion that feels like walking into an open-air…