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big results from modest-sized layouts

For many of us, there’s the model railroad we have now and there’s the one we would like to have. That future layout has as many forms as there are modelers to dream of it but each falls under the category of “It will be better.” Better looking, better running, more rewarding – a layout to showcase our love of the hobby. So what’s holding you back? Perhaps you’re contemplating a move. Perhaps finances will be less of an issue down the road. Fair enough. I’m embarrassed my own oft-repeated lament, “I don’t have enough room for a nice layout,” turns out to be a fairly hollow excuse. In this issue, we showcase two layouts, both compact in size but both making the most of the space available. Scott Lamoureux, a long-time modeler in both…

1 分鐘 acquires mth ho, s tooling, a Benton, Tenn., based manufacturer of N and HO scale trains, announced that it has acquired MTH Electric Trains’ line of HO and S scale tooling. The acquisition includes steam and diesel locomotives, freight cars, and track in both scales. The HO tooling also includes turbine and electric locomotives, subway sets, passenger cars, and more. Engineering schematics for several all-new steam era HO projects were also acquired as part of the agreement. “MTH is recognized as a leading manufacturer of HO scale steam locomotives,” said Shane Wilson, president of, in a statement posted on the manufacturer’s website. “The purchase of MTH’s HO products also allows us to broaden our product line into passenger cars, track, and more. We believe there is an opportunity to grow the S market as…

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walthers 2021 national model railroad build-off

Wm. K. Walthers Inc. announced the 2021 National Model Railroad Build-Off. Winners will be judged on 2 x 2, 2 x 4, or 2 x 6-foot HO scale scenes built with materials in themed kits available for purchase from Walthers. There’s also an open class for N, HO, and O scales. The contest is open to youth, adults, and adult teams with separate classes for each. Cash prizes will be awarded. For more information, and to see pictures of last year’s winning entries, visit the Wm. K. Walthers Inc. website at…

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news & products

General Electric ES44AH diesel locomotives. These HO scale Rivet Counter line models from are decorated in the CSX Pride in Service schemes (Spirit of our Armed Forces, Spirit of our Law Enforcement [with red-and-blue or clear ditch lights], and Spirit of our First Responders). Direct-current models with a 21-pin connector sell for $209.99. Versions with a dual-mode ESU LokSound 5 sound decoder with Full Throttle, dual cube-type speakers, and two PowerPack super capacitors are priced at $299.99. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these six-axle road locomotives will benefit Blue Star Families, First Responders Children’s Foundation, Operation Homefront, Operation Gratitude, and Wounded Warrior Project., 423-299-3689, HO scale locomotives Siemens SC-44 Charger diesel locomotive. New paint schemes: Altamont Corridor Express and North County Transit District Coaster. One…

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ask mr

What kind of food goes in what kind of car? QWhat criteria would the food industry use to choose between refrigerator cars, insulated boxcars, and regular boxcars for shipping processed food products (canned food, bakery goods, chocolate) and beverages like beer and spirits? Would it vary between seasons? My layout is set in Southern Quebec in June 1960; it serves a brewery and a biscuits factory. Philippe Blain, Saint-Lambert, QC A Refrigerated cars are for products that would spoil at room temperature, like produce, meat, and dairy. Insulated boxcars are for cargos that are stable at room temperature but could be damaged by the high heat that could be produced in an uninsulated boxcar in the sun, like bottled beverages and canned goods. Regular, uninsulated boxcars would be used for temperature-stable food products…

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a compact yard office for jones island

The Jones Island section of our HO scale Milwaukee, Racine & Troy is all about big, rail-served industries. This section of our staff layout will be home to an export grain elevator, a salt warehouse, a cement silo, an oil terminal, and a cargo terminal. The only other building on the track plan, published on page 25 of the October 2020 Model Railroader, is a yard office. Since many of the buildings on Jones Island are going to be scratchbuilt, we decided to use kits for the yard office. Three Pikestuff yard utility building kits (no. 541-0005) yielded the yard office shown above. The stock kit has a footprint of 15⁄8" x 15⁄8". By using parts from three kits, I was able to model a larger structure more appropriate for the…