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Mollie Makes Social Media : No 2

The team behind Mollie Makes brings you 132 pages of advice on how to use social media to grow your small business. Turn likes into customers using strategies that really work. Focusing on the top four platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram - we explore setting up a business account, growing your audience, great post ideas and much more. Plus we go behind the scenes with Mollie Makes' social media team and feature case studies of brands that get it right.

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In some respects, social media is a bit like our own creativity. We each have the power to make and do anything we set our minds to. But with so much at our fingertips, we might need guidance to help steer us in the right direction. And when it comes to running a small business, time really is money. So over the next 132 pages you’ll find a curated collection of tips, tricks and great advice from dozens of small business owners to help you make the most of what you post, hopefully growing your creative brand as a result. Thanks so much for reading. FOLLOW MOLLIE MAKES FOR DAILY INSPIRATION… PHOTOGRAPH: ALEXANDER SPATARI/GETTY. COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: RACHAEL SMITH (WWW.RACHAELSMITH.NET)…

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making connections

There’s no doubt that without social media the handmade market would be a very different place right now. These little apps have created big connections for makers, writers, photographers and bloggers across the world, meaning we can form friendships, share inspiration and build an incredible creative community. From a business perspective, the digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace. It’s difficult to know what the next few years are going to look like, but one thing’s for certain: good content matters. Whether it’s beautiful photography, engaging microblogs or behind the-scenes videos revealing your practices and processes, they’re all helping to piece together a story for your brand. It’s why people buy from independent designer-makers in the first place. Broadcasting this unique content through various social media channels enables us to reach…

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branding for beginners

When you think about your favourite makers, you can guarantee you’re able to pick their products out from a crowd. The best handmade businesses always have a strong brand, so you know one of their makes the moment you see it. Branding is often mistaken as simply the logo or the look of a business, but it’s so much more, and you, as the maker, are at the heart of it. BE YOURSELF The first thing to do, recommends Patricia van den Akker of The Design Trust (www.thedesigntrust.co.uk), is to work out what you stand for and who your dream clients are. “A good starting point is to ask yourself, ‘What do I want to be known for? What do I want people to feel when they see, touch or buy my work?…

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case study birdcanfox rebrand

Rebranding was a daunting prospect for me as a wilfully ignorant technophobe, but it was long overdue. I had named myself Little Birdy on a whim back when I was dabbling in sewing and upcycling and unsure if I even had a business. However, when I got my paws in some clay I knew it was the right medium for me and that the name no longer represented my work. When Anthropologie suggested a collaboration it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to rebrand as BIRDCANFOX, which I hoped would create ambiguous curiosity. My brand identity is fluid as I see it as being part of my overall creativity, which is something I consider to be ever evolving, hopefully avoiding stagnancy. If you’re considering rebranding, then my advice is to go…

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expert view fiona humberstone

Branding your creative business well is more important today than ever. And it’s about more than visuals. It’s about having a strong message, a clear vision and owning your style. It’s about knowing your worth and celebrating your magic. It’s about making your business the only logical choice for your clients. As a designer or maker, retaining this focus can feel overwhelming. Because as well as making, you now also have a few new hats to wear: stylist, photographer, head of product development and social media manager all rolled in to one – and that’s just the marketing side of things! You can totally do this. You just need a little clarity, a generous sprinkling of know-how and the confidence to believe in yourself. Find that thing you do better than anyone…

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words of advice from arounna khounnoraj

Whether you’re a fan of punch needling, print and pattern, or stunning handmade bags and accessories, there’s a fair chance you’ll have seen Arounna’s work on your online travels. Her gentle, genuine tales of artistic exploration and adventure inspire fellow creatives and happy customers all over the world. We caught up with her to find out her six pointers for creating a social media community and growing a business. Share your journey “Social media is a huge part of how we grew our business and how we run it. We’ve never advertised in any way except by taking part in shows that allowed us to quite literally be out in the public, as well as through our own social media. “Early on, I started a blog about our creative life, which enabled us…