Motor Boat & Yachting October 2020

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The old proverb “never assume, because you’ll make an ass out of u and me” may be overly trite but it does contain a kernel of truth. Far too many people assume that motor boats are exclusively a rich man’s game and given the price of some of the craft featured in this month’s CUSTOM YACHTING section it’s not hard to see why. But take the time to read the whole magazine and you’ll soon realise that you can enjoy the very same lifestyle on a much more modest budget. That could be by starting with something small but fun like the KAWASAKI JET-SKI on p121 or by going down the secondhand route with one of the four very tempting £30k cruisers which Nick Burnham has sniffed out on p146. However,…

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this month’s 10

1 TALE OF TWO BOAT SHOWS British Marine has confirmed that it will stage a boat show this month after all. It will take place at the same time and place as the usual Southampton Boat Show but in a reduced out-dooronly format. It won’t be called the Southampton International Boat Show (SIBS), as the main event has been postponed until next year in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, so the replacement show is being marketed as Boats 2020 instead. To make matters even more confusing, MDL Marinas is hosting its own competing event just down the road at Ocean Village over the same dates. Called the Ocean Village Boat Show, it has already secured some big name bookings from major players such as the Beneteau Group. So what is the…

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And we’re back! After what has been the strangest boating season ever, life on the water is, vaguely at least, back to normal. The lockdown actually hit just days after I launched Smuggler’s Blues 2 for the season, resulting in a weird situation where I could walk to my boat, but wasn’t allowed on it, not even just to sit on it or clean it. But as the lockdown eased, it didn’t get much less bizarre. Bojo announced that we were allowed out of our houses and the online boating forums went into meltdown – were we allowed on our boats or not? And if so, could we go out on them? The RYA insisted we could but many marinas and harbours remained resolutely silent on the subject of exactly when…

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boat cuisine

STEELS CORNER HOUSE CLEETHORPES, GRIMSBY Located on the south side of the Humber Estuary, Grimsby was once the proud home of the world’s largest fishing fleet. Today, the deserted commercial premises surrounding the fish dock bear witness to an industry that used to be. Ironically, it was the Cod Wars – Britain’s clashes with Iceland over fishing rights (Iceland won) – that largely put paid to the fleet. I say ‘ironically’ because the one fish that’s always been hard to find in Grimsby is cod. The reason is lernaeocera branchialis – a parasite commonly known as cod worm. Because of the worm, the local fish merchants wouldn’t bid for cod at the auctions – so it all ended up going inland instead. With a visit to Grimsby planned, I sought advice on where…

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windy 37 shamal

LOA 36ft 9in (11.3m) BEAM 10ft 9in (3.33m) ENGINES Twin Volvo Penta D6 400/440hp TOP SPEED 48 knots PRICE from £505,997 inc VAT CONTACT Berthon +44 (0)1590 647427; What you see here is a rare beast. A sub-40ft sportscruiser where handling and performance take precedence over interior volume and living space. That’s not to say the 37 isn’t a handsomely crafted and well thought out weekender, but one look at the narrow beam, open cockpit, and a pair of sterndrives mated to either 400hp or 440hp diesels and it’s obvious that this is a boat with intent to go to sea. The Shamal marks a new direction for the Norwegian yard with the services of superyacht designer Espen Oeino, he of Dilbar and Flying Fox fame, who is responsible for the exterior…

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sunseeker manhattan 68

LOA 69ft 7in (21.21m) BEAM 17ft 3in (5.26M) DRAFT 5ft 4in (1.6m) WEIGHT 37.4 tonnes ENGINES Twin 1,000-1,200hp MAN shaftdrive or Volvo IPS1300 TOP SPEED 32 knots PRICE FROM £2.1m inc VAT CONTACT Sunseeker London +44 (0)207 3550980 Although the Manhattan 68 made its global debut at the Düsseldorf show earlier this year, Boats 2020 looks like being the first opportunity for many UK showgoers to get a proper look inside this substantially refreshed version of the previous Manhattan 66. A new layout sees the entrance to the full beam owner’s suite moved from the aft corner of the saloon to a new position amidships. This not only frees up space for a stylish new aft galley and dining area but also creates a grander entrance lobby to the master…