Motor Boat & Yachting August 2021

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SEE MORE These are exciting times for boaters. Every month a fresh press release lands on my desk announcing the launch of some new electric boat. And not just small river craft with motors that would struggle to outpace a pair of oars but seriously quick, stylish sportsboats using powerful electric engines and all manner of clever foils, drives and construction materials enabling them to compete with fossil-fuelled rivals. From the funky flying Candela 7 to the quirky X-Shore Eelex 8000 via the British-built RS Pulse 63 and Pixii 750, there is a growing army of credible electric sportsboat contenders. However, the latest concept to cross my path, the Furyan F35, strikes me as particularly intriguing because it combines electric power with a small petrol engine to ensure the user never gets…

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double trouble

SEE MORE This is more than just a lovely picture of two 60-knot superboats in perfect step along the Jurassic Coast. It is the culmination of many hours of logistical wrangling between MBY and Brabus Marine London Group to get this twin test over the line. With such high demand for boats at the moment, especially ones of this style, co-ordinating the moving parts of diaries, personnel, delivery schedules and weather to get a back-to-back test of the Brabus Shadow 900 Black Ops Cross-Cabin and Sun-Top felt like quite an achievement. This was a rare opportunity to test two boats that have a lot in common but also many differences. Editor Hugo thinks the more exposed Sun-Top is the one to go for but deputy editor, Jack, is convinced the Cross-Cabin is…

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new britannia

Boris Johnson has confirmed that there is to be a replacement for the Royal Yacht Britannia using new green technology. The surprise announcement came in a statement from 10 Downing Street at the end of May. Rather than purely serving the British Royal Family, however, this new vessel will be a national ship rather than a private yacht – a floating embassy that will be operated by the Royal Navy. The idea is that it will support working royals and government departments alike, while furthering the nation’s interests abroad, both commercial and strategic. “Every aspect of this ship, from its build to the businesses it showcases, will represent and promote the best of British,” said Johnson, “a clear and powerful symbol of our commitment to be an active player on the world…

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the editor’s view…

The debate about how or even whether to replace the Royal Yacht Britannia has been gong on for as long as I’ve been editor and seems to crop up every few years when there’s no real news to talk about. But this time it’s different, this time it’s government policy – at least until Boris changes his mind, which has been known to happen! I sincerely hope he doesn’t because a new Britannia really could invigorate British ship building and cast fresh light on the amazing leisure boat industry we do still have. But if we’re going to do it, please don’t skimp on the budget. We don’t want Britannia being overshadowed by a tasteless megayacht belonging to some shady despot!…

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2 new pulse 63 electric rib

RS Sailing has released details of its first production-ready electric RIB. After unveiling the original Pulse 58 prototype at Düsseldorf 2020, the team spent two years refining the design into the larger and more sophisticated Pulse 63. Full production of this is now expected to commence in January 2022. The Pulse 63’s standard 400V 46kW lithiumion Hyperdrive power pack provides short-blast top speeds of up to 23 knots. However, at a 20-knot fast-cruise it should run for an hour and a half for a range of 30nm. Slow things down to 15 knots and the range extends to 45nm, or at 10 knots that stretches out to 70nm. An additional 23kWh power pack is also available for increased range, although the extra weight will impact its speed. The Pulse 63’s all-new hull comes…

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3 e1 racebird revealed

The organisers of the E1 electric racing series have revealed the final look of its Racebird foiling powerboat. Designed by 28-year-old founder of Seabird Technologies, Sophi Horne, with input from experienced race and leisure boat builders Victory Design, the latest shape has been toned down a little from the futuristic vision first shown earlier this year. However, with its long bow, angular foils and super-sleek profile, it still looks unlike anything else on the water. The power package has not yet been revealed but it will use a powerful electric motor linked to a Mercury racing drive. Despite its long, slender profile, the target LOA is a mere 7m with a beam of 2m (3m with foils). Built out of carbon fibre, the finished craft will weigh only 750kg, helping it to skim…