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January 2022

Published as the Brooklands Gazette in 1924, Motor Sport magazine is the best-known motor racing magazine in the world. From the very first issue celebrating record-breaking motor cycle racing at Brooklands to Stirling Moss’ win in the 1000-mile Mille Miglia, right up to modern F1 we’ve been there, bringing the action to the fans in the best format with unbeatable quality and authoritative content. As ever, the pages are brimmed with stunning images, plus anecdotes, tales and insight from leading writers including Nigel Roebuck, Maurice Hamilton, Doug Nye, Mark Hughes, Mat Oxley and Simon Arron.

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the editor

IT’S OFFICIAL: F1 HAS CRACKED AMERICA”. That was a headline that greeted scenes of a sell-out Circuit of the Americas during the Austin race weekend. According to organisers the event attracted crowds of just under 400,000 fans, creating an atmosphere that had seldom been seen at a Formula 1 event in the nation before. A few days later pre-sale tickets for next year’s Miami Grand Prix sold out in just 40 minutes, despite the fact that they were eye-wateringly expensive: the cheapest three-day passes started at around £500 rising to just under £2000. Leaving aside the fact that F1 will never truly ‘crack’ America until there is a US driver able to follow Phil Hill and Mario Andretti to World Championship glory, much of the credit for this surge in popularity has…

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details matter.

On p98, Doug Nye delves into the inner workings of Nissan’s 1989 R89C endurance car, which wears No23. This is Nissan’s favourite number because 2 in Japanese is ni and 3 is san. First used on the world stage at Le Mans in 1986, it has since been seen in a swathe of disciplines including BTCC, left – Laurent Aiello was the 1999 title winner in a Primera. Extending the theme, when Nissan announced its LMP1 programme in 2015, inset, it did so on May 23, in the fifth month: five in Japanese is go, thus ‘Go Nissan’.…

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stars come out to play in formula ford

THE APPEAL OF THE TRADITIONAL END-of-season Formula Ford 1600 contests showed no signs of slowing down this year, with both the Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes Trophy events providing knock-out thrills and packed grids apiece. This year’s Festival at Brands Hatch boasted a star-studded field, with former winners Roberto Moreno (1980) and Jan Magnussen (1992) returning to their roots and joining an entry that also boasted British GT champion Dennis Lind (himself a winner in 2010), McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin and BTCC team boss Shaun Hollamby among the formula regulars. Danish ace Lind fared the best of the celebrity interlopers, finishing ninth in the final, with countryman Magnussen an impressive 11th on his comeback. After a chaotic start to the final with a multiple-car tangle heading up to Druids, Jamie…

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mark hughes

LAST MONTH THE NEWS WAS THAT the proposed Michael Andretti buyout of the Sauber F1 team had hit the rocks and would no longer be happening. This month the speculation is that Audi is interested in buying McLaren while Porsche is looking at purchasing Williams. There’s a reason for it all: money. With the cost cap coming into full force and a fairer income distribution among teams, all while F1’s income is projected to grow, F1 teams for the first time can look at being very profitable operations. Despite Covid restrictions, the 2021 season is set to be a record profit year for F1. The huge Qatar and Saudi Arabia race-hosting fees play no small part in that. Around 60% of those profits are shared out between the teams – but…

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mat oxley

FINALLY, FRANCE HAS ITS FIRST premier-class motorcycle world champion. A hundred and twenty seven years since the world’s first autocycle racer spluttered out of Paris, en route to Rouen, Fabio Quartararo beat all-comers to take the 2021 MotoGP world title. The 22-year-old from Nice graduated to MotoGP in 2019, via today’s usual route: the Moto3 Junior World Championship and the Moto3 and Moto2 World Championships. He won his first MotoGP races last year and became title favourite when Marc Márquez broke an arm, which kept the six-time MotoGP champion out for nine months. But Quartararo didn’t win the title. Yamaha’s 2020 YZR-M1 was too sensitive to track conditions, so his season was a rollercoaster ride – three victories and 11 results outside the top six. Nevertheless Yamaha was convinced of Quartararo’s talent, so…

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doug nye

TODAY, THE THORNY QUESTION of fossil-fuel replacement is justifiably at the forefront of our thoughts. By 1901 a number of competitions and trials had already been held with the object in mind of promoting alcohol fuel as an alternative power source. Pioneer racing historian Gerald Rose wrote in 1909 about earlier efforts on the continent to promote alcohol fuel “…before a not very appreciative public”. He wrote: “Alcohol being a product of France, it was quite in keeping with the desire of the French Government for the encouragement of a great and growing national industry that the Minister of Agriculture, M. Jean Dupuy, should have created a Commission charged with the duty of discovering the best means by which the relative advantages of alcohol over petrol could be brought to the…