Motor Sport Magazine April 2021

Published as the Brooklands Gazette in 1924, Motor Sport magazine is the best-known motor racing magazine in the world. From the very first issue celebrating record-breaking motor cycle racing at Brooklands to Stirling Moss’ win in the 1000-mile Mille Miglia, right up to modern F1 we’ve been there, bringing the action to the fans in the best format with unbeatable quality and authoritative content. As ever, the pages are brimmed with stunning images, plus anecdotes, tales and insight from leading writers including Nigel Roebuck, Maurice Hamilton, Doug Nye, Mark Hughes, Mat Oxley and Simon Arron.

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the editor

FEBRUARY IS NEVER EASY. BUT IN MY household the cold, dark mornings were brightened by live cricket on terrestrial TV beamed direct from a warm-looking Chennai. Coverage of the England-India test match may start at an ungodly hour but the return of live cricket to a non-subscriber TV channel has meant that I have been following the team’s progress over my morning coffee and cornflakes. But here’s the thing. Although I enjoy the game, I would not pay a fee for watching it. This has meant that since cricket disappeared behind Sky’s paywall in 2005, I have stopped following it other than via the newspaper sports pages. It is a passion that withered on the vine. So the fact that Channel 4 is showing it, has meant that I am now following…

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details matter.

Headlamp covers are vulnerable to scratches and cracks, so in a long day and night race it’s worth protecting them when not needed. Hence the crewman here taping covers over the lights of this McLaren/Andretti Ford MkIV featured in our story on page 78 before the 1967 Sebring 12 Hours. The US airfield circuit was famously rough and prone to breaking up, with gravel fired back from car wheels like bullets. The covers were peeled off when dusk fell. Motor Sport (ISSN No: 0027-2019, USPS No: 021-661) is published monthly by Motor Sport Magazine GBR and distributed in the USA by Asendia USA, 17B S Middlesex Ave, Monroe NJ 08831. Periodicals postage paid New Brunswick, NJ and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: send address changes to Motor Sport, 701C Ashland Ave, Folcroft…

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are we due an american revolution at le mans?

THE LIST OF AMERICAN SUCCESSES AT Le Mans is long and littered with star names such as Shelby, Hill, Gregory, Gurney, Foyt, Cunningham and more. Could Glickenhaus be the next to be added to the US roll of honour as the independent manufacturer prepares to make its Le Mans debut with a fresh Hypercar entry? Jim Glickenhaus’ eponymous concern is gearing up to run two of its new twin-turbo V8 LMH 007s at this year’s event, and has already unveiled a star list of drivers - including Briton Richard Westbrook and two-time Le Mans winner Romain Dumas. The cars will also be operated by the Joest Racing outfit, which formerly ran Audi’s ultra-successful works efforts. The team hardly smacks of an amateur effort, and the New York-based entrepreneur and film producer behind…

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mark hughes

Red Bull’s confirmation that it will continue to run a Red Bull-branded Honda power unit after the Japanese manufacturer withdraws from F1 at the end of this season was widely expected. Once the F1 commission unanimously voted through the engine freeze from next year and until the new power unit regulations come into force, expected to be 2025, the danger of an ‘independent’ being out-gunned in development by Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault receded. Under the current tricky global circumstances, it’s good for Red Bull and for F1 as a whole. What was not so widely anticipated was that the new Red Bull Powertrains group that has been founded to run the continuation project is set to be way more than just that. It’s a much longer term project which will see…

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mat oxley

Grand prix motorcycle racing reached an important crossroads 50 years ago. Imagine that Jackie Stewart’s closest rivals during the 1971 F1 World Championship were a bunch of young upstarts driving pimped-up Jaguar E-types and Ford Capris. This was the situation in which Giacomo Agostini found himself that summer. During 1971 the Italian stallion won his sixth consecutive 500cc world title, riding four-stroke grand prix bikes belonging to the Agusta family. He had no serious opposition because Meccanica Verghera Agusta was the only manufacturer contesting the championship, but the privateers who shared the podium that year rode mongrels powered by two-stroke engines taken from a new generation of high-performance Japanese road bikes. Agostini’s state-of-the-art three-cylinder MV made around 80bhp and was available only to those riders anointed by Count Agusta, which in 1971…

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doug nye

IT WAS I THINK MOTORING WRITER Leonard Setright who coined, or broadcast, the penetrating rhyme: “One man’s meat’s another man’s poison – my favourite car’s an Avions Voisin.” Now anyone familiar with the – ahem – looks of the average Voisin (if any of them could be described as ‘average’) will completely grasp the point. Enthusiasm for motor sport and for fine and interesting old cars in general is an extremely broad church. But there are points of contact between even the most isolationist disciples of one-marque interest - between the Ferrariphiles and the Riley nuts, the ’Nashers and the Red Bull Racing fans, the AMG-Mercedes F1 freaks and the old-time Sizaire et Naudin faction or even Les Bugattistes or the Alfisti. One major shared interest focuses simply upon what constitutes a…