Motor Sport Magazine July 2021

Published as the Brooklands Gazette in 1924, Motor Sport magazine is the best-known motor racing magazine in the world. From the very first issue celebrating record-breaking motor cycle racing at Brooklands to Stirling Moss’ win in the 1000-mile Mille Miglia, right up to modern F1 we’ve been there, bringing the action to the fans in the best format with unbeatable quality and authoritative content. As ever, the pages are brimmed with stunning images, plus anecdotes, tales and insight from leading writers including Nigel Roebuck, Maurice Hamilton, Doug Nye, Mark Hughes, Mat Oxley and Simon Arron.

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the editor

A DECADE AGO, ON JUNE 12, 2011, ONE of the great, perhaps the greatest, comeback races unfolded on a lakelike Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Jenson Button, who two years earlier had claimed a most unlikely World Championship title for Brawn GP, progressed from 21st after 40 laps to first after 70. But that is only half the story. This was the grand prix that really did have it all: a 24-car grid featuring no fewer than six former and future world champions, red flags, a two-hour rain suspension, five safety cars, punctures, two collisions for the winner and six visits to the pits. In all the race lasted just over four hours. As Jenson remembered later, “It was one of those races that felt like everything was going wrong for the first…

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details matter.

If you want a Land Speed Record, get someone official to time you and make sure you play by their rules. Donald Campbell’s 1964 403.10mph, detailed on page 114, was timed by FIA ratified stewards (left). But it had already been surpassed by Craig Breedlove’s Spirit of America at 407.45mph – only that was a jet-powered tricycle, which the FIA didn’t count. America did though, so for a while Breedlove was the fastest man in the world in the US, and Campbell the fastest man in the world everywhere else……

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17 ways to get back to the trackside this year

1 British Touring Car Championship Knockhill, August 14-15 Some folk bemoan the modern BTCC, complaining about shoddy driving standards, the reduced diversity brought about by the loss – 30-odd years ago! – of a multi-class structure, the artificiality of success ballast and so on. If you are in any of those camps, we recommend that you go and watch – and any excuse to visit Scotland should always be taken. In truth, the multi-class BTCC (and preceding BSCC) didn’t always make sense to the wider public because the championship leader was often somebody who picked up maximum points after finishing 14th overall on a good day. And driving standards are, generally, pretty good; contact is usually a by-product of the fastest 25 cars being separated by a second or less per lap –…

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mark hughes

AS WE TOUCH UPON IN THE race reports of the two grands prix which have taken place since the last issue, the pattern of the season after four races suggests a narrative of Mercedes, having begun the season at Bahrain behind Red Bull, has since closed the gap (at Imola), drawn level (Portugal) and pulled ahead (Barcelona) at each subsequent race. Which has brought an inevitable sense of disappointment after seven seasons of unrelenting Mercedes championship domination, as Lewis Hamilton has won three of the first four races. But actually, wait. I have a theory which offers hope that we may still see the tight battle that the opening couple of rounds promised. The two cars are quite different in their concepts and performance patterns. It may just be that the…

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mat oxley

YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A GENIUS to understand why it’s easier to overtake in MotoGP than in Formula 1. But as MotoGP machines become more closely matched – due to improving technology and tighter technical regulations – the act of executing a passing manoeuvre grows more complex. That’s why qualifying and the start are now so crucial in MotoGP. Inevitably this has led to a new technology race, with so-called holeshot devices. The best way to make a MotoGP bike accelerate away from the grid isn’t by adding horsepower or improving traction, it’s by reducing the amount of front-wheel lift. Racing motorcycles are tall and short, so they want to loop over backwards when full torque is applied to the rear wheel. The concept of the first start gadget, created by Ducati…

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doug nye

ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO COME July 25 – America (with help from German and Irish immigrant genes) won the 1921 Grand Prix of the Automobile Club de France. That first post-WW1 international Grand Prix race comprised 30 laps of the 10.75-mile Sarthe circuit at Le Mans. A glorious home win for new French manufacturer Ernest Ballot’s team of 3-litre straight-8 twin-overhead camshaft cars had been predicted, but it had been foiled. The German-born brothers Fred and Augie Duesenberg had entered their own team of similarly specified Indianapolis-bred cars, and with their fearless and relentlessly rapid lead driver Jimmy Murphy – son of Irish immigrants – they defeated the French on home soil… While none of the Duesenberg children had much formal education, both Fred (born Friedrich) and Augie (August) showed mechanical aptitude.…