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July 2019

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editor’s note

Art and design have always had an influence on each other. You only need to look at the Bauhaus movement or consider art nouveau to see periods where art and commercial design have marched in lockstep. Things haven’t changed – since the birth of the internet, digital art and design have helped inspire each other, creating a feedback loop that has enriched both mediums.In recognition of this phenomenon, we’re celebrating visual arts in this issue of net, looking at ways creative code can both produce attractive art and help impart valuable new skills. Kicking things off, developer and artist Mike Brondbjerg is on hand to show you how you can create sumptuous JavaScript animations driven by audio data. And for those that prefer to focus on the lighter side of…

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featured authors

MIKE BRONDBJERGBrondbjerg is a designer, developer and artist working in data viz and generative design. On page 60, he shows how to use data to drive your dev work with his tutorial on building an audio visualisation in p5.js.w: kultur.designTIFFANY CHOONGChoong is a front-end developer, designer and CSS artist based in Toronto, Canada. As a part of our CSS art feature on page 68, she shows you how to put together a cute animated Poké pal.t: @tiffachoooOMAR BAKHSHIBakhshi is design director at Smart Design. He is a leader in designing innovative products, services and experiences. On page 36, he shows you how running remote design sprints can produce powerful results.w: smartdesignworldwide.comRICHARD MATTKAMattka is an award-winning creative director, designer and developer. He shows how you can make your users’ voices heard with Google’s…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.comTHIS MONTH FEATURING…PATRICK H LAUKELauke is a senior accessibility engineer at The Paciello Group and co-editor of the W3C Pointer Events Level 2 and the W3C Touch Events Level 2 specs.w: splintered.co.ukt: @patrick_h_laukeTOM WILLIAMSWilliams is CEO and co-founder at Ostmodern, digital product designers specialising in videocentred products.w: www.ostmodern.co.ukt: @willit32QUESTION OF THE MONTHWhat’s the secret to designing an interface for a streaming platform?Jermaine Jeffers, San Francisco, USTW: Launching a streaming platform is only the start. The harder work is understanding audience behaviours after launch: how people are using the platform, whether they’re using it regularly, if they feel it has the right value for them and whether they stay on the platform.Design has a big part to play. Once a platform has launched, we’ll spend time prototyping new designs…

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3 simple steps

Use real content+ TW: Be realistic in what you present. For example, if the test is about a content catalogue, showing content that is representative of the actual catalogue means users will give a realistic response and not be distracted by content that doesn’t appear credible.Watch and learn+ Have a separate room, where the team can capture insights in real time. We encourage clients to be in this room, for them to observe how their audience is using the product.(Images x3 by www.pixabay.com)Tweak rapidly+ We carried out ‘rapid intuitive user testing’, where we tweaked the prototype after each user testing session. Based on feedback we’d modify the interface for the next user. This way, we could test the overall architecture and pieces of functionality simultaneously.…

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cool stuff we learned this month

MIT’S NEW COUNTING ALGORITHM+ MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), has applied machine learning to counting.Called LearnedSketch, it is particularly good at finding trends in large data sets, such as identifying large sources of traffic in a stream of IP addresses.https:/netm.ag/2ZSeCWuTOP WORDPRESS WEB DESIGN FIRM AWARDS+ Ruckus Marketing is the best WordPress web design firm for the month of April, according to 10 Best Design’s WordPress awards. It scooped the prize thanks to how the site’s design services optimise the layout for mobile.The awards also said the company “builds quality and highly researched SEO into the architecture and links of the site.”https:/netm.ag/2PD37NEHOW AI IMPACTS WEB DESIGN AND DEV+ The AI market has grown at a rapid rate over the years, with no sign of abating. Findings by Statista…