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New Zealand Listener Issue 27 2019

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house of cards

Just days away from July 1, the date that the Government promised 1000 new houses would have been built under its flagship KiwiBuild policy – with 5000 next year and 10,000 the following year – the failure of the programme can be seen in perspective. So far, 119 KiwiBuild homes have been completed. The biggest loss is not the houses. After all, they never existed. Other than hopes being dashed by people who might have qualified for a KiwiBuild home, the biggest blow is to the Government’s reputation. It’s good intentions are not in doubt, but nor can there be doubt that, believing its own rhetoric, it overpromised. In Opposition, Labour implied that the solution to housing affordability was simple: it promised 100,000 affordable homes in 10 years, half in Auckland. There were…

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the moral of the story

I can assure economics professor Tim Hazledine that in the company I keep, not everyone is paying the right amount of tax (“First past the post”, June 22), which is a reason he gives for New Zealand’s high “tax morale”. Thanks to creative accounting, businesses of many hues are dodging tax all over the place. A dairy farmer of my acquaintance who owned two farms gleefully showed me the Community Services Card his accountant had wrangled for his family. He owns 10 farms at last count. And then there’s the case of the corporate-box rort that ordinary taxpayers effectively subsidise, and the fibre-glass cattle crate, aka a boat. If only, Tim. Mike Shennen(Tauranga) TACKLING THE TOLL The June 22 Editorial (“Speed freaks”) raises many valid points, not least in noting the absence of median barriers as…

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winning caption

Rex McGregor, Auckland FINALISTS Donald Trump: “I’m a big fan of your Bohemian Rhapsody.” — Alan Belcher, Christchurch Queen Elizabeth: “This waiter is just awful.”—Phoebe Wray, Christchurch Queen (thinks): “I will get Philip to drive him home!” — Brian Coutts, Dunedin Queen: “The ego has landed.”—Daniel Phillips, Invercargill Trump: “I’ll have the lamb.” Queen: “Turkey.”—Mark Bradley, Dunedin Queen (thinks): “Hominem horribilis.” — Warren Shaw, Marton Trump: “Honey, I shrunk the Queen!”—Graeme Bulling, Auckland Trump: “We can learn from Britain. I will make the presidency hereditary.” — Mark Holman, Wellington Queen (thinks): “Fake speech.”—Jenny Senior, Waipawa Queen: “I’ll just slide under the table and join Philip.”—Graeme Bulling…

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quips & quotes

“It is a wake-up call when the speech announcing you’re not standing for Tory leader is better attended than your leadership launch.” – British Conservative MP James Cleverley, withdrawing his candidacy to replace Theresa May“The PM should never have hired GJ Thompson. Now, if she’d hired GJ Gardner, KiwiBuild might have more houses on the books.” – seen on Twitter account “Jeremy”“Donald Trump Jr was interviewed today behind closed doors by the Senate Intelligence Committee. I doubt they will find any intelligence in him, so I’m asking for a friend, is there a plan B?” – Bette Midler“Dear Algebra, please stop asking us to find your X. She’s never coming back, and don’t ask Y.” – seen on cafe menu board“If we say politicians cannot have done anything racy at…

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life in new zealand

Solley loves bringing the goats to Takapuna Beach to run on the sand, socialise and exchange stories with the locals. Rangitoto Observer, 10/5/19 Meghan Markle attends first official royal engagement since giving birth at parade to honour the Queen Canoe.com, 8/6/19 Extra money to flow into waterways Bay of Plenty Times, 31/5/19 “Is the Government’s goal for New Zealand to be smoke free by 2025 a pipedream?” RNZ news bulletin, 28/3/19 Dog poo bag dispensers would still be available at public locations and people could continue to self-fill these as they had done previously. Otago Daily Times, 7/6/19 “I just met with the Queen of England (UK), the Prince of Whales…” Tweet by US President Donald Trump LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND: Entries must be from news reports. The first sender of those accepted will receive a $5 Booksellers voucher. Enclose name, address…