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New Zealand Listener Issue 38 2019

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names from a hat

You know local government elections are approaching when city and district councillors who have been silent and invisible for the past three years suddenly find their voices. They realise that name recognition can be the key to re-election in a field of politics where voters often have little else to go on. Hence the sudden burst of activity in the form of press statements, letters to the editor and impassioned declarations on populist issues as election day (technically October 12, the day on which postal voting closes) approaches. Just getting your name out there can be the difference between success and failure. A cynical view? Perhaps, but it’s sometimes hard to avoid cynicism when it comes to local government. It’s the poor cousin of national politics, but to those seeking office,…

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god bother

Karen Armstrong’s insights (“Gods & Monsters”, September 7) into the rise – indeed the resurgence – of fundamentalism are not only timely but, for me, bring back memories of similar observations some 30 years ago. English theologian Leslie Weatherhead writes in his 1965 autobiography The Christian Agnostic of, effectively, his need to put aside religion in order to find faith. He shares an ancient Hebrew legend about the flute Moses the shepherd used to play. As the years following Moses’ death passed, this simple wooden pipe was treasured and revered – a relic to be adored. But its simple structure seemed too plain. Artisans from around the region were commissioned to overlay it with gold, silver and mother-of-pearl. The result was unquestionably a relic worthy of their adoration. Unfortunately, it could…

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winning caption

Tony Clemow, Kamo FINALISTS Emmanuel Macron: “I know the G7 is a pantomime, but I didn’t think they’d send Dozey.” – Rhonda Ramsay, Thames Macron: “Quelle Horreur! He’s doing a Winston!” – Brian Marks, Paihia Vladimir Putin: “Wake me up when Brexit’s all over.” – Rex McGregor, Auckland Caption: “All quiet on the Western Front.” – PM Lynch, Upper Hutt Voice in headphones: “Once upon a time, there was an oaf named Boris …” – Ann Love, Nelson Macron: “His ego is this big.” Putin: “Da, but brain size of pea.” – Peter Scanlan, Lower Hutt Putin, humming: “Back in the US, back in the US, back in the USSR.” – John Edgar, Christchurch Caption Competition {caption@listener.co.nz} TO ENTER Send your captions for the photo above to caption@listener.co.nz, with “Caption Competition No 349” in the subject line. Alternatively, entries can…

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“In New Zealand, you have to say, ‘Just these, thanks’, as you place your items on the counter, otherwise they will not serve you and assume you are requiring many more items.”– comedian Lauren Mabbett“Word of the day: Boris-Noris (19th century) – to go on blindly, without any thought of risk or decency.”– QI’s Twitter account“There are different ways to win the mayoral race: there’s your John Tamihere, which is overpromise, underdeliver; Phil Goff’s underpromise, overdeliver; or the Len Brown – over the couch, under the desk.”– Jeremy Corbett on 7 Days“In my newspaper office, there used to be a sub-editor who kept disappearing from his desk. He was nicknamed Red October. We knew he was a sub but no one had a clue where the hell he was.”– NZ…

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life in new zealand

Over the next week, restaurants will be throwing up all sorts of treats including pies, dumplings, high teas, cocktails, and beer and food matches. Dominion Post, 24/8/19 [He] is the first person in Taranaki to have dual black belts in marital arts. Taranaki Daily News, 26/8/19 A poem expresses perfectly the things we feel deeply, but may not be able to put into words. stuff.co.nz, 22/8/19 The Sky Waka will only be open to access for sightseeing and not for skiing & boarding due to zero visibility. mtruapehu.com, 24/8/19 More work is needed to understand the cost of sex for the Scilly females and the benefit of sex in Wellington. Waikato Times, 26/8/19 Dessen’s latest story doesn’t fail to disappoint fans of her gripping and relatable stories. NZ Herald, 27/7/19 LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND: Entries must describe New Zealand events. The first…

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10 quick questions

1. True or false? The Earth’s ozone layer has been healing in the last two decades. ❑ True❑ False 2. Which spectacular comet was visible to the naked eye in 1996 and 1997? ❑ Halley❑ Shoemaker-Levy 9❑ McNaught❑ Hale-Bopp 3. Which athlete was involved in a collision with Zola Budd at the 1984 Olympics? ❑ Anne Audain ❑ Mary Decker ❑ Merlene Ottey❑ Lorraine Moller 4. Who has hosted the Oscars a record 19 times (far more than anyone else)? ❑ Bob Hope❑ Johnny Carson❑ Steve Martin❑ Billy Crystal 5. Which of these words means a diplomatic course of action or manoeuvre? ❑ Empennage ❑ Démarche ❑ Consommé❑ Seigniorage 6. Which of these actors made their breakthrough at age 50 in a 1987 movie titled Street Smart? ❑ Alan Rickman ❑ Judi Dench ❑ Morgan Freeman ❑ Kathy Bates 7. What is…