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New Zealand Listener Issue 41 2019

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paying the price

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern undersold New Zealand when she told the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit in New York that we were “determined to show that we can be the most sustainable food producers in the world”. By most key measures, and even counting food miles for our exports, we already are. But that message needs amplifying. Never mind the world stage – farmers need defending at home against the current fashion for demonising them as the prime culprits for greenhouse-gas emissions and water pollution. The causes of climate change are a town and country problem. It is pointless to pit “their” dirty rivers and belching cows against “our” urban traffic and sewage discharge. Yet the abuse of farmers by self-righteous urbanites is becoming so severe that it is probably contributing – along…

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putting an end to it all

Seventeen years after the Netherlands implemented its euthanasia law, 88% of the Dutch support the legislation and more than three-quarters would use it if needed. Theo Boer (“Grave consequences”, September 28) is not one of them, which is why the Care Alliance invited him to Aotearoa. In 2002, the Dutch Parliament regulated euthanasia for patients experiencing “unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement”. Physicians acting in accordance with the criterion of “due care” would not be prosecuted. The law offers explicit recognition of the validity of a euthanasia directive. Many Dutch people write a directive stipulating that if their mental state deteriorates beyond a certain point – they can’t recognise family members, say – they are to be euthanised. Initially, most patients requesting and receiving assisted dying were suffering from terminal cancer. Because…

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winning caption

Ann Love, Nelson FINALISTS Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: “No, I shouldn’t …” Mary Berry: “Go on, say it.” Catherine: “Oh, all right. Let them eat cake!” – Max Tasman, Auckland Berry: “Motherhood is like baking – you don’t want soggy bottoms.” – John Edgar, Christchurch Catherine: “So I grabbed a slice of Battenberg and lobbed it at Fergie’s daughters – next thing they were wearing something suspiciously like it on their heads to my wedding.” – Claudia Freeman, Gisborne Berry: “This toothpaste sponsorship deal is such a grind.” – Rex McGregor, Auckland…

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quips& quotes

“When talking to a redhead, approach gingerly.” – seen on Twitter“Not sure how serious we should take this given the last promise Trump made to a foreigner was ‘I vow to be a faithful husband.’” – the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah on Donald Trump making promises to foreign leaders“My phone battery always starts to deteriorate right when the new phones are available. It’s quite something.” – US writer Roxane Gay“Johnson increasingly frustrated at being unable to prorogue the general public.” – Twitter account of Larry the Cat“What we have with this prorogation is the mother of Parliaments closed down by the father of lies.” – Scottish QC Aidan O’Neill“Speak less than you know; have more than you show.” – William Shakespeare“Donald Trump has now gone through more national security advisers…

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life in new zealand

With 64 one-day internationals and 14 tests in the early 1990s under his belt, Pringle said as a spectator he had a strong feel for the game. Bay of Plenty Times, 11/7/19 Prisoners represent a captive audience so there is a real opportunity to inculcate them into the democratic process … Nelson Mail, 17/8/19 The sisters took possession of the site in June, and have spent that past couple of months giving the place some “TLC”, doing the painting and steam cleaning themselves with help from family. Wairarapa Midweek, 28/8/19 Pupils dine out on sustainable packaging Otago Daily Times, 24/8/19 More Nelson drivers are being caught driving on their phones, with one driver caught twice in two days at the same location. Nelson Weekly, 28/8/19 LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND: Entries must describe New Zealand events. The first sender of those…

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10 quick questions

1. Who painted the artwork A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte? ❑ Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec ❑ Georges Seurat ❑ Vincent van Gogh ❑ Eugène Delacroix 2. Which of these words can mean an object believed to have magical powers? ❑ Quirk ❑ Ribald ❑ Fetish ❑ Kink 3. Which documentary-maker is known for the technique of slowly panning the camera across a still image? ❑ Ken Burns ❑ Michael Moore ❑ Errol Morris ❑ Werner Herzog 4. True or false? Some dogs can detect cancer in humans by smell. ❑ True ❑ False 5. Which country was first to launch a rocket into space? ❑ Soviet Union ❑ China ❑ United States ❑ Germany 6. The Shining Path is a Maoist rebel group in which country? ❑ Peru ❑ Cambodia ❑ Lebanon ❑ Spain 7. The 2006 “togs…