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the archives

1965 “Dapper, relaxed Joe Wilson, president of Xerox Corp., is one executive who can say he is literally working up a storm,” Newsweek said. He “plans to turn his bumptious $385 million a year Xerox Corp. into a $2 billion a year behemoth by 1975.” Now a Fortune 500 company, Xerox has evolved by driving innovation into the 3D-printing industry. The company also has expanded its environmental impact with its recently published 2021 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which outlines its goals and commitment to producing more eco-friendly procedures and technologies. 1976 “The chance to boogie again is appealing to the Beautiful People, the bourgeoisie and the blue-collar worker alike,” Newsweek wrote at the height of the disco era. This year, Netflix released the series Halston about the designer whose name was synonymous…

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the might of monozukuri: how japanese companies remain untouchable in many niche fields

Japan has faced stiffer regional competition from the likes of China, Taiwan and Korea in recent decades, as these countries have grown increasingly stronger in areas such as electronics, semiconductors, and automobiles. But behind the scenes, Japanese SMEs still dominate niche B2B-facing industries, leveraging Japan’s monozukuri craftsmanship philosophy, which entails the development of superior-quality components and machinery defined by unmatchable performance; as well as an acute understanding of customer needs. “Japanese companies are very meticulous in responding to the end user’s needs. By doing so, they have greatly improved their product line-up,” says Toru Nishido, president of Iwatsu Electric, which manufactures communication systems, printing systems, and test and measurement systems. “Japanese monozukuri lies in the developers, that is, the team always caters to the needs of users in great detail.” “For our…

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sharing the future: creating sustainable growth for business and society

“In the more than 150 years since our founding, SCREEN has experienced incredible growth and diversification. We will continue working to further deepen our proud history and constantly improve our corporate value.”Toshio Hiroe, CEO & President, SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. From energy, semiconductors and electronics to pharmaceuticals and bio-sciences, there are incredible and transformative developments happening in these innovation-driven industries, and SCREEN Holdings is proud to be playing a fundamental role behind the scenes in all of them. Established as a printing company over 150 years ago, SCREEN produced Japan’s first photographic glass screens in 1938 and throughout its history the company has sought to continuously refine technologies in its three core areas: surface processing, direct imaging and image processing. These core technologies have formed the basis of SCREEN’s successful expansion in the…

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mastering evolving technology to create a future we can be proud of for the next generation

Delivering cutting-edge technology from Kumamoto, Japan, to the rest of the world, meistier corporation provides comprehensive support to maximize equipment life-time value, constantly improving our expertise to meet the needs of local customers. Through a fusion of manpower and ICT, we can efficiently connect our Fab support engineer teams around the world with customers regardless of time or distance. This ensures that the most suitable engineers are always available to respond to customer requests and provide speedy and timely support. By pursuing and utilizing a “Smart ICT Support System” that makes full use of our global network of offices, the skills of our experienced employees, and also big data, we can work together with our customers to create a smart society of the future. Over the years, meistier corporation has focused on accumulating…

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the pioneer of electrostatic chucks

In a field as constantly evolving as semiconductors, innovation becomes not just an advantage but a necessity to survive. Japan’s Creative Technology has been at the forefront of the industry for nearly 30 years, and today uses its culmination of past technologies to provide an all-encompassing one-stop shop for electrostatic chucks. By truly understanding the functional side of electrostatic chucks, Creative Technology provides a unique service for its clients. As president Yoshiaki Tatsumi explains: “Making full use of our knowledge and experience so far, we strive to come up with the best solution from every angle, starting from design to production.” By way of example, the company is able to apply its chucks not only in the semiconductor field, but also in other applications such as robotics and food products, to name…

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seiwa optical: the machine vision and inspection equipment specialists

The history of Japan’s optical equipment manufacturers can be traced back to World War II, during which these companies provided scopes for the munitions industry. In the post-war period, focus shifted to the development of microscopes, industrial measuring instruments and electro-optical devices, before eventually expanding to semiconductors and, more recently, optical devices for new technologies such as the Internet of Things, automation and artificial intelligence (AI). As such, optical manufacturers have played a very important role in Japan’s industrial development, with Seiwa Optical being one of the chief players in the industry for more than seven decades. “Seiwa Optical was founded in 1947. To sustain the business over such a long time, it has been necessary to manage it with a balance between traditional inheritance and modern innovation,” says company president,…