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Newsweek International 04/19/2019

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the archives

1981 “U.S. schools have chronically been in crisis,” Newsweek reported. As standards softened and budgets shrank, parents yanked their kids out of the public school system in growing numbers, but the underlying issue remained: “Too many students don’t want to learn, and too many teachers don’t know how to teach.” Almost four decades later, as we are enmeshed in debates about standardized testing, charter schools and vouchers, we are still struggling to find a solution. 1961 “The ultimate paradox of the trial of Adolf Eichmann—once chief of the Gestapo’s bureau of ‘Jewish affairs’—is that no punishment can fit his crime,” Newsweek wrote. His trial, the first to be completely televised, brought Nazi atrocities into the light of day. Hitler’s “Master of Death” was sentenced to death for his crimes. 1990 “A kind of animated ‘Father…

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spare me the platitudes

MY DAUGHTER, LEAH, GAVE BIRTH TO HER THIRD child and out of the blue was immediately diagnosed as having stage 4 breast cancer. She was beautiful and fun, and she loved her children and husband, Eric. She was an Emmy-winning producer for ESPN and had long, gorgeous red hair. For two years, she battled cancer and wrote a spirited blog that captured her humor, which surprisingly had not left her. Several thousand strangers were captivated by the precious gift of feisty fortitude that she gave to her readers. She died in 2010, at age 43. I still cry a lot and think of her every day. Sometimes, the grief overwhelms me. I remember holding her as a baby, then watching her do cartwheels on the beach, then enduring with parental acceptance the…

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born to run

LAST YEAR, AS TED CRUZ FACED a series of debates against his Democratic challenger, I was nervous. The Texas senator’s re-election race was getting increasingly tight, and as someone who has spent decades in conservative media, I tried to prepare him for the big fight. After watching from the wings, I learned this: Beto O’Rourke is the toughest candidate I have ever prepped against and one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen. The media might not recognize his skills, but voters do—and will in 2020. In fact, being underestimated may be one of his biggest advantages. For those who believe that he’s a lightweight, that his social media habits are not presidential material and that he doesn’t have enough experience or gravitas, I’m here to set you straight. What he managed…

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rock for choice

FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, Cecile Richards was the public face of the abortion rights movement. Wearing her trademark blue—and sometimes hot-pink—suits, the head of Planned Parenthood saw the national women’s health organization through a tumultuous time, from escalating death threats on abortion providers to increased protests of clinics to the viral controversy over fake videos that alleged her group profited from fetal remains. Then, last year, she stepped down. But her resignation, she tells Newsweek, is far from a retirement. Her latest book, Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out and Finding the Courage to Lead, serves as a guidebook for a new generation of feminist activists; the paperback edition—released in March—includes a nine-point “Women’s Declaration of Independence.” The mission to protect abortion rights, she says, is more urgent than ever. President…

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despot times

EARLY THIS MONTH, VENEZUELA’S illegitimate National Constituent Assembly removed my immunity. But this isn’t about what happens to me. This piece is about all Venezuelans who are fighting hard to restore our democracy. And this is not about a conflict between the president of the United States and a revolutionary leader, as propaganda from Nicolás Maduro’s friends would have you believe. This is a conflict between the people—who want freedom—and a tyrant. Maduro’s dictatorship has been a tragedy for Venezuela. Since 2014, its gross domestic product has contracted by 50 percent. For several years, it has had the world’s highest inflation, and last year it fell into hyperinflation. Several million Venezuelans have left the country. Poverty has increased to about 90 percent, and more than 65 percent habitually go hungry—the highest…

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‘i am told every day that i am anti-america if i am not pro-israel’

In late March, some 18,000 people crowded into a grand ballroom the size of a commercial airline hangar in downtown Washington, D.C., for the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the largest pro-Israel lobby in the United States. Behind the stage were a dozen Jumbotrons, which, in between the speeches, broadcast short propaganda films about daily life in Israel. In some, Israelis residing close to the Gaza Strip described their experiences of living under Hamas rocket fire. Others showed Israeli agricultural fields being consumed by huge fires, caused by Hamas-launched kites carrying burning, gasoline-soaked rags. Still others showed elaborate Hamas tunnels that Israeli security forces had discovered. Whenever there was downtime, Israeli songs blared through the sound system. The effect was total immersion—sight, sound and speeches—in…