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the archives

1995 “Blood, race, celebrity, lust, love, sex, brutality: this case has had it all,” Newsweek reported on The People v. O.J. Simpson. In the trial of the former football star, the “prosecution and defense battled over evidence that portrayed Simpson as a brutal wife batterer and a key police witness as a racist.” A Newsweek poll revealed “82 percent of Americans” expected to follow the case, generating “the most publicized murder trial in history.” With the public divided largely along racial lines, Simpson was finally acquitted, and the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman remain unsolved. 1973 “Harsh winter weather was biting more deeply all across America” and “fuel shortages began to plague the nation,” Newsweek wrote. The country faced “long-range prospects of brownouts” and “diplomatic repercussions in the oil-rich Middle East.”…

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bursting with optimism

He has been called the “comedian president.” But there is an air of historical gravitas that President Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration has brought to Ukraine. No government in the country’s modern history has had such a large mandate to enable change. With a supportive government now in office, Zelensky, 41, will have a better opportunity than any Ukrainian leader before him to push through reforms and tackle corruption without obstruction. “In the first 2.5 months, parliament adopted over 80 laws, mostly aimed at improving the investment climate”VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE On TV, Zelensky played an utterly unprepared fictional president. In reality, he has moved quickly to pass reforms that investors have long hoped for. “In the first 2.5 months, parliament adopted over 80 laws, mostly aimed at improving the investment climate and…

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volodymyr zelensky

Following a historic election win, President Volodymyr Zelensky now has the parliamentary majority needed to enact transformative judicial and land market reforms. Here, President Zelensky, a political outsider, explains his new vision for Ukraine. What achievement does your election win represent for Ukraine? The main achievement is that the people of Ukraine have chosen a new order, with a young and energetic team who don’t only want to change Ukraine, but to make it a country that no one wants to leave. How do you plan to tackle corruption? We are making changes with the judiciary so that investors can see that their investments will be defended. I can promise that we will never again have such levels of corruption, and we will make great strides toward transparency. What defines the US-Ukraine relationship? The US is…

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oleksiy honcharuk

Ukraine’s youngest prime minister ever, Oleksiy Honcharuk, 35, is leading a new generation of officials that is working hard to restore their country’s reputation and put people, not the state, at the center of their efforts. How does this government mark a new era for Ukraine? We are seeing a complete generational change in government, and this is why we think that change is going to be sustainable. The message from the new generation to the old one is that previous practices are not going to remain; they will be replaced. “Judicial reform is a chief task that we are prepared to accomplish” What have been your government’s main accomplishments so far? Since taking office, 415 state enterprises have been transferred to the State Property Fund to start privatization. In the first two months of…

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lenna koszarny

Horizon Capital is a leading private equity firm in Ukraine that manages four funds with assets of over $850 million. Founding Partner and CEO Lenna Koszarny describes the pivotal changes afoot in Ukraine. What has the media overlooked that investors should notice? Recent changes in Ukraine have been driven by a civic society that is holding its leadership accountable. Nowhere in the world have there been free and fair elections resulting in a president winning over 73% of the vote and receiving such a decisive mandate from its citizens. What makes Ukraine’s investment opportunity unique? Ukraine offers a ground-floor opportunity that is truly unparalleled. In 2008, Ukraine had a nominal GDP of about $180 billion, which shrunk to $90 billion in 2015. The nominal GDP is about $135 billion today, so the country isn’t…

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sweeping reforms redefine ukraine

Ukraine’s new government is out to reset relations with investors. For too long, the Eastern European nation has been defined by a biased judiciary that has defended entrenched interests. But now a sweeping set of reforms led by President Zelensky will work to allay investors’ largest fears, forging a new business order in Ukraine. The litmus test for the success of these reforms is the long-awaited opening of the land market. For 25 years, the development of a privatized land market has been put off, relegating Ukraine’s agricultural land to an atavistic Soviet system that still bars private ownership. Finally allowing land to move into private hands would simultaneously lift a moratorium on foreign investment into one of the world’s most fertile tracts of agricultural assets while setting a tempo for…