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the archives

1989 “At a distance, the yellow, granulated mounds rising 250 feet over Staten Island might be mistaken for sand dunes—if not for the stench,” Newsweek said when describing Fresh Kills, once the largest landfill in the world. Collecting 24,000 tons of garbage daily and spanning 2,200 acres, this was the only destination for New York City residents’ trash from 1991 until its closing in 2001. Efforts across the country to put a dent in overflowing landfills inspired New York City to transform Fresh Kills into a park, which has been dedicated to recreation, education and wildlife since its opening in 2012. 1968 “Wild colors, jangling jewelry, bizarre tailoring—imagine almost any exotic fashion, and today’s more unconventional male is wearing it,” Newsweek reported as masculine fashion was redefined by embellishment. Promoting gender fluidity in…

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sinema and manchin know what they are doing

IT’S A CORE PRINCIPLE OF ECONOMICS THAT people do what they are incentivized to do. That may be why Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sine-ma of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia haven’t hesitated to oppose popular progressive policies in their own party’s spending bill: They can bet on getting a payoff in the end. During the fight over Democrats’ social spending reconciliation bill, Sinema, for example, has played a prominent—albeit silent—role in watering down the party’s plan to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. She’s also helped gut Democrats’ plan to expand Medicare benefits, nixed tax hikes on the wealthy and corporations and pushed to make the overall bill smaller. While Sinema isn’t up for reelection until 2024, she is polling terribly and already facing the threat of a well-financed…

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talking points

“What would be considered a success would be if people realize what a failure this COP is.” —GRETA THUNBERG THE DISHCAST “I HAD NO IDEA HOW ABJECTLY STUPID THE MAN IS.” —ANN COULTER ON PRESIDENT TRUMP “It’s not just about the mom.” —MEGHAN MARKLE ON PAID FAMILY LEAVE DRINK CAMPS “We need Christian kibbutz...this type of circular community....It’s better to have a grandparent taking care of the kids than a nanny taking care of kids—hired love.” —YE, FORMERLY KANYE WEST “DEMOCRATS OUGHT TO GO TO DEFCON 2.” —Representative Gerry Connolly of Virginia after Republicans swept elections in Virginia “Very, very discouraging.” —WANDA COOPER-JONES, AHMAUD ARBERY'S MOTHER, ON THE MOSTLY WHITE JURY IN THE CASE OF THE MEN ACCUSED OF HIS MURDER “UNDERGARMENTS” —Steve Stich of NASA on what the SpaceX crew would rely on due to a leaky toilet FROM LEFT: JASON LAVERIS/GETTY; PAL HANSEN/CONTOUR/GETTY;…

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france leading europe’s green and digital revolutions

Billions of investment is being channeled into an unprecedented economic transformation, and investors are flocking. Under the leadership of President Emmanuel Macron, France is at the forefront of the most profound transitions Europe has undergone since the end of the Cold War. The future will be digital, and it will be green. Macron swept to power in 2017 on a pro-business reform agenda, and he remains committed to transforming the French economy. Spotting the enormous opportunity the Covid-19 pandemic presents, Macron launched his ambitious France 2030 development agenda last month. This €35 billion plan aims to transform France into a world leader in nuclear and green hydrogen power production, and to help it become Europe’s top digital economy. There is no time to waste, he argued: “We must rebuild the framework…

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séché environnement - a pioneer of the circular economy

Global concerns about climate change are rising, as are fears about the protection of biodiversity and the ecological transition. Goldman Sachs reports that we produce 300 million tons of plastics and 50 million tons of electronic waste annually. The circular economy and waste management will play a critical role in supporting the green transition, meaning firms like France’s Séché are set to have a transformative impact, driven by increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Established in 1985, Séché is a major player in France’s circular economy listed on the Paris stock Exchange, and leads the way in industrial and hazardous waste management. The independent family business has built a rock-solid reputation for deep expertise in waste management processes, decontamination, and environmental emergency services because it has always sought to incorporate the best and…

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schmidt groupe industrial artisans with a global sustainable reach

For nearly 90 years, Schmidt Group has been setting the standards for kitchen retailers and manufacturers. It has recorded uninterrupted growth since 1934 because of its sharp focus on choice, trust, and sustainability – as well as its high-quality products. These values have carried it through some of the most tumultuous decades of human history, with the group growing from a simple masonry business launched by Hubert Schmidt in Saarland, to become a world leader in kitchen manufacturing and retailing. This is not a B2B company, as CEO Anne Leitzgen explained, it’s H2H – human to human – because of the way in which Schmidt works with thousands of clients, many of whom are independent retailers. “We decide together with the retailers on what model to produce tomorrow, what kind of…