PassageMaker January - February 2018

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collision course

When I began toying with photography as a hobby 15 years ago, my brother gave me for my birthday what I was too cheap to buy for myself: an earlyrelease consumer digital camera. The device was boxy and unimaginative in its design, features, and usability. But it was also magical, allowing for the instant feedback that photographers have desired since the first in-camera photograph was captured 200 years ago. Much has changed since I received my first digital camera. The 16-megabyte memory card was almost immediately a relic; today’s 512-gigabyte cards can record data, including massive 4k video, at dizzying speeds. Digital cameras can now process simultaneous algorithms for face detection, light interpolation, and motion, all in a variety of frame rates and sizes. But no matter how evolved the brain…

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interview with robert reeder

Explain your regular job, employer, and duties therein? Well, I have several “regular jobs” outside of my contributions to PassageMaker. I teach U.S. Coast Guard licensing classes (up to 200 tons) for masters, mates, and able seamen. I also teach navigation and weather classes to both professional and recreational mariners, which is how I came to write for this magazine. Otherwise I work on the water, currently on highspeed passenger ferries that operate in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. What’s your favorite part about working for Victoria Clipper? That’s a tough question! They’re great boats and a great company. Our routes through the Salish Sea are beautiful and present interesting daily challenges from the standpoints of navigation and weather. I’ve always preferred passenger vessels because I like working with people, but most…

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bvi open for business: notes from the 1st post-hurricane charter

Back in September, as Hurricane Irma began to make landfall, we covered her track and her path of destruction on our website and through Facebook. The unprecedented storm hit the British Virgin Islands and the outer Caribbean particularly hard as she tore apart buildings and destroyed even the well-protected boats in Tortola’s hurricane hole, Paraquita Bay. Two weeks later, adding insult to injury, another Category 5 hurricane, Maria, brought further destruction and flooding to the Caribbean and the BVI. As Irma ripped through the Caribbean, Elaine Rodgers and her family watched and waited to see what would happen from their home in Maryland. They had scheduled a charter in the BVI for the beginning of November with Virgin Motor Yacht Charters. As the storm moved through, and the storm clouds cleared,…

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steering systems

Over the past 300 years, boat steering has evolved from paddles to tillers, then tillers with rope to whip staffs, then steering wheels to fly-by-wire joysticks. On modern cruising powerboats, the steering wheel controls the rudder by one of three methods: cable, manual hydraulic, or power hydraulic. Each has unique inspection and maintenance requirements. Regardless of the system and the upkeep, it pays to understand the likely failure points and to have a rehearsed backup plan. Basics Some boats have a stainless rudder welded directly to a rudder post; others have a framework welded to the rudder post that is encapsulated in foam and fiberglass. In both cases the rudder post penetrates the hull, protruding into the lazarette or cockpit. In a previous column, we looked into various types of propeller shaft…

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yanmar’s dtorque diesel outboard

Carrying gasoline on board can be a pain, to say nothing of the danger. It is highly flammable, usually different from the fuel of the main engine, and requires special stowage—and your insurance company will not be happy about it. But as gasoline outboards have long been the most viable option to power your tender, carrying gasoline on board has been a necessity for many cruisers. Yanmar is trying to change this, though, with the introduction of a 50-horsepower diesel outboard. While it sounds like a simple solution to have a tender outboard that not only uses the same fuel as the mothership but also is a safe alternative to gasoline, there are downsides to this new Yanmar unit, the Dtorque 111. The primary issue is that it costs about twice…

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garmin inreach explorer+

Abig kick in my small life is seeing a technology I champion do well, especially when it involves a small company in Maine. I became a DeLorme inReach fanboy even before it shipped, and the company’s succession of models has not yet let me down over thousands of testing hours. I believe that the Explorer+, jointly developed with Garmin, DeLorme’s new owner, is the best yet. This is based on personal experience and also on my observing one serve its owner well over thousands of transatlantic miles aboard S/V Lunacy. Before getting into details of the Explorer+ model, I want to emphasize how illuminating it was to watch an inReachinexperienced friend use one in earnest. This is a fairly complex technology, at least when you dig into its advanced features. Well, Sail…