PassageMaker March 2018

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Met this handsome example of our national bird on our way back from St. Augustine’s switching on of the “Night of Lights” in November. He was sitting on an ICW green marker just north of the Turner Butler Bridge (route 202 bridge) in Jacksonville Beach. Paul Lawrance Grand Alaskan 53, Sonas (Irish, meaning “happiness”) Jacksonville, Florida Follow our adventures: Love to shoot pictures? Want to share your adventures? Send us your favorite high-resolution photos with a short description, and we’ll showcase our favorites in Viewfinder.…

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sailing the ocean—and islands—blue

Thirty-two weeks after setting sail to discover (some would say conquer) the lands out west, Christopher Columbus returned to Spain to a hero’s welcome. Success and fame must have tasted sweet; Columbus would depart Spain again only six months later for his second of what would amount to four expeditions to the West Indies. For his first encore in 1493, Columbus’ band swelled from a salty party of three ships to an armada of 17 ships and 1,200 men. Clearly all onboard were hoping there was plenty of gold in them green hills. As we know now, on none of Columbus’ four visits did he ever set foot on the land we now know as the continental United States. And, by some miscalculation or oversight—there were plenty of both with…

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charter companies back in business…

When the Marine Group editorial team from Active Interest Media headed down to the British Virgin Islands this past December a unique partnership developed. Both Marine Max and The Moorings helped us secure charter boats for touring the British Virgin Islands. Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria had big impacts on both The Moorings and Marine Max. We asked Josie Tucci of The Moorings and Raul Bermudez of Marine Max Vacations for their impressions of the impact that this past hurricane season had on their businesses. What impact did the 2017 Hurricane Season have on your company and your charter operations? It was heartbreaking for us all to see the devastation in the days after Irma, and then Maria passed through. For the first time in our company’s 50-year history, we had to…

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electronics products

Lowrance FishHunter 3D I couldn’t see them, but I was pretty sure the barracuda were still swimming under the dock. Earlier, they’d shimmered as they darted around in the blue glow of the underwater lights. But the lights had been switched off and I couldn’t figure out how to turn them back on. The lack of light, however, provided the perfect time to test the new FishHunter gizmo that I’d brought for the trip to the British Virgin Islands. Last fall, Lowrance released this new concept; a castable, Wi-Fi-enabled fish finder that pairs to your smartphone. The FishHunter 3D looks like a softball-size bobber. It sports five transducers, trifrequency, a 70-degree cone, and the ability to cast it as far as 160 feet. It even allows for towing behind a boat, proving…

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TROUBLESHOOTER QUESTIONS: I have been a subscriber to PassageMaker for many years and go through the magazine pretty thoroughly. In my latest issue, January/ February 2018, I have found what appears to me to be a confusing description concerning the proper attachments of cable clamps for the steering system in the Troubleshooter article. On page 20 the caption for the photograph states that the U bolt lands on the dead end of the cable while on page 23 the text states that the saddle must rest against the dead end of the wire. To me, the picture caption is correct and the text description is incorrect. Is this the case? —Doug Morse Good catch, Doug. I looked at my file of the photo and caption and it is correct. You are right,…

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navionics spearheads post-irma re-mapping effort

Navionics, the leader in content and location-based services for the recreational boating market, is partnering with fellow industry leaders and the South Florida boating community to remap marine and inland waterways affected by Hurricane Irma. When the hurricane passed through the area on September 10, 2017, hundreds of boats were sunk, docks wrecked, and shorelines and bottom contours changed. By working together, the remapping initiative will improve boater safety in these areas. The month-long event is set to kick off January 19, 2018. Individuals wishing to participate are invited to record their sonar logs and upload data to Navionics, as well as to add marine debris locations throughout South Florida. Recording and uploading sonar logs to Navionics can be easily done from any boat, because Navionics accepts sonar data from all major plotter/sonar…