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working the fog

Tugboat doing its job in the early morning light. This photo was taken along the Great Loop looking east from the west bank of the Hudson River. And here’s the riddle to the exact location (see if you can figure it out): “It starts with tears in the cloud. Then as we approach wind at the gate, the world is about to end.” Louis Medina New Windsor, New York Love to shoot pictures? Want to share your adventures? Send us your favorite photos (in high resolution) with a description, and we’ll showcase our favorites in Viewfinder. For consideration, email: On Instagram: #viewfinder…

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what’s in a name?

My brother, Morgan, and I found infinite ways to while away summer days sailing with our parents. For years we numbered four, plus the family dog, Guinness, aboard S/V Murf. For a month each summer we made this 23-foot boat (named after Guinness’ predecessor, a beloved English springer spaniel) our home, cruising with ice-box refrigeration and a single porta-potty hidden under the V-berth’s cushions. There was very little space to move, even less to find a quiet place to perfect preteen mopiness. To make matters worse, Guinness’ port visits were restricted due to his enthusiasm for biting strangers. Our parents weren’t crazy, though. They would gift us the occasional overnight marina visit where we could regain our land legs and see other humans while they stocked up on supplies (and got…

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great loop q & a with kim russo

The Great Loop has grown in popularity over the years because it offers a challenging but relatively protected cruising experience. The American Great Loop Cruising Association (AGLCA) started in 1999 as a sign-up sheet for a simple newsletter for members interested in cruising the Great Loop. Today, the AGLCA is a membership-driven organization for veteran loopers, first-timers, and those who dream of some day embarking on such an adventure. Kim Russo is the Executive Director of the AGLCA and often presents on the Great Loop at TrawlerFest events. We asked her some questions about the Great Loop for those who might be pondering the journey. Over the past several years, the Great Loop has started to get more attention from boaters. What do you think makes the Great Loop particularly attractive? The Great…

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TROUBLESHOOTER COMMENT Thank you for yet another really good article (“The Fuel Burn,” PassageMaker, March 2018). May I be so bold as to add some factors to think about when running a twin-engine boat on just one engine? A twin-screw boat has one engine on either side of its centreline and is therefore driven in a straight line. Stopping one engine will introduce asymmetric thrust which in turn will want to turn the boat. To counter this, opposite wheel needs to be applied. So straightaway, we have additional drag caused by rudder deflection as well as the boat being forced to “crab.” Both increase the drag. And more drag = more fuel burn at the same speed through the water. Beyond this, you need to consider the additional force on the rudder and…

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news & notes

Editorial Staff GEORGE BUEHLER, DESIGNER FOR THE PEOPLE We are sad to announce the sudden death of George Buehler, boatbuilder, designer, and great friend to animals in need. George died February 28, 2018, at age 69. George would be honored if in lieu of flowers, donations were made to one of his two favorite charities. Whidbey Animals’ Improvement Foundation (WAIF) is a nonprofit organization on Washington’s Whidbey Island that helps the island’s homeless companion animal population ( Also based in western Washington, Old Dog Haven similarly strives to help aging dogs in their golden years by finding caring foster homes for them ( George made his mark on the cruising world by designing and building the fuel-efficient and oceangoing Diesel Duck, a cruiser inspired by fishing trollers. While the salty good looks of the…

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how to keep your turbo charging

Modern diesel engines rely on turbochargers to maximize performance and minimize environmental impact. While major internal engine breakdowns do happen, it’s far more likely you will face the failure of one of your peripherals, like a water pump or fuel pumps, and this includes turbochargers. In fact, turbos are especially prone to trouble, and the prudent cruiser should know where to look for signs of impending problems and how to minimize the risk of failure. Let’s begin by looking into the operation and composition of your turbo. COMPRESSED ENERGY A diesel engine compresses fuel and oxygen with enough pressure to create a controlled explosion. The more energy produced in this reaction, the more power that can be delivered to your propeller. The volume of fuel and oxygen is limited by the size…