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vanishing horizon

I took this picture aboard our Offshore 54 motoryacht, Samba, with our Sony RX10 digital camera last November while cruising through the southern Exumas. It was a picture-perfect day just north of Staniel Cay, and my wife, Carol, was enjoying our cruise from the bow pulpit with a good book. The demarcation between sky and sea was nearly nonexistent. This picture is why we go cruising! Jim and Carol Pattison Offshore 54, Samba Warsaw, Indiana Love to shoot pictures? Want to share your adventures? Send us your favorite photos (in high resolution) with a description, and we’ll showcase our favorites in Viewfinder. Email: or post to Instagram and tag: #viewfinder…

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foul weather

On the morning of June 17, the Coast Guard Pacific Command Center received an EPIRB signal from Kelaerin, a 46-foot sailboat floundering in big seas 180 miles off Washington. Vessel owners Joy and Jim Carey were injured and suffering from hypothermia after Kelaerin had been damaged by a succession of waves during the night. The Careys were experienced, veteran cruisers. In fact, this trans-Pacific voyage from Oahu, Hawaii, to Bellingham, Washington, was to be the final leg of an adventure that had spanned 17 years and taken them more than 70,000 nautical miles. Kelaerin left Hawaii on May 26 with a favorable forecast for the crossing. The passage was going smoothly until the 21st day underway when a GRIB forecast showed a sudden deterioration of conditions. Joy Carey describes the experience: “Eventually…

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BUSINESS VENTURE I recently started an online voyage planning service that the readers of PassageMaker are going to find extremely useful. Untold Horizon LLC provides boaters with voyage planning advisors who are professional merchant mariners. These mariners create extremely thorough voyage plans to the destinations of the customer’s choice. These plans are designed around the customer’s experience, type of vessel, and personal needs. This is a new concept, and we look to provide a service that prepares people properly prior to getting underway. I would like to tell you that I found your article “F/V Destination: Investigation Into Sinking Continues” to not only be interesting, but very respectful of the captain and crew. As a mariner I get very frustrated when I read articles like this that turn into the blame game, completely…

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news & notes

HYLAS M58 ANNOUNCED Renowned sailboat builder Hylas Yachts has launched a new line of power cruising boats. The Hylas M44 debuted at the 2017 Newport International Boat Show, and the company recently announced that a new model—the M58—is set to join the fledgling fleet next year. Designed by Downeast Yachts’ go-to architect, boat sculptor Doug Zurn, the M58 will sport a considerably different aesthetic than the M44, with a classic, sweeping reverse sheer that ends with a tumblehome transom on one end and a flared bow on the other. The model’s distinctive windshield has an ultra-contemporary look, sure, but the design is also highly pragmatic as it lacks the heavy mullions that obscure views to the outside world. The housetop itself extends its roof aft, protecting the cockpit deck seating area from…

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stability concerns

Stabilization options for cruising powerboats have evolved from steadying sails and bilge keels to active fins and gyro stabilizers. These new technologies offer far more than incremental improvement over the older methods. While active fins and internal gyros dominate the market, a number of other choices can also be effective for stabilizing your powerboat. We’ll begin by exploring the pros and cons of each type of system and then we’ll examine the maintenance needs of fins and gyros. But first let’s set expectations up front. Stabilizers excel at reducing roll and this makes for a much more pleasant cruising experience overall. Keep in mind, however, that your boat will still rise and fall with each wave—it just won’t rock as much. And when beating into head seas the benefit of stabilizers…

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god of the sea

As a kid I was always mesmerized by the digital touchscreen displays on the TV show, Star Trek. Back then, the idea of a screen responding to the touch of your fingertips seemed like the epitome of a futuristic world. Little did I know that the “future” would happen so soon. But even with the advent of smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens on nearly everything, I never truly felt that “future is now” feeling until I got my hands on Poseidon at the Seattle Boat Show this past January. Poseidon is a software package and user interface combo that runs on a bombproof marine-grade computer and is displayed on various touchscreens built by Oceanic Systems in the United Kingdom. What makes Poseidon unique is how it marries the collection of system data (like…