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holy sow

One tourist sideshow in the Exumas is in the appropriately named Bay of Pigs, a postcard-perfect anchorage on the lee side of Big Majors Spot. Legend has it, a couple from nearby Staniel Cay delivered a pair of pigs to this loosely vegetated shoreline, and the Adam and Eve of Bahamian swine did not disappoint. The family has grown. “Oh my god, you can swim with pigs!” my envious family said to me as I boarded my flight to Nassau. Not normally a fan of farm animals, I, too, was excited, for these weren’t pigs rollicking in mud—or, you know, shit. They were sunbathers, swimming in turquoise water and feeding on scraps from the hands of countless visitors. Harmless fun, I thought. So, when we dropped anchor from our Moorings 51 powercat…

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LOUD AND CLEAR Dear Mr. Cooper, Please allow me to complement you and particularly Ms. Cecilia Kiely on her excellently written article, “Titans of Technology.” She covered a technologically complex subject in a clear, concise and interesting manner. Such feats are rarely achieved. Her article must certainly be of interest to all mariners as well as all other intelligent individuals. I must confess that I anticipated, quite incorrectly, that the article would be a real “snore.” I could not have been more wrong. Please pass along praise to Ms. Kiely. Sincerely, Frank T. Strafaci Testarossa Nordic Tug 34 MISSING THE HISTORIC (LAND)MARK Hey there! Was reading the “Cool Ports of Call” article from April because it mentions the lightship Huron. The article states that it’s the only lightship with the designation of being a National Historic Landmark, and I don’t believe that…

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news & notes

TRAWLERFEST-BALTIMORE UPDATE Baltimore’s inner harbor is set to host our 2018 September TrawlerFest at the brand-spanking-new marina facilities at Inner Harbor East. We’re excited to bring our legendary boating seminars to these shores from September 25-29, plus a fantastic land and sea boat show to match. In the classrooms, meet perennial favorites Steve Zimmerman and Nigel Calder, plus newer luminaries such as weather guru Chris Parker and boat-handling expert Bob Sweet. DAN Boater brings their always-important knowledge on medical emergencies at sea, and Kim Russo will speak about her expertise, how to prepare for your next — or first — big adventure on the Great Loop. Those are just a few of the classroom highlights, but also don’t forget to swing down to the docks starting on Thursday. We’ll host an assortment…

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adhesives, caulks, sealants

Here’s a scene that plays out in the boatyard from time to time. A work order calls for rebedding a leaking porthole. After all the fasteners are removed, the hardware remains firmly in place. Some coaxing with a putty knife and some heat fails to free the porthole from the surface. At this point we can identify our foe. It’s a familiar antagonist known commonly by a number: 5200 (officially it is 3M™ 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant). Out come wedges and hammers and solvents and curses and grunts. After an hour or two of struggle, the porthole finally lets go of the cabin side, but not without breaking off chunks of gelcoat and fiberglass. This unfortunate scenario begs this question: If the porthole is held in place with stout stainless…

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ooohs & ahhhs: garmin’s livescope

Garmin is riding high after taking away “Best of Show” honors at the annual ICAST fishing conference in Orlando, Florida. The company’s latest release, Panoptix LiveScope, bested 973 other products from 331 companies all vying for the same bragging rights. This win was not entirely unexpected. Earlier in the event, LiveScope had taken top honors for ICAST’s New Product Showcase, which was awarded by members of the fishing media. LiveScope includes a sonar black box and a two-way transducer that provides real-time scanning sonar. You can point it forward to see around your boat or straight down to see what’s beneath. In either case, LiveScope will resolve to a distance of 200 feet. What’s truly amazing about the technology, is the clarity with which you can make out structure or fish. Whatever…

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trending up

Most boaters know Torqeedo, the electric outboard manufacturer that made a splashy introduction over 12 years ago. There hasn’t been much competition for Torqueedo … until now, at least. A team of four engineers from Hong Kong University designed a series of electric outboards and founded their own company called ePropulsion. The brand has gained traction in Europe and Asia, but until recently, had no representation in the United States. Four Seas Marine, a company based in Santa Ana, California, has stepped up to become the sole U.S. importer for the outboard line, whose products includes motors for everything from stand up paddleboards to 10 horsepower (equivalent) motors for sailboats and small craft. The “Spirit” model lands squarely in ePropulsion’s middle range, and is the most likely candidate to power a trawler’s…