PassageMaker November - December 2018

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shooting stars

My colleague Peter Swanson phoned me as I was selecting my camera gear for our trip to The Exumas this past August. “We’re timing this trip perfectly,” he said. “There is a new moon and the Perseid meteor showers will be happening while we’re there. Bring your tripod.” Because it comes with me everywhere, the tripod was already packed. But I am not in tune with the phases of the moon, nor do I pay much heed to which planets are visible in the night sky. The truth is, living in a population center like I do, even on clear nights, I am not used to gazing skyward. Luckily for us, this trip to The Bahamas—specifically to the remote and sparsely populated Exumas—would mean leaving light pollution behind for a few…

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astrophotography advice

Recommended Equipment • Quality mirrorless or dSLR camera with manual settings • Wide-angle lens that is fast (low f-stop of f2.8 or less is preferred) • Sturdy tripod • Flashlight (or cellphone) to navigate safely in the dark Shooting Tips • Find an area with minimal light pollution (or none at all), preferably during a new moon. • Find and get to know the infinity focus point on the lens you’ll be using. • Use this simple formula to calculate your exposure time (t): t = 500/y Where y is the length (mm) of the lens you are using, t is your exposure time, in seconds. - For example, if you’re shooting with a 24mm lens: 500/24 = 20 seconds • Take your astrophotography to the next level with this detailed guide from Lonely Speck: Extra Credit - During the exposure, experiment with…

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2018 gift guide

PORTABLE STRENGTH It seems like overnight Yeti has built an impermeable reputation for quality. From the zippers, stitching, and lining reinforcement on fabric goods, to the bomb-proof strength of roto-molded, heavy-duty coolers, Yeti’s reputation precedes itself. The new Tocayo 26 backpack is a manageable size, with a volume totaling 26 liters (nearly 7 gallons), and sporting a waterproof outer shell, the backpack is comfortable and versatile. The back and straps are padded for comfort, and the inside includes pockets that are equally adept at carrying your camera lenses as they are holding your collection of Yeti Rambler mugs or a laptop computer and accessories. In my testing for the past month, the tan bag does pick up dirt fairly easily, so I would opt for black or a fresh can of…

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news & notes

FLIBS PREVIEW The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the largest boat show in North America, will kick off its 59th year a few days after this issue hits newsstands. For those who are missing out or for those of you who are already en route, here is a preview of a few of the new models, new tech, and other news that is being unveiled at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. THE BOATS Three New Nordhavns Nordhavn is known for innovating and improving on their existing products to bring the best cruising boats to market. This year is no different as three new models are scheduled to debut in Fort Lauderdale. Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot Motoryacht Edition: The Motoryacht edition is a significant change to the Coastal Pilot introduced in mid-2016. The original 59…

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paradise next door

This is the kind of anchorage my husband Don and I dream of, with our anchor set at 27 feet in clean white sand and our stern at the edge of a coral wall that drops off hundreds of feet. Perfect for two cruising scuba enthusiasts; it is just what we hoped to find in Cuba. It’s just like our favorite secret spot in The Bahamas. The water is crystal clear, the air is 88 degrees, the water is 88 degrees, and we can’t wait to get in. But in Cuba, we are never quite sure if we are about to break the law. Consider that just a few hours from the Florida coast these two island nations entice us to explore their cruising grounds. Both have marvelously clear waters and…

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wonder from down under

I’m not going to kid you. When PassageMaker editor-in-chief, Jonathan Cooper, called to ask if I was available to test a Belize 54 for an upcoming issue, I wondered what the world of yachting journalism might be coming to. Oh sure, I’ve tested and reviewed several hundred boats and yachts of all kinds, back when I was a senior editor at one of PassageMaker’s sister publications and during the intervening years. But I’m a motorsailer and trawler-yacht kind of guy, and from a professional standpoint, for the most part I’m a large- and megayacht-builder and project manager. Could I achieve the right perspective for evaluating this type of planing sportyacht? Well, not to worry, my friends. Notwithstanding that the Belize 54 Daybridge isn’t even a distant relative of a trawleryacht, I didn’t…