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the long way home

It’s the last cruise of the season. We have Hamburg Cove all to ourselves. As we rest on the hook in this tranquil gem of an anchorage on the Connecticut River, the crisp air is so still you can hear twigs snap on shore. A thousand hues of fallen red, orange, and yellow leaves blanket the glassy water. The aroma of fresh-brewed hazelnut coffee wafts up from the galley of my family’s Hunter 31 as I ease myself down the transom ladder and slip into the kaleidoscope of autumn for a morning dip. It’s one of those incomparable cruising moments we spend our days chasing. That was 30 years ago. Some of my memories are starting to blur, but not that one. That’s the good stuff. Who among us ever really knows…

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news & notes

SPRING TRAWLERFESTS THROTTLE UP PassageMaker’s signature boat show series for cruising enthusiasts kicks off again this March with new offerings in Stuart, Florida, before heading to an all-new location on the Seattle waterfront. Designed to educate and inspire with more than 30 seminars to choose from, both shows will offer select certificate courses designed to not only give you peace of mind on the water, but to help save you money on insurance premiums. TrawlerFest: Stuart Forget anything you may have seen in Robert Redford’s movie “Lost.” Debuting at Stuart this year is Safety & Survival at Sea ($130), a new seminar by ocean survival experts Mario Vittone and Michael Carr, designed to address important safety topics from preparation and gear to seamanship under duress. For the ultimate experience, pair this new seminar…

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best practices when under tow

Reasons for needing a tow can range from loss of steering or loss of a propeller to engine failure, fuel issues, or a number of other problems. Most likely you have literally lost power and/or control. If you are like me, it’s easy to feel deflated and disappointed in such a situation, but remember that you still have some control over how smoothly the towing process goes. While you’re waiting for the towboat to arrive, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of complications (and thus additional costs) during your tow. FREEWHEELIN’ Unless you lost the propeller, the force of the water across the prop during a tow will cause the shaft to spin, an effect sometimes called “backdriving” or “windmilling.” (A boat tied to a…

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mechanical checklist prior to accepting a tow

For all boats with active fin stabilization, pin or lock the fins before starting the tow. For single-engine boats, can you run the engine while towed? If yes, running the engine at idle will cool and lubricate the transmission and shaft seals. If you can run the engine, no other steps are needed. For twin-engine boats, can you run one or both engines while towed? If yes, running the engine(s) at idle will cool and lubricate the transmission(s) and shaft seal(s). If you can run both engines, no other steps are needed. IF YOU CANNOT RUN THE ENGINE(S), PROCEED AS FOLLOWS: Close engine intake seacock(s). Secure the shaft(s) so that they cannot freewheel. IF YOU CANNOT SECURE THE SHAFT(S), PROCEED AS FOLLOWS: Check transmission manual for recommended procedures while being towed. If no information is available, plug…

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new pony, better tricks

In late 2017, John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) announced a new marine engine designed for light commercial duty and pleasure craft vessels. The PowerTech 4045SFM85, a 4.5-liter engine, is lighter and has greater power density than its 445AFM predecessor. Available in 275- and 315-horsepower variants, it’s a great option for repower of full- and semi-displacement boats, as well as planing hulls. In designing its new 4.5-liter, JDPS emphasized durability, reliablity, and fuel efficiency, undergoing extensive bench testing, which included 500 hours spent cycling between high RPM and sudden low RPM throttling. Last summer, the manufacturer field-tested four of the new engines on boats around the country: a pleasure boat, a dive boat, a bowpicker in Alaska, and a New Jersey-based crabber. According to the manufacturer, all four owners were impressed with…

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navigation essentials for your new boat

You’ve picked out your perfect boat and now it’s time to outfit it for your cruising needs. If you walk the electronics tent of a boat show, you might conclude you will need a six-figure budget for your electronics alone. The reality is there are a handful of essential items needed for safe navigation of your vessel and a lot of products out there that are designed to make cruising easier. Finding the right balance between the two is important to setting yourself up for safe and successful boating. When selecting electronics, it’s important to pick what works for you. Your comfort with using the electronics is a critical factor that is often overlooked. Navigational electronics are designed as navigation aids, and for them to be effective, you must be comfortable…