PassageMaker April 2019

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same destination, new waypoints

Editor-in-Chief Walking the Miami boat show a few weeks ago, innovation was in the air. New technologies were busting out everywhere, designed to make boating easier, safer, more accessible and more fun for a wider range of people than ever before. From gas outboards on traditional diesel platforms to hybrid alternatives that make the classic battlewagons of old glide like Teslas over the sea, our cruising universe, like it or not, is evolving at an inexorable pace. A number of you have expressed concern in recent years that we have chosen to focus too much on what’s shiny and new, and not enough on what matters to trawler traditionalists. We get that, but our challenge is to bring you the shiny new stuff along with the traditions that have made this magazine…

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HALLOWED GROUNDS Last summer, we endured the long slog up and down Jervis Inlet to see Princess Louisa (pictured at left) for the first time in nearly 25 years. Over those years, we hadn’t been willing to devote the time when we had the scent of Desolation and beyond in our noses. That mistake won’t be repeated. The Princess is every bit as good as she has always been and well worth the time and eff ort. We’ll be back this year. Hector Cyre, Friday Harbor, WA ‘We live in the greatest cruising grounds in the world and shouldn’t forget that. Just don’t tell anybody, okay?’ STARTING ‘EM YOUNG My 22-month-old grandson loves to run into our bathroom, where my stash of boating magazines is within easy reach. He runs out holding up a copy…

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new boats, trends and the best of the cruising lifestyle from around the globe.

Marlow Unveils Voyager 100 Sporting an LOA of 100 feet, the newest line of Voyager Class yachts to be constructed by Marlow Yachts. This 100 line, dubbed “Ice,” joins the “Vagabundo” Voyager Class series introduced in 2010. With a 3,500-nautical-mile range at 9 knots and the ability to sprint at speeds in the 18-to 20-knot range for up to 48 hours, the Voyager 100 is a passagemaker to the core. This series will arrive with redundant systems featuring continuous-duty, hand-built engines and mechanical art ensconced in dedicated technical rooms, with custom environmental systems to explore the great beyond in total comfort and safety. Expected to receive the Unrestricted Navigation designation, the Voyager 100 is slated to launch this summer. Aquila 30 Debuts in Miami Aquila Power Catamarans has launched its newest model,…

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honey, let’s get a boat

Ron and Eva Stob’s Honey, Let’s Get a Boat: A Cruising Adventure of America’s Great Loop documents the couple’s one-year adventure cruising the famed Loop. When the Stobs started out, they had almost no boating experience between them. Regardless of their inexperience, the couple decided to charter a boat in Canada one summer. They met another couple who had cruised from the East Coast and up the Mississippi River. Intrigued, Eva asked how they got their boat from the Mississippi all the way to Bobcaygeon, Ontario. As Ron and Eva learned about the Great Loop for the first time, Eva whispered to Ron, “Honey, let’s get a boat.” In planning their first Loop, the Stobs faced the same questions all Loopers do when taking on an adventure of such magnitude. Written…

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dag pike

The ocean is an unpredictable place. But with seasoned navigator Dag Pike at the helm, you’ll never be lost at sea. Pike cut his teeth as a teenager in the Merchant Navy and had already stashed multiple circumnavigations in his pocket by the time he turned 21. Now, after 65 years of experience with all kinds of vessels, Pike is one of the most venerable seamen and acclaimed powerboat-racing navigators in the world. An accomplished author, Pike published his first book, Powerboats in Rough Seas, in 1974. Since then, he’s written at least 50 other titles on a wide range of salty subjects, from navigation and powerboating to disasters at sea and weather analysis. Simply put, what Pike doesn’t know about the ocean isn’t worth knowing. Pike is a Fellow of the…

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tried, true and brand new

When you hear phrases like “dual hybrid propulsion” and “vacuum-infused urethane acrylate resin, Core-Cell and E-glass,” you’re probably not picturing a boat with art-deco styling, one that would look right at home in a black-and-white photo of a 1950s yacht club. But those are just a few of the new ideas that fit seamlessly into the overall vision of the Hybrid Sportsman 38. The latest model from Huckins Yachts has the soul of a classic boat without the carbon footprint or maintenance requirements of one. But it is not simply a modern boat with retro styling or a classic hull design with some contemporary features added. In keeping with Huckins Yachts’ 90-year track record of groundbreaking originality, the Hybrid Sportsman 38 elegantly embodies a concept attributed to pioneering urban activist Jane…