PassageMaker Nov/Dec 2019

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standing with the bahamas

Editor-in-Chief What a difference a day makes—or two, to be exact. On September 1, Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas as a Category 5. It was the most powerful storm on record to strike the island nation and the worst natural disaster in the country’s history. Dorian stalled, thrashing the islands like a washing machine stuck in a spin cycle, with sustained winds over 185 mph for more than 48 hours. The storm left a majority of the Abacos decimated. The U.S. Coast Guard leapt into action, assisting with recovery operations and conducting medical evacuations. Before the storm had even started tracking away from ground zero, a flotilla of boaters stood at the ready to offer their vessels for service—many of them passagemakers with the volume, durability and stability suited to the…

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back cove 39o unveiled

Back Cove Yachts has revealed its newest outboard-powered model, the 39O. With a cruising range of more than 300 miles and a top-end speed of 37 knots, the 39O has a hull design that includes Back Cove’s Trailing Edge Lifting Surface for improved handling and performance. The first hull will have twin 425-horsepower Yamaha outboards, and optional power installations can reportedly provide top speeds in the 40-plus-knot range. According to the builder, the 39O cockpit is designed for entertaining, with transom gates to port and starboard, a U-shape settee across from an aft-facing seat, and a central table for alfresco dining. Stowage below the cockpit is sized for water toys and gear. The 39O sports an enclosed, climate-controlled helm deck for protection from the elements. Social living areas include a galley-up and…

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oceanplanet energy partners with nigel calder

Marine technical systems author, lecturer, teacher and consultant Nigel Calder plans to partner with energy systems provider OceanPlanet Energy. Created by former ocean racer Bruce Schwab (the first American finisher of the Vendee Globe solo around the world race), OceanPlanet provides energy storage, charging, monitoring and system design and support services for marine and off-grid applications. For more than 30 years, Calder, Passagemaker’s technical editor, has played a leading role in adapting hybrid technologies to boat propulsion and electrical systems. That work led to the award-winning Integrel generator replacement technology, which OceanPlanet will distribute. “OceanPlanet is a company with a ton of practical experience and hard-earned knowledge, an energetic leadership, and numerous ideas for improving boat energy systems,” Calder said. “It is my pleasure to join forces with OceanPlanet to do what…

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a solution for ‘slow-fi?’

IBEX Innovation Award nominee Shakespeare Marine has launched an answer to slow Wi-Fi on the water. The Stream Wireless Internet Booster uses Shakespeare’s marine cellular technology to amplify weak cell signals along inshore, coastal and popular cruising routes, enabling boaters to use data more reliably on their cellular devices. According to Shakespeare, placing a low-signal, cellular-enabled tablet, phone or mobile hotspot within 1 to 2 inches of the black helm antenna will increase the device’s data speed and reliability. To boost more than one device, boaters can share the Internet to those other devices by enabling a hotspot on a boosted device. The Stream Wireless Internet Booster is built to be compatible with most cellular devices and major cellular service providers in the United States and Canada.…

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meet the new vhf smartphone

Vesper Marine has launched Cortex, the first VHF radio with touchscreen handsets, an integrated Class B SOTDMA smartAIS transponder and remote vessel monitoring. The Cortex, which the National Marine Electronics Association named named best new product, has a touchscreen handset designed to be as intuitive as most smartphones, including a feature to make direct DSC calls. The unit also shows crossing situations, navigation light sectors and possible trial maneuvers. Its man overboard button activates a track-back mode, with the MOB waypoint displayed on NMEA 2000-connected multifunction displays. Cortex comes with a premium subscription plan that includes a telematics component for controlling systems such as refrigerators, ice makers, lights and heaters. New features will be downloaded automatically to the Cortex Onboard App via Wi-Fi.…

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marine protected areas

When you’re a few miles off shore on a pretty day, standing on deck with the sun warming your face and a soft breeze ruffling your hair as you squint at a sparkling, empty horizon, it’s easy to sense a primal connection to our oceans’ vast and seemingly endless beauty. You feel, in that exhilarating moment, as generations of seafarers before you must have, too. After all, the view looks much today as it did 500 years ago. Of course, perspective is everything. Salt water covers approximately 139 million square miles of the Earth’s surface. But that’s nothing compared to its volume of approximately 320 million cubic miles and average depth of almost 12,100 feet. Most of the ocean is miles beneath us—even circumnavigators have seen just the barest glimpse of…