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the cruising spirit

Editor-in-Chief Say what you will about 2020. All things considered, for some, it turned out to be a decent year of cruising. For me, I think back to a year ago. That’s when I, like many of you, was scouring the slips at TrawlerFest, inspecting the array of timeless trawlers on display over a warm March weekend in Stuart, Florida. The spirited chatter along the dock was as familiar as the rhythmic cadence of halyards slapping against the masts of neighboring sailboats as we readied ourselves for another satisfying summer of cruising. Instead, our summer here at the magazine quickly went from boat tests and rendezvous to scrambling for new plans to get us out of the house and back out on the water, doing the only thing we really knew made…

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The Workbench Looking for fresh ideas, DIY tips and troubleshooting expertise for your boat? Tour our all-new digital Workbench department, devoted entirely to technical topics of interest for the hands-on trawler owner. Best of the Great Loop Embark with us on the greatest American waterborne adventure with a specially curated collection of Great Loop archives, including top tips from Gold Burgee Loopers, popular destinations, trip-planning intel and more. Podcast: “Trawler Life, Part 2” In this episode, we join trawler social media celebs Bruce and Dorsey Beard from their American Tug 395 Esmeralde, where they continue to entertain and inspire trawler enthusiasts worldwide. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER AT PASSAGEMAKER.COM…

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classic cruisers club

NAME Julie Parmentier AGE 54 HOME PORT Pleasant Harbor, Washington CURRENT BOAT ‘84 Island Gypsy Danny Boy YEARS OWNED 22 BEGINNINGS I have been on boats my entire life. My father was a naval architect and built sailboats in the Puget Sound area. And for most of my career, I designed and project-managed interiors on cruise ships, ferries, anything that floated. My husband reintroduced me to boating after years of not being out on the water. THE BOAT Right away, the Island Gypsy looked stable, had a great amount of open space, and you could walk around the whole boat without the thought of falling overboard. That was especially important as our son was only 4 months old at the time. We love the spaciousness, the stability, and it basically has all the creature comforts of home. The only thing we don’t have…

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grilled lamb chops with blueberry-rosemary sauce

If elegant is what you’re after, then lamb chops are the way to go. They make any dinner or occasion a fancy aff air. But that doesn’t mean lamb chops are hard to prepare or should be saved for special occasions. Actually, lamb chops cook quickly and are perfect for grilling. Two types of lamb chops are available: rib and loin. If you’re looking for the showstopper with the long bone, then buy rib chops. The loin chop is a tiny T-bone steak containing meat from the tenderloin and the short loin. Another pro tip: Be sure to let the lamb rest after it’s grilled. If it’s sliced too soon, the juices will be lost, drying out the meat. My favorite side dishes with lamb are mashed potatoes and a simple salad. These sides…

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fleming yachts 85

It’s not every year that Fleming unveils a new model. The revered Fleming 55, for example, was introduced in 1986. While it has undergone hundreds of changes since then, it remains among the most popular hulls today for trawler enthusiasts, evidenced by mouths agape on the docks at any TrawlerFest. To no surprise, the builder’s recent announcement that an all-new Fleming 85 is under construction created some fanfare. According to Fleming, the new flagship will deliver ocean-crossing range in two versions: Open Flybridge for those who prefer the wind in their hair, and Enclosed Flybridge with the pilothouse moved to an enclosed upper deck. “A number of our existing and potential owners have been asking for a bigger boat, but we didn’t want to go away from the owner-operator,” Fleming Yachts Director…

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getaway tinkering

Iam an insatiable reader who feels naked without at least one or two spy novels in my sea bag. I once started a mystery bookstore just because I couldn’t find enough books to take on flights, but that’s a story for another time. My problem is that, if I find a book I want to read, I want to read it right away. There’s no stashing it away for a few weeks; I want instant gratification, and I have only marginal self-control. It is exactly the same problem I have with projects on the boat. One type of work demands my immediate attention, just as a new Robert Parker mystery won’t last past tonight. The boat may not sink immediately, but its problem is going to be more expensive, more difficult or…