PassageMaker November - December 2016

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the originals

In the past year, we’ve covered a wide swath of cruising boats on the market. Boats built in Taiwan and China, both coasts of the United States, Italy, and Holland. Boats built to exacting standards from a variety of materials: steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood. We’ve covered trawlers with ranges exceeding 5,000 miles of self-sustained cruising. And in our “green” issue, we dived into the benefits of living petrol-free on a sumptuous, bio fueled motorsailer. The majority of the new boats profiled in these pages are superb (most would call them yachts), and an overwhelming number of them are well-engineered, flawless to the naked eye, and utterly reliable. Stepping on one in its full boat show glory is not unlike stumbling into a high-end clothing store. Everything is perfect, right down to…

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shop talk

Recently published, Crossing the Wake is a non-fiction account of one woman’s single-handed voyage on the Great Loop. Author Tanya Binford sat down with PassageMaker to answer a few of our questions about her story. Is there a moment or memory from your trip that didn’t make it into your book that you would like to tell? All the best stories are in the book. Is it possible to capture the memory of the hundreds of people who showed me kindness along the way? To me, that is what the Great Loop is all about. I remember one woman, Kathy, who was standing on the finger pier as I pulled into a dock along the Erie Canal. She saw my bike and asked if I had been using it a lot. I…

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news & notes

The seeds were planted in 2012. We had been cruising for several weeks in the remote waters of northern British Columbia, where it isn’t unusual to go for several days without seeing another boat. Then surprisingly, two other Nordhavns sailed into Sea Otter Cove where we were anchored on the west side of Vancouver Island. The Nordhavn family is a close knit community. Two Nordhavns in the same anchorage usually means a party. Three boats in a distant location increased the odds, especially since we already knew Jim and Lynda Frantz, the owners of N40, Albedos. Over the next couple of weeks, Orion, Albedos, and an N62 named Island Greeter sailed south, hopscotching each other from cove to fjord to anchorage. When we reached Barkley Sound, near the southwest corner of Vancouver…

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As sailing ships yielded to steam power, the need arose for propeller shaft bearings. Builders needed a way to support a rotating shaft while minimizing wear on the shaft and maximizing longevity of the bearings. In 1852, after initial attempts using brass produced poor results, a British marine engineer named John Penn patented the first water-lubricated shaft bearing using wood. Only one species of wood has the properties needed to resist wear from a spinning metal shaft. It was called lignum vitae (Latin for wood of life because it also became known for its medicinal properties). In the early 1900s, a California miner named Charles Sherwood needed a quick fix for a failed pump at a mining site and used a rubber tube to solve the problem. The rubber worked…

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holiday gift guide

NORMANN COPENHAGEN WHISKEY GLASSES The perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur in your life, Normann Copenhagen lowball glasses are designed to allow you to enjoy a fine whiskey the way it is meant to be. Attractive and functional, the interior curve of the glass is sculpted to allow your whiskey to naturally turn over as you sip, releasing its woodsy aroma and flavor. The glassware fits the hand well and looks stunning next to a decanter. $50 (set of 4) STOCKING STUFFERS (Gifts under $25) Nite Ize Reusable Gear Tie These gear ties are must-haves for every boater. Made from heavy duty wire covered in a soft, UV-resistant rubber exterior, these ties will keep your lines, extension cords, or fishing rods organized and color coded. Brightly colored, easy-to-use, and reusable. $6 (packs of 2) Opinel No.…

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cuban sojourn

After spending three days at Marina Heming way on the outskirts of Havana, we began our cruise west along the northern coast of Cuba, aboard our 34-foot PDQ power cat, Thing 1 Thing 2. We planned to cruise through the Archipelago de los Colorados along the northern coast, stop at Los Moros Marina at Cabo San Antonio at the northwest tip, and dive in the waters off of María la Gorda, which lies underneath the westernmost tip of the island. Total one-way distance: approximately 200 nautical miles. We would then have to retrace a portion of our route before making the crossing back to Florida via the Dry Tortugas. LEAVING MARINA HEMINGWAY There are a number of deep water pocket bays along the coastline west of Havana, with many protected anchorages and…