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After grabbing a mooring for our Grand Banks 46, we took a dinghy ride in Riggs Cove in Robinhood, Maine, off the Sheepscot River. We were winding down our 18-day Maine coastal cruise, heading south to our home port at Noank Village Boatyard in Mystic River, Connecticut. The 10-foot tidal change is apparent on shore. If you enjoy watching playful seals, dolphins jumping through the water, lobstermen at work, whales surfacing for air, and a beautiful shoreline, make sure to add Maine’s coast to your bucket list. Mystic River, Connecticut Love to shoot pictures? Want to share your adventures? Send us your favorite high-resolution photos and a short description, and we’ll showcase our favorites in our Viewfinder section. For consideration, email:…

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genuflect to the sea

Off the coast of northern Spain near Bilbao lies a tiny promontory called Gaztelugatxe. (Say that once, really fast.) This section of coastline is a geologist’s dream, where the constant siege of waves in the Bay of Biscay carves solid rock into blocks of Swiss cheese. The island is connected to the mainland by a man-made bridge; at the top, you’ll find San Juan, a small Catholic church 241 stone steps up to the heavens. When you arrive, huffing and puffing, tradition requires you to ring the church bell three times before making a wish. The church—actually a hermitage—is quite simple. A few rows of pews and an altar. But instead of the typical crucifix found above the altar, in its place is the bow of a boat sticking out from…

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shoptalk with lee sandifur

Lee Sandifur moved from Manhattan to the Pacific Northwest to become a boatbuilder. He already had a successful business, but it wasn’t his calling, this was. Read about how Lee came to Devlin Designing Boat Builders, and what he still dreams about building today. What is your background in boating? I grew up in San Francisco and I joined the Sea Scout ship, Flying Cloud, at the age of 13. The next five years of weekends and summers I spent sailing, rowing, and racing on the Sea Scout 30-foot navy whaleboat, White Cloud. We were moored in Aquatic Park next to Fisherman’s Wharf. One of the sponsors of our ship owned a Sparkman & Stephens 62-foot yawl called Good News. He took all eight boys from our Sea Scout group on a…

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boat handling 101 course goes live

Furthering a new initiative to bring the same quality presenters and presentations as you would find at TrawlerFest, Boater’s University has launched its second instructional video, this time the topic dives into boat handling. The course uses a combination of oncamera interviews, drone-overheads and onboard engine control footage to explain the fundamentals of handling a twin-screw or single-screw vessel. Topics are geared more toward introductory students. To sign up or learn more, visit —JC Great Harbour in Sea Trials A couple of things worry me as a boat guy. I worry that fewer young people are getting into boating than ever before, and I worry that the market for full-displacement boats is declining. Saving my first worry for later, let me explain the latter. Kadey-Krogen, Nordhavn, and the elite builders of fulldisplacement boats…

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wide open

Wide open throttle (WOT) seems to strike fear into the heart of many boat owners. Most of the time when I ask, people will tell me they never run their engines wide open out of concern that they will abuse or damage them. The engine manufacturers sure don’t see it that way. Although it varies from brand to brand and among models within each manufacturer, each engine has a rating that applies to running at maximum rpm. One John Deere model spec reads this way: “This rating is for applications that use full power for no more than 30 minutes out of each eight hours and cruising speed the remainder of the eight hours, and do not operate for the remaining 16 hours of the day.” Cummins puts it this…

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nautical gifts for boat-lovers

East Passage Boatwrights This hand-built dinghy features beautiful bronze batten sockets, custom-made by East Passage Boatwrights in Bristol, Rhode Island. Full writeup on page 34. Turnbuckle Bookends If you’re tired of your books flying around the saloon during those rollicking nights at sea, might we suggest these glorious bookends that are forged from polished cast aluminum and brass? Designed to replicate the early turnbuckles that governed sail line or shroud tension on ships, the base is made from cast iron so as not to be persuaded to move easily. Tension screws will put the clamps down on even the most unseaworthy collection of romance novels. —JC $149 - Papa’s Pilar Rum The connection between Ernest Hemingway and Papa’s Pilar rum is intentional. The fledgling rum producer in Key West, Florida, is named after the great American…