PassageMaker October 2017

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new old town

At the estuary of the Acushnet River in Massachusetts lies New Bedford, a true-to-her-roots fishing port situated 60 miles south of Boston. I imagine that most people sailing these shores land somewhere near here, but not exactly here: Ever-en-vogue Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, and Nantucket probably win the New England cruising destination sweepstakes. Few towns in America, however, can match the maritime history of New Bedford. Her culturally diverse population has been drawn to the town’s salty spirit since the early days, and by the mid-19th century, tiny New Bedford was one of the wealthiest cities in the country, per capita, largely due to her dealings in whale blubber, oil, and spermaceti. Referred to as “The Whale Town,” New Bedford’s nickname belied the fact that she played host to a…

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news & notes

MJM’s New 35z MJM yachts launched it’s much anticipated 35z in July with a big press event to welcome their newest Downeast cruiser into the family. MJM Yachts has become known for that comfortable and usable performance boat, from the mind of founder Bob Johnstone (also the founder of J Boats) and Doug Zurn. The same comfort and performance that can be found in the MJM 40z and 50z are found in the new 35z, but what sets the new model apart is its twin outboards. Yes, the MJM 35z is powered by outboards, specifically Mercury 300HP Verados. Initial reviews of the new model have been positive. The 35z, while a smaller package, holds many of the thoughtful features that you find aboard the company’s larger models. It sports the same bulkhead…

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gear products

KILLING THEM SOFTLY Sometimes the greatest inventions are accidental discoveries. When teenager Skylar Heyer and his dad, Chris, received an old ship’s rigging knife as a gift, they tucked it into a drawer and promptly forgot about it. But when the knife recently resurfaced, they realized that it could be fashioned into a relatively humane way to kill the Dungeness crabs they trap while on the family’s American Tug. Chris explains: “We’ve used all kinds of methods to clean crab over the years but by far the easiest thing we found came from a knife someone gave me years ago. It had a sharp, thick, fixed blade. When a rigging line needed to be cut, the sailor would hold the knife on the line then hit the top of the blade…

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Bye, Bye, Birdie #6 A Star to Steer Her By When we think of celestial navigation, we imagine the master of an old sailing ship taking sights of the stars with a sextant, chronometer, wearing a pointy hat. To us it seems an arcane art of a bygone era, best not spoken of in polite company. In this installment of “Bye, Bye Birdie”, we’ll be talking about the much older art of literally steering by the stars, both as a means of checking our compasses and as simple aids to navigation, like lighthouse beacons burning steadfastly above us, whether in open ocean or urban harbors. We don’t need to be veteran stargazers to utilize the sky in this way. From just three easily identifiable constellations, we can find our way anywhere in this world.…

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Almost all fiberglass boats have at least a few cracks in the gelcoat and some boats look like a hardboiled egg shell that has been rolled on the countertop. These cracks tell a story worth following. They might point to some stress that occurred the day the boat came out of the mold. Perhaps the crack resulted from a heavy tool falling on it. Maybe the structure lacks the stiffness needed to resist bending and flex. Learning how to read the cracks will help you decide if they should be repaired and if so, how. Gelcoat Basics Gelcoat refers to the pigmented resin on the surface of a fiberglass boat. Gelcoat serves two purposes: it seals and protects the underlying laminate from moisture and UV rays, and it helps sell boats at…

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who is ben ellison

I showed up late at Ben Ellison’s house. It was mid-June and already dark. I could tell Ben was up past his usual bedtime considering the day we had ahead of us. The coast of Maine was as long as I remembered as a kid. Turns out, all that asking my parents if we “were there yet?” wasn’t just child impatience, but an appreciation for Maine’s long, rugged, beautiful shoreline. Ben and his wife, ever-gracious hosts, poured me a glass of wine and made me feel immediately at home despite the hour. I had met Ben earlier this year at an electronics event in the Florida Keys and have corresponded with him many times since he serves as our Senior Electronics Editor. I came to Camden to join him for a little…